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Do you know how a newspaper is made? Reading text.

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2 Do you know how a newspaper is made?

3 Reading text

4 Skim the passage to find out the main idea of each part Decide what to write about Uses of news media General description of newspapers Journalists favourite articles Topics they are interested in the first paragraph Q 1 and answers Q 2 and answers Q 3 and answers the last paragraph

5 1.Newspapers and other media only tell people what happens. 2.A journalist has to do exactly as his editor tells him when he decides what hes going to write. 3.The first thing a journalist does in writing a report is (to) make appointments for interviews. 4.Chen Yings favourite story is about an ordinary young woman. 5.The media can often help solve problems and draw attention to situations where help is needed. F F T F T Scan the passage and say True of false to these statements

6 Zhu Lin Chen Ying talented journalists interviewer switch interviewee Whats their job? Are they interviewing people or being interviewed?

7 editor listen, keep..balanced and interesting suggest, (interview) contact,prepare (before interview) ask right Qs,get…to talk reporter (after interview) present,reflect discuss Whats the task of an editor/a reporter?

8 Zhu Lin Chen Ying about the efforts to bring stolen cultural relics back to China about an ordinary young woman who tried to adapt to her new life

9 Zhu Lin music, art, nature, the importance of spiritual fulfillment people we seldom read about; The basic task for us is ______________________ Chen Ying to report an event truthfully

10 1. help solve problems and draw attention to situations where help is needed. 2. help people become interested in important questions around the world. 3. help people better understand the world on all sides, and tolerate each other How important news media are! Uses of news media:

11 Choose the best answer 1.Whats the basic task for a reporter? A.To report events as what happened. B.To reflect opinions according to readers tastes. C.To develop stories as the editors tell him. D.To draw readers attention. 2.According to the passage, the media mentioned are____. A.newspapers B.TV programs C.broadcasts D.Both A and B

12 3.What topic is treated in this passage? A. How the news is made and written. B. How a reporter decides what to write. C. How newspapers help us understand the world. D. Reporters jobs and how the news we read is made and written.

13 4. "Behind the headline proves that_____. A we can understand the world better by reading headline B. the headlines must be written by talented journalist C. publishing papers needs much and is worth doing D. the headlines must be true

14 Newspapers and other media do more than simply ______ what happens. Before a reporter decides what to write, he has to _________ the article with his editor, who listens and gives his ____________. A reporter begins his interview by __________ the interviewees and _________ questions. After the interview, he must make efforts to _________ the material well and make sure that the article ________ events and opinions truthfully.Sometimes they may write the article with great __________. They write about many things. For example, record discuss suggestions contacting preparing present reflects passion

15 Zhu Lin would like to write about music, art, nature and the importance and _________ fulfillment while Chen Ying would like to write about people we _________ read about. In her opinion, we shouldnt _______ our social problems even if its difficult to _______ them. The media play an important role in our life. They help _______ problems and draw ___________ to important situations. With the help of media, people from all countries are ___________ and different views are ____________. spiritual seldom ignore accept solve attention respected tolerated

16 Famous people are often asked for their opinions on current affairs. Why do people want to hear their opinions? Should we listen to them? For example, if a film or sports star is asked to comment on a hot topic, do their opinions matter?

17 Reasons for listening to them Reasons against listening to them Pros Cons They are normal people like us. They are famous. They areneutral; they dont belong to either side of the the argument. They dont know much about what they are talking about. They are often young and lack experience. They dont know much about ordinary people and the life we live.

18 Choose your favourite TV program on CCTV and introduce it. Topics in Focus Spring Festival Gala Evening Soccer Night Tell it like it is Artist News Probe Animal World Discovery Quiz Show

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