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Ⅱ.单向选择练习题 还原法巩固练习.

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1 Ⅱ.单向选择练习题 还原法巩固练习

2 1.---I’m sorry to keep you waiting.I’ll make short work of this.
---________.I am in no hurry. A.Take your time B.Take it easy C.Don’t be nervous D.Why did you do it earlier 2.What he told us about the affairs simply doesn’t make any____? A.value B.sense C.idea D.mean

3 3.----Where is that old man?
----That old man with a pair of glasses? Oh, his daughter off. A.seeing B.having seen C.being seen D.seen 4.If I have to choose between Alice and Rose.I would say Rose is _____ to be my secretary. A. Suit B.good C.the fit D.the better

4 5.____the announcement was made,job
hunters began crowding into the company. A.After than less a day B.Less than a day after C.For less than a day D.Less than after a day 6.After several tests,we decided to take on Jenny,_____we believed was the best choice ever made. A.who B.whom C.which D.that

5 7.It was about 600 years ____the first clock with a face and an hour hand was made.
A.that B.until C.before D.since 8-----You must have been driving at 100 miles an hour. ----No,I didn’t need______ that,I wasn’t in a Hurry. A.doing B.having does do D. to have done

6 9.---____you____ the editor at the airport?
---No,he______ away before my arrival. A.Have… met; has driven B.Had…met:was driven C.Did…. Meet:had been driven D.Have…met:had driven 10.She liked the dictionary so much that she would like to take it______it cost A.what much C.whatever matter how expensive

7 11.He is believed ______in at his office on his way home.
A.dropping have dropped C.having dropped be dropped 12.The artist tried his best to paint what he saw with his___as well as with his eyes. A.brain B.mind C.head D.soul

8 13.--What can I do for you,sir?
--No,thanks.I________. A.just look around B.have just looked around just looking around D.just looked around 14.I ____each of the students immediately work out a practical plan for study. A.expect B.wish C.hope D.suggest

9 15. As is known to all,Taiwan is _______ island. A
15.As is known to all,Taiwan is _______ island A.the China’s first largest B.China’s first largest C.the first China’s largest D.the Chinese first largest 16.You may go out___your homework is done. A.except B.unless C.until

10 17. Do_____you think is right _____ difficulties you may have. A
17.Do_____you think is right _____ difficulties you may have A.what; however B.that,whatever C.whatever,however D.what,whatever 18.---she didn’t take her medicine last night,did she? ________ A.No,but I wish she couldn’t B.Yes,I wish did C.No,but I wish she had D.No, but I wish she drank

11 19.----Has the train arrived?
----No,it will be late_____half an hour. B.for 20.--Don’t get me wrong.I’m just joking. --________. A.No,I won’t B Oh, you are quite right C.That’s nothing D.Of course,I don’t

12 21.-- You could have asked Mr.Richerels for help.He is kind-hearted.
--Yes,a whole day______. A.would be wasted B.will waste C.had been wasted D. was wasted 22.---Shall we go swimming? ---OK,I’ll just go and get_______ A. to change be changed C. changed D.changing

13 23.--Does the young man work hard?
--Not in the least.____could be _____. A.Nobody:lazier B.Nobody else:lazier C.Nobody:less hard working D.Nobody else: lazier 24.Don’t get that ink on your shirt,for it__ A.won’t wash out B.wasn’t wash out C.won’t be washing out D.hasn’t washed out

14 25.---_____you got to know my telephone number?
---Through a friend of yours A.How was it B.Was it how tha C.How was it that D.How did 26.---Where does Mr Brown come from? ---I’m not sure,But her English ______ Australia A.sounds B.listens C.feels D.suggests

15 27---I think I’ll just have coffee for a change.
---___.The coffee and sugar are in the cupboard A.Change it,please B.Coffee would be better C.Help yourself D.So do I 28.---How much vinegar did you put in the salad? ---I’m sorry to say,_______.I forget. B.nothing one D.none

16 30.--Could you tell me how you usually go to school?
I suggest going to the cinema tonight. ----Great! Please stay at home then. I’ll ____ you at 6: for B.wait for for D. Look for 30.--Could you tell me how you usually go to school? --Yes.If it is fine,I _____ to my school. A.will walk B.walk C.will go on foot D.would go on foot

17 31.Jim, _____the window quickly. _____ the wind blows.
A.will shut: What shutting:How C.shuts:What D.shut:how 32.Dick, it’s_____ bad manners to blow your nose at ____table. A.X, the B.the,a C. X,X D.the,X

18 33.He thought this painting of little ______and let me have3 it for only 15 dollars.
A.price B.cost C.expense D.value 34.I’m not sure what time I’ll arrive, maybe half past six or a quarter to seven. _____, I’ll be there as early as possible. A.Anyhow B.However C.Thus D.Therefore

19 35.---Would you like me to call a taxi for you?
---______________ A.I’d like to B.Would you please C.Please. Thank you just the same D.No,it will be trouble to you. 36.---Where_________? ---I got caught in the traffic,or I_____here sooner A.did you go,had arrived B.have you been, was C.have you been, would have been D.were you, would come

20 37.--Have you ever been to London?
--Yes,_____shall I forget ___it for the first time A.however,visiting B.never,visiting C.ever,to visit D.forever, to have visited 38.Mr. Alcott, headmaster of the school, refused to accept ____ of the three sug-gestions made by the Students’ Union. A.any B.neither C.none D.either

21 39.That evening ____Smiths sat before a bright fire and had___nice supper. A.X,a B.the , a C.X, X D.the, X 40.______most students, he was always well prepared and never came late to class A.For B.As C.Like D.To 41.One more week,_______we’ll complete the task A.or that C.if D.and

22 42.---I’m going to the bookstore.
---_______you are there,can you get some story books? A.During B.While C.Because D.As 43.The gentleman _______you told me yesterday proved to be a thief. A.who B.whom C.with whom D.about whom

23 44.--I stayed at a hotel while in New York.
--Oh,did you? You __with Barbaara. A.could stay B.could have stayed C.would stay D.must have stayed 45.---Do you think Norman would have lent me his car? ---Yes,if you _____him to A.ask B.had asked C.will ask D.asked

24 46. Some of the passengers told the reporter their ____in the burning train. A.details C.experiences D.trips 47.--Alice,why didn’t you come yesterday? --I ____, but I had an unexpected visitor A.was going to B.had C.did D.would

25 48. There are five pairs ___,but I’m not sure which to buy. A
48.There are five pairs ___,but I’m not sure which to buy be chosen choose from C.for choosing choose 49.---You are smoking too much. ---Only at home. Nobody ___ me but you A.sees B.saw seeing D.has seen

26 50.--Look at this! I____ some old pictures and ____this baby picture.
--It’s a picture of you? It’s so lovely A. am going through,find B.was going through,found C.went through,had found D.had gone through,found 51.--You forget to feed the cat again. --_____ A.I can’t remember B.I don’t mind feeding her again C.I’ll do it now D.Yes,I did.What about you?

27 52. ---Mum,I’ve cut my finger. It’s bleeding. ---__________. A
52.---Mum,I’ve cut my finger.It’s bleeding __________ A.Let me see B.Don’t worry C.Be careful D.Let me have a look 53.---Who’s Jerry Copper? ________? I saw you shaking hands with him at the meeting A.Haven’t you met him yet B.hadn’t you met him yet C.Didn’t you meet him yet D.Don’t you meet you yet

28 54.The cupboard filled with shoes fell over and it took me half an hour to ________ them up A.pair B.match C.pick D.couple 55.It was about 600 years ago ____ the first clock with a face and an hour was made A.until B.that C.when D.since

29 56.---You haven’t lost your ticket,have you?
---I hope _________ A. not to have B. to have not C. not D. so 57.Professor Li has written some short stories,but he is ____known for his plays. A.more B.the most C.better D.the best

30 58. ---Mum,can I watch the live broadcast on the football match of World Cup tonight?
---Sorry,dear!Twelve o’clock is ______of your age to stay up A. a too late hour for a boy B. very much late an hour for the boy C. too late an hour for a boy D. a so late hour for a boy 59.I must leave,too. I _____having tea with you,Bill. A.was enjoying enjoying C.enjoyed D.enjoy

31 60.---You ought to have given them some advice.
---___,but who cared what I said. A. So ought you B. So I ought C. So I did D. So I have 61“__I live there are plenty of sheep.” said he,with pride A. That B. Whether C. Where D. When

32 62. Nowhere else ____such perfect silence _____in these mountains. A
62.Nowhere else ____such perfect silence _____in these mountains A. there is,as B. there is,like C. is thee,like D. is there,as 63.Now the machine runs at double _______. A. a speed B.speed C.the speed D.for speed 64.---If that is not yours, _______? ---Probably Jim’s A.who else can it be B.who else’s it can be C.whose else can it be D.whose else’s can it be

33 65.--May I come and talk with you when it is ____ you?
--Yes,please.Let’s make ___Sunday evening A. convenient to,it B. fit for ,that C. comfortable to,them D. suitable for,time 66.He left his native village twenty years ago and has _____returned only once. A. since B. ever C. just D. yet

34 67.--How much do you like your car?
--_____.I would have paid _____for it. A. Wonderful,twice as much B.Very much, as twice much C.very much ,twice as much D.wonderful,as much time as 68.The club did more harm than good to Robert,whose bad habits were ____ there. A.mostly picked up B.most developed C.mostly held up D.most made up

35 69.There was a teapot shaped liked a China duck,out of ____mouth the tea was suppose to come A.while B.that C.its D.whose 70.Hillen used to be very shy but she has grown ____it now A. without B.over C. away D. out of

36 71.---Such a sudden turn in the road is too difficult for the new driver,isn’t it?
---_____.He’s dealt with all kinds of troublesome situations before A. No,it isn’t B. Yes,it is C. No,not yet D. Ye4s,I think so 72.---______the visitors come in or wait outside? Show them in,please A. Have B. Will C. Shall D. Do

37 73.The court hears about 120 cases a year, visitors are welcome to see a case _______ A. argued B. to be argued C. be arguing D. being argued 74.____the general state of this health, it may take him a while to recover from the operation A. Given B. To given C. Giving D. Having given

38 75. Do speak loudly while _____ yourself understood well. A
75.Do speak loudly while _____ yourself understood well A.listening to make B.listened to make C. listened to make D. listening to 76.--It is __that he has been to London. --Yes, he doesn’t travel abroad a lot. A.the second time B.many times C.twice D.for only three times

39 77.---Have you had any letters from him?
---No,I haven’t,but my wife __ him regularly A. has heard from B. has been hearing from C. had heard from D. had been hearing from

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