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User Interface Design For Handheld Devices

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1 User Interface Design For Handheld Devices

2 Douglas Engelbert Typewriter style keyboard Monitor Mouse

3 Apple Lisa - 1983 Icons Menu bar Trash can Gray-out Double click
Did not patent

4 Motorola DynaTAC 8000X - First commercially available mobile phone

5 2G Cell Phones - 1990’s 1990- first truly digital cell phone made
Better batteries and electronics New era of handheld devices

6 Need For New Interfaces
No standards in design Not just intelligent GUI but UI needed as well

7 iPod - 2001 Easy to use interface Apple sells 63 million in 6 years
40% of world market for digital media players UI patented on Oct. 28, 2002

8 Looking Forward 2010 - 1.8 billion desktop computers
billion cell phones Convergence of cell phones and other hand held devices

9 BlackBerry Cell phone Email Text messaging Internet faxing
Web browsing PDA

10 MotoROKR Holds up to 100 songs Comes with iTunes built in

11 What’s Next? Demand for these devices continues to grow
Demand for interface designers will grow as well

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