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Unit 1 Making a difference Warming-up & Listening & Speaking.

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1 Unit 1 Making a difference Warming-up & Listening & Speaking

2 Albert Einstein Alfred North Whitehead Marie Curie Thomas Alva Edison Galileo Galilei Imagination is more important than knowledge. Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. It takes a very unusual mind to undertake analysis of the obvious. You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.

3 Alfred North Whitehead (b.1861 - d.1947), British mathematician( ), logician( ) and philosopher( ) best known for his work in mathematical logic( ) and the philosophy of science. He contributed significantly to twentieth- century logic and metaphysics( ). Alfred North Whitehead

4 If winter comes, can spring be far behind ? Where there is a will, there is a way. At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit ; and at forty, he judgment. Knowledge is power. You have to believe in yourself. That's the secret of success. Genius only means hardworking all one's life. Science requires the effort of a lifetime and even if you had two lives to give, it would still not be enough. Thomas Edison, American inventor Charles Chaplin, American actor Mendeleyer Russian Chemist ( ) P. B. Shelley British poet Francis Bacon British philosopher Ivan Pavlov Benjamin Franklin American president

5 Listening P2 Great mind No 1: 1.This great mind was on fire for ___________. 2.The scientists name is similar to the English word curious, meaning _______________________. Great mind No 2: 1.This great mind was on fire for ________. 2.The scientists name is similar to the English word for ______________. Great mind No 3: 1. This man is known for _______________ ____________.. 2. He wants to be called the ______. Why? radioactivity being interested in something gravity something not old looking for ways to grow more rice farmer

6 This woman is one of the ________ ________ of all times. _____ her name tells you that she likes science. A good scientist should want to find out answers and ask many questions.___ _____ ____, they should be ______. This woman was _______ curious. Together with her husband, she try to learn the ______ of radioactivity. The couple were _______ the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903. Eight years later, she received the second Nobel Prize. This time for ________. Madame Curie greatest scientists Eevn In other words curiouscertainly secret awarded Chemistry

7 ___ ___ ____ that this English gentleman was sitting in this garden one day _____ suddenly he was hit by a falling apple. The story is _______ not true. But this man did _______ that he got one of his _________ ideas while watching apples fall from a tree. His name makes you think that he was not interested in old things. He discovered ___ ______ __ gravity, and he ____ ____ a system of how objects move. His law for ______ are still used in physics today, __ ____ in schools and universities. It is said when probably mention best-known the force ofdrew up motionat least Sir Isaac Newton

8 Yuan Longping Food is what ____ this great mind __ ____. Rice, ___ ___ _____. This great mind has spent most of his life looking for ways to help farmers grow more rice so that all of us will have enough food to eat. He is known as the father of modern rice, but because of his long ________ with all the farmers in China, he _____ ______ be known as the farmer. setson fire to be exact friendship would rather

9 Listening P81 Part 1. 1.A spider can make ________ that is much ________ than most man-made materials. 2. A spiders ________ doesnt ________ easily. 3. Best of all, the spider produces the _________ without the use of ________ or ________ chemicals. 4. If we could learn to use the technique, we might be able to use the strong silk to make things like ________ ________ and wires that hold up bridges. silk stronger silk break silk dangerouspoisonous seat belts

10 Scientists often look at nature in order to find new ideas. In ancient times, Chinese scientists studied how spiders make silk. Modern scientists are interested in the spider, too. A spider can make silk that is much stronger than most man- made materials. A spiders silk doesnt break easily. Instead of breaking, it gets longer. Best of all the spider produces the silk without the use of dangerous or poisonous chemicals. If we could learn to use the technique, we might be able to use the strong silk to make things like seat belt and wires that hold up bridge. Part 1

11 Part 2. Animal or plantWhat it can doHow we could use it Spider White lotus Butterfly It can Make strong silk without using dangerous or poisonous chemicals Use it make better seat belts and stronger wires to hold up bridges It keeps its leaves clean using tiny hairs and needles Use the same technology to make paint the would stay clean It uses it make better seat belts and stronger wires to hold up bridges Use the same method to keep computers cools

12 There are many other examples of how new technology has been developed by learning from nature. A group of German scientists wanted to find out why leaves and flowers are able to stay so clean. They decided to take a closer look at the white lotus, a flower that is known for its clean leaves. At first, the scientists believed that a very flat leave would be better at staying clean. However, when they looked closely at the white lotus, the scientists saw that the leaf was in fact covered with tiny hairs and needles. The needles and hairs collect the dust that falls on the leaf so that a raindrop can easily wash it off. The German scientists used this technique to design a new kind of paint. The new paint could keep houses looking clean for years. white lotus

13 Scientist also believe that the butterfly could teach us a way to keep our computers cool. A computer must be kept cool to function well. The fans we use today are not always good enough. The butterfly is cold-blooded and must change its body temperature all the time. Scientists have found that there are small parts on its wings what the butterfly uses to change its temperature. If scientists can learn how this is done, it may be possible to use the same method to keep computers from becoming too hot. Butterfly

14 Branches of science Biology Mathematics Chemistry Physics Computer science Astronomy Which branch of science is the most important and useful to society? I think that _____ is the most important and useful science because ___________________. Geography

15 Pre-reading & Reading & Post reading

16 How did Hawking face the situation Discussion

17 True or false 1.Hawking cant express himself in words without the help of a computer. 2. It is Hawking who discovered black holes on his own. 3. Hawkings best-seller A Brief History of Time explains difficult theory in a simple way. 4. In scientific field, the best theory cant turn out to be wrong. 5. In scientific research the observation is very important. 6. All the theories can be tested by experiments. 7. Sometimes it is not a piece of cake to understand Hawkings lecture. T F T F T F T

18 TimeHawkings events In the early 1970s 1988 2002 became famous Wrote a book-A Brief History of Time visited China and gave lectures in Beijing and Hangzhou How?

19 A Brief History of Time Best-seller How What Write about it in a simple way Both what it means to be a scientist and how science works According to Hawking, how do people misunderstand science? People often think that science is about true facts or rules that never change.According to Hawking, science is always changing and many theories are eventually proven wrong.

20 No.Doing First Second Third Carefully observe what you are interested in Build a theory about how things happen Test the theory to see if it matches what they have seen and if it can predict future events Basic steps of the scientific method

21 Is it difficult for people to understand Hawkings lectures? Why? What is it that Hawking does not like about his speech computer? Sometimes. Because his thoughts and ideas often seem as large as the universe he is trying to describe. The speech computer gives him an American accent.

22 Discussion What does the title mean? No Boundaries There is no limitation of learning and determination. Where there is a will, there is a way. The important thing in life is to have a great aim, an d the determination to achieve it.

23 Making a difference Francis Bacon Knowledge is power. Integrating skills

24 ScientistsProfessionBe famous for Italy astronomer New discoveries about the Big Bang and black hole He showed us that the earth moves around the sun, not the other way around British theoretical physicist and Methematician Chinese astronomer and geographer He made maps of the stars and showed how the position of stars changes from season to season.

25 CharacteristicsHints (, ) curious want to know more never satisfied with a simple answer always look for new questions Ask why, how, and what if Creative& imaginative Must be creative and use their imagination all the time Confident& persistent Must believe in what we do, even others do not They overcame the difficulties. What are the characteristics of great scientists?

26 What does the title mean? How can you make a difference? Find something that we like to do and that we are good atdiscover what we do best Making a difference /

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