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Responding to Usability Issues Mary Chant, Certified Usability Analyst

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1 Responding to Usability Issues Mary Chant, Certified Usability Analyst
PORTFOLIO Responding to Usability Issues Mary Chant, Certified Usability Analyst

2 Process Issue How to add user centered design (UCD) to the development process? Response Evangelize/Advocate Visualize Create a Road Map Map the addition of UCD activities into the Product Development Life Cycle.

3 Presentation Issue How to inform stakeholders about research and best practices? Response Create a presentation Build an intranet site Create an overview presentation. Provide examples and discussion points. Build and intranet site about usability to disseminate information.

4 Research Issue How to define users/user roles? Response
Gather data/ask questions Surveys Interviews Observations Knowledge Base Personae Issue How to justify a user interface design project? Write a Business Case Issue How to document user interface requirements? Validate requirements with product management, business analysts, and end users Write a Definition/UI Requirements Doc Business Case defines the problem to be addressed. Definition document defines the design and user requirements at a high level, encourages consensus building and buy-in prior to prototyping.

5 Workflow Issue How to identify and communicate the workflow for a complex and/or high risk task? Solution Create an activity diagram Validate scenario(s) Write a use case Activity diagram can prevent “churning” by providing visual representation of the expected workflow.

6 Design Issue How to design a consistent interface? Response
Adhere to UI Standards Use and reuse UI patterns when possible Issue How to design an efficient interface for a critical recurring activity? Review current design (if applicable) Research Best Practices Create a prototype Test Refine prototype Test again Submit for approval Deliver prototype and functional spec Using design patterns ensures consistency for end-users and promotes reuse for developers. Iterative design and testing supports an Agile process.

7 Testing Issue How to explore the usability of existing interfaces and new designs? Response Identify high-risk features Create test plan Create test script Perform testing Report results Make recommendations Creating templates for test plans, surveys and reporting decreases turnaround time for testing. Appropriate tests can be formal or informal, in-person or remote.

8 Review Issue How to offer helpful, high-level advice on short notice?
Response Outline Issues/Questions/Suggestions Submit UI Review Sometimes a project timeline only allows for minimal changes to the interface. An issue/suggestion review document provides a quick vehicle for communicating usability concerns and recommendations.

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