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North Africa, Southwest, and Central Asia

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1 North Africa, Southwest, and Central Asia

2 North Africa, SW and Central Asia

3 Physical Geography Lots of peninsulas and seas
Rivers provide irrigation to crop land Movement of tectonic plates has caused mountains to form, and earthquakes to take place Lots of oil and natural gas 4 climate regions: desert, steppe, Mediterranean, highlands Rainfall and natural vegetation varies widely

4 Population Patterns Very diverse ethnicities
Most people live on coast or river valleys Overcrowding in cities has increased pollution

5 History and Government
2 of the earliest civilizations arose in Mesopotamia and the Nile River Valley 3 of the world’s religions trace their origins t o Southwest Asia: Judaism, Christianity, Islam

6 Culture and Lifestyles
Islam and Arabic languages have been unifying forces in the area Other major languages: Hebrew, Berber, Greek, and various Turkic languages History of culture can be seen through the art and architecture of the area Tradition especially religious observance plays an important role in everyday life

7 Living in the Region today
A lot of people work in agriculture Oil-producing countries have experienced greater economic growth than other countries Advanced transportation and communication have helped connect the region with one another and the world Interdependence is increasing among the countries

8 The Environment People have had to modify the environment to meet their needs New technology and destructive wars have subjected the regions environment to stress People are working to revive areas damaged by past events

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