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CGU Padlock An innovative insurance solution for the Commercial Property Owner.

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1 CGU Padlock An innovative insurance solution for the Commercial Property Owner

2 Overview: CGU Padlock A tailored product specifically designed
for small, medium and large commercial property owners ($200K up to $200 million asset value) A product with a unique value proposition Comprehensive product plus value added benefits

3 What is CGU Padlock? Padlock is designed to cater for the Commercial Property Owner/Landlord market, which is non-strata title. The product provides an ISR based wording for the property section with Theft, Money, Glass, Liability, Machinery & other sections. Unique covers include Environmental Upgrade cover & Rent Default.

4 What value does ‘Padlock’ provide
Property Loss of rent Theft, Money & Rent Default Glass Tax Audit OHS Fines & Penalties Liability Machinery/ Electrical Break down

5 Section 1 - Material Damage
Main Features ISR type wording Accidental damage (no sub limit) Provision for SI to reflect actual replacement values, via CGU Right Cover Environmental Upgrade 10% Home, office contents: $25k Catastrophe cover Additional Extra Cost of Reinstatement – Even if damage is less than 50% Theft, glass, money excluded & covered under separate policy sections

6 Section 2 – Loss of Income
Covers rent & forms basis of Rent Default Cover available. Looking to insure for minimum 12 months – preferably 24 months. Additional Benefits Accountants fees $5k * Loss of Documents * These additional benefits can be varied

7 Section 3 - Theft, Money, Rent Default
Section 3 A – Theft Cover provided up to full section 1 sum insured – policy schedule to update automatically Additional Benefits Environmental Upgrade 10% Rewriting of Records $50K Home office contents $25k Theft in open air $5k Temporary protection $25k Clothing & effects $5k / $10k Injury due to theft $10k / $200 pw

8 Section 3 C – Rent Default
Section 3 B - Money Blanket Coverage of $50k – automatic with Sect 1 cover but limited to $5k at private residence and on premises O/S business hours Section 3 C – Rent Default Available to; Property that is professionally managed Tenants that have been in business for more than 12 months. Extent of cover – maximum 26 weeks (Sum Insured must be at least 6 months rent) We will pay a contribution to legal expenses (50% up to $3,000)

9 Section 4 - Glass Section 5 – Tax Audit
Providing cover for glass up to $5K or the amount shown in the schedule Section 5 – Tax Audit Covering professional fees undertaken in the event of an audit or investigation up to $5k by a federal or state commissioner of taxation.

10 Section 6 – OH&S Breaches
Covers the legal costs & expenses the insured occurs in defending, appealing a OH&S fine/ penalty. Cover is provided for $100k Section 7 – Liability Tailored to property owner(s) – Maintaining covers required by a property owner Additional Benefits - GPLC (CCC) $100K, Legal Costs & Cover for others - Cross liability & Car parks

11 Section 8 – Machinery / Engineering
Covering standard plant, security systems & electronic card access systems etc. Blanket cover option based on building SI or can cover specified machinery only. Chillers need to be insured separately as they are excluded from blanket cover. Additional costs associated with repair - $25k or 50% of SI, whichever is the lesser Consulting Engineers’ Fees - $5k.

12 What are the Unique Value Added Benefits?
Sum Insured Health Check Sum insured Desk Top review CGU are partnering with Reed Construction to provide a commercial SI calculator We will review the sum insured after binding cover & provide a recommendation to the broker of what we believe the sum insured should be. If current sum insured is correct we will delete average clause, If it is not we will recommend an increase. Right Cover survey It is expected that the majority of properties insured will require a survey to be completed, the Right Cover survey will provide a risk assessment plus a sum insured review.

13 Sum Insured Review Model
A Sum Insured Health Check will be available for ‘qualifying business’ via a Desk Top Review or a Right Cover survey. A solution for higher value properties is also being evaluated Right Cover Valuation Sum Insured Desk Top Review Building Sum Insured Review Only Building, Stock, Plant, BI Sum Insured Review Generally Building & Fittings only Review Desktop review of sums insured for Property risks Up to $5m in value. Onsite inspection – Survey & sum Insured review for Property & BI risks $1m up to $15m. Onsite inspection & review of Property for values $5m to $200m plus Information supplied by broker, Customer. Reliant on information supplied Site inspection & Information supplied by Customer plus access to Floor Plan records, Accounts Site Inspection, floor plan & other records (working on a potential Solution) Valuation Right Cover Desk Top Review $0 $5m $15m $200m Majority of CGU Portfolio

14 The product will be promoted
Advertising Comprehensive Cover Rent Default Cover Environmental Upgrade Cover Sum Insured Health Check The product will be promoted with 4 main themes

15 electronic newsletter
Insurance news. com electronic newsletter

16 Marketing collateral Electronic flyer: CGU to broker

17 Marketing collateral Electronic flyer: Broker to customer

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