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Unit 1 impact of individual and the society By francis bichener.

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1 Unit 1 impact of individual and the society By francis bichener

2 Positive impacts on individuals Entertainment Research Engagement Editing Business presentations

3 Impacts on society New jobs for example: Programmers Web designers ICT teachers Wider range job searching: Computer manufactures Call centre employees Van drivers Telecommuting – working from home

4 Impacts on society Education: Teaching – interactive whiteboards, internet lessons, online homework Student record - Details of all pupils on the system, reduces administration School reports – student progress on computer, grades/levels, student behaviour Letters – email newsletters, email letters, quicker than post Timetables – created by computer, easy, quicker than hand written

5 Impacts on society Retailing: Internet shopping - Credit card payment, buy from anywhere, anytime. Issues – p&p, returns, security, trust Stock control - Details of stock quantities, prices, restock limits EPOS – (Electronic Point Of Sale), print receipt, calculate change, read barcode, communicate with stock control system Barcodes - Unique identification of all items, check digit, used to search the stock control system

6 Impacts on society Health : NHS direct - Web site for information on health care, treatments, conditions Medical training - Simulation software, online information sources Patient records – held on a computer or electric system rather than on paper Hospital Administration - Patient attendance, print labels, allocate beds, order food, make appointments, send letters, staff timetable Monitoring/Diagnosis - Heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Expert systems, CT scan

7 Impacts on society Business: Internet - Drastically changed the businesses operate Teleworking - Fewer desks needed – hot desking, workers control the times they work, etc. Computer Aided Design (CAD) - 3D designs, scale drawings, interface with manufacturing machines Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) - Control of the manufacture process by computer Other - Paperless office, teleconferencing

8 Impacts on society Money and banking: Home banking - Customers use the internet or telephone to administer their account Cheque processing - Cheques are scanned, account numbers read to identify the account Credit/debit cards - Magnetic stripe holds the card details which are read when swiped Cash machines - Automated Teller Machine (ATM) access to bank accounts

9 Impacts on society Communication: Mobile telephones - image, text, data WWW – World Wide Web – collection of pages with links to other pages (hyperlinks) Tele/video conferencing – people in different locations communicating as if they were in the same location Email - Message sent from 1 person to another using computers connected to a network Fax – sending a image of a document electronically Connection methods – cable, radio/microwaves, infra- red, satellite, etc.

10 E-mail training guide

11 Click on ‘create account’ Setting up an account- Technical

12 Create your account This is where fill out your details as shown

13 This where it will ask you to verify your identity by sending a code to your phone

14 After you have verified your account this will pop up, now you can send emails and send other things like photo’s

15 This is where you can send and receive emails to your friends and family well you send a email to anyone

16 Technical ADDING CONTACTS TO ADDRESS BOOK You can add contacts by click on Gmail>contacts Click on new group Name your group and then ok

17 sending an e-mail Here you can see your friends and family that you have added Click here to create a email message to send to someone Here you can see your emails that you have received

18 How to send an e-mail Here you enter the name of the person who you want to send a email to Here you enter the subject of the message example: btec ICT work Here you type the message you would like to send. They are useful features like automatic spell checking to correct your mistakes When you have finished you can send the message by clicking on ‘send’

19 Reading an e-mail (non-technical) Make sure you are in your inbox Click on the message you want to read Now you can read the email

20 Adding contacts non-technical Click contacts Type in the name of the person Type in the email and other details Once you have entered the details, you click on ‘add to my contacts’ then its done

21 Staying safe There is many ways to keep safe when using your email account: You can create a password which you only know, also creating a unusual password make it harder for people hacking into your account. You can also install an anti-virus software so when you open emails, your computer will automatically be protected from viruses example: Trojan horse. Try not to open spam emails, most spam emails go in your junk inbox but some don’t so be careful as most of them contain attachments which could contain viruses. Also to logout your email account after you have finished.

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