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UI Story Board CIS78 Group Project Created by: Aliese Zacharias.

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1 UI Story Board CIS78 Group Project Created by: Aliese Zacharias

2 Start Page (the first page the user sees) The user can select and deselect each of the dining choices.

3 Start Page with selections (after clicking all the dining selections) Dining choice buttons in selected state.

4 Search results list view (after clicking start button) Pressing Back will take user to the previous page (same action for all pages) Pressing arrows will take the user up or down the page. Page status bar slider Selecting a row brings the user to a more detailed view of the restaurant.

5 Restaurant details view (after clicking a menu row) Pressing this button brings user to reservation page.

6 Reservation view (after clicking Make a reservation) Pressing any field brings up keyboard interface. Pressing submit sends the form out to the restaurant.

7 Keyboard input window (comes up when any input field is pressed) User is allowed to type letters on the screen with the keyboard up. Selecting enter brings user back to main reservation view.

8 Form filled out (after keyboard input is finished)

9 End page (when the submit button is pressed) Countdown is in 1 second interval and when done, start page is brought up.

10 Administrative Backend This section is for accessing the usage log for administrators.

11 Admin - Login page (this page is accessed by administrators outside the kiosk UI) Administrators accessing the system will have access to keyboard so they dont need one for field input.

12 Failed login attempt Red banner message tells user if they failed the login.

13 Usage log report Report details will be displayed in a simple table form below the title.

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