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Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray1 Year End Wrap Up.

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1 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray1 Year End Wrap Up

2 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray2 Much We Didnt Cover Genitive Absolute: participle in genitive case w/ accompanying noun in gen. case. Loosely connected with rest of sentence: While the apostles are speaking, the men are going away while…speaking = gen. abs. in Greek men = subject are going away = predicate

3 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray3 Some Interesting Parts of Greek There are many more details of Greek which are necessary to full Greek mastery We will just briefly go over some of the features I find exegetically interesting

4 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray4 Moods Only 2 basic moods: reality and potential Indicative is the only reality mood Subjunctive, Optative, and Imperative

5 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray5 Subjunctive Mood The mood of potential Deals with/in the mind of the speaker Time is questionable, possibly irrelevant; a tendency toward future time

6 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray6 Optative Mood of remote possibility While the subjunctive has an anticipation of realization the optative has no anticipation of realization, but it is still conceivable Used to express a wish or desire 1 Thess 3:11-12

7 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray7 Imperative Mood Commands Expresses action which is realized by the exercise of the will of one person upon that of the other For the Greek, this is the farthest mood from reality 1 Pt 1:13

8 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray8 Prohibition Expressed by present imperative w/ mh Implies: stop what you are now doing Expressed by aorist subjective w/ mh Implies: dont even begin

9 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray9 Perfect Tense Meaning: completed action with an emphasis on resultant state of being Permanence Implies a process, but looks at process as completed in a perfect state Lk 24:46 (and many others) It stands written

10 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray10 Perfect Tense, cont. Visualization: present & imperfect=> ---------------- aorist, usually future=> · perfect=> -----·----------

11 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray11 Questions ou0 + indicative => expects a positive answer Mt 7:22 Heb 3:16 mh + indicative => expects a negative answer 1 Cor 12:30 Jn 4:29 (no threat, allows them to think)

12 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray12 Conditionals 1 st Class: condition assumed as real ei0 with any tense of indicative in condition and any tense of indicative in the conclusion Condition taken at its face value without an insinuations or implications Mt 12:28; Jesus commits Himself to the assumption, it is valid Jn 15:18

13 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray13 Conditionals, cont. 2 nd Class: condition assumed as unreal ei0 with only past tenses of indicative in condition, only past tenses in conclusion, usually with an an Thing may be true, but it is treated as if untrue. Lk 7:39 Jn 15:19

14 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray14 Conditionals, cont. 3 rd class: condition assumed as possible e0an or ei0 with subjunctive in condition, usually future or present indicative or imperative in conclusion Brings the expectation within the horizon of a lively hope in spite of the cloud of hovering doubt. Mt 9:21; doubt in whether she could touch garment, not in outcome if she did Jn 11:10; present in conclusion asserts an axiomatic truth; one may or may not take a walk at night.

15 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray15 Tools Neither exhaustive nor trendy! Greek New Testaments I like the UBS Nestle-Aland Grammars: A Manual Grammar of the Greek New Testament, Dana & Mantey A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research, A.T. Robertson

16 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray16 Tools, cont. Right hand translation tool: Linguistic Key to the Greek New Testament, Rienecker & Rogers Lexicons A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament; Bauer, Arndt, Gingrich (and Danker) The Analytical Greek Lexicon Revised; Moulton

17 Copyright 2005-2008, Scott Gray17 Tools, cont. Many Other Exegetical Tools Synonyms of the New Testament, Trench LXX Study Helps Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek, Metzger Building Your New Testament Greek Vocabulary, Van Voorst Diagrammatical Analysis; Kantenwein

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