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The United Nation Carmeno Innocent Due-5/3/13 US History II.

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1 The United Nation Carmeno Innocent Due-5/3/13 US History II

2 Background The UN was formed after WWII UN was formed to keep piece after WWII The UN replaced the league of nations because they failed to stop WWII

3 Purpose /Mission The UN’s mission is to preserve human rights and keep peace in the world They also have other branches that focuses on ending poverty, forging peace, and implementing justice to international tyrants.

4 Leadership and Membership The current general of UN is Ban Ki-moonBan Ki-moon There is 192 countries that are members of the UN The UN is located in Manhattan New York

5 General Assembly They make policies that represents their mission The general assembly is made up of 193 Each country gets 1 vote When they make decisions they 2/3 of the majority votes (like parliament).

6 Security Council The security council maintains international peace and security. They make sure there's no beef between countries. China, France, Russia, United States, United Kingdom are the 5 countries that are permanent members of the security council.

7 International Court of Justice The international court of justice address is Carnegieplein 2 2517 KJ The Hague, Netherlands The international court only hears cases requested by 1 or more statesThere was a recent case in Kenya in April 2013

8 World Health Organization The World Health Organization is located all over the world The World Health Organization ensures the physical, mental, and social well-being of a nation

9 UNICEF UNICEF stands for United Nation’s International Children Fund UNICEF improves the health and education to children and their mothers An example is if there was a poor single mom in Africa trying to raise 2 kids UNICEF would step in. to help

10 Summary Slide If Isreal and its allies was about to call war on Iraq and all of its affiliates, the Security Council of UN would step in to stop war from breaking out. The General Assembly is more powerful then the security council because if the majority doesn’t agree on one decision it will never be implemented by the Security Council. I don’t think the UN is doing much by what I hear whats happening to syria but the world is probably better with the UN then with out it.

11 Work cited html html the-international-criminal-courtandaposs- cases-in-kenya-origin-and-impact the-international-criminal-courtandaposs- cases-in-kenya-origin-and-impact http://www.icj- http://www.icj-

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