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Coastal Regulation Zone

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1 Coastal Regulation Zone

2 Definition of HTL Q.1 What is High Tide Line ?
Line up to which the highest water line reaches during the spring tide. Q.2 What is Coastal Regulation zone ? Coastal stretches of Sea, Bays, Estuaries, Creeks, Rivers and Backwaters which are influenced by the tidal action. Area between LTL & HTL. Area upto 500m from HTL

3 Landward limit of CRZ in creeks
C.R.Z is extended up to what point inside landward direction,in cases of Rivers, Creeks and Backwaters? Distance upto which tidal effects are experienced Concentration levels of five parts per 1000.

4 Width of CRZ belt in creeks
What is the width of Coastal Regulation zone in case of sea and in case of creeks and rivers and backwaters ? for sea is 500mt. from the High Tide Line. for Creeks and backwaters Width of creek Width of CRZ belt 100m or less Up to 100m or less m 100m >350m 150m

5 Prohibited activities in CRZ
Prohibited activities in CRZ areas. Setting up and expansion of existing industries, Discharging of untreated waste, Dumping of waste by land filling, Land reclamation or bunding, Construction activity in CRZ - I in between Low Tide Line & High Tide Line, Alteration of sand dunes etc.

6 CRZ - I What are the different zone in Coastal Regulation zone?
Coastal Regulation zone-I(i) Areas that are ecological sensitive such as Marine Park, Mangroves, Coral Riffs, etc. Coastal Regulation zone-I(ii) Area between the Low Tide Line & High Tide Line.

7 Development in CRZ - I No new construction in Coastal Regulation zone-I Projects of Department of atomic Energy, Pipelines, Transmission Lines are permitted In CRZ- I (ii) which are not ecological sensitive exploration and extraction of natural gas, salt harvesting permitted.

8 CRZ - II Coastal Regulation Zone - II
Developed areas close to the shore line, Substantially built up areas within legally designated urban areas. Infrastructure facilities provided.

9 Development in CRZ - II Development permissibility in CRZ - II
Buildings permitted only on land ward side of existing road or landward side of existing authorized structure or on landward side of proposed roads in approved CZMP. Such bldgs as per existing FSI/FAR norms

10 C.R.Z (II) Sea Landward Side of Road
Existing Road C.R.Z (II) 500 M Sea High tide Line 500M Control Line Plot Landward Side of Road

11 Land Ward Side of Existing Authorised Building
Plot Existing Bldg. Sea CRZ (II) Land Ward Side of Existing Authorised Building

12 Development in CRZ - II Reconstruction permitted subject to existing FSI/FAR norms without change in use Bldgs. Consistent with surrounding urban landscape & architecture. Certain relaxations given in latest amendment to Redevelopment of Cessed Structures / MHADA Projects.

13 CRZ - III Coastal Regulation zone - III
Relatively undisturbed & undeveloped areas Rural areas within municipal limit which are not substantially built up

14 Development in CRZ - III
Development permissibility in CRZ - III 0-200m No construction except repairs of authorized structures public utility facilities allowed with permission of state CZMP. m Development of vacant plots for Hotels /beach resorts with prior approval from MoEF. Construction / reconstruction of dwelling units within ambit of tradition of rights and customary use such as fishing, villages and gaothans etc.

15 Sea 0 –200 MTS. No. Dev. Zone of CRZ - III 200 TO 500 MTS. in N CRZ - III HTL of Sea

16 CRZ - IV Coastal Regulation Zone - IV
Applicable only for Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

17 C.Z.M.P. What is Costal Zone Management Plan?
Identifying coastal stretches & classifying them in different CRZ areas. Integrated development of these areas. State level coastal management authority responsible for monitoring

18 Coastal Zone Management Plan for Greater Mumbai
Combined CZMP for Greater Mumbai submitted to MoEF by GoM Wide letter No. CS/TPB. 4396/12/CR-263/96/UD-11 Dated 25th Nov & approved by MoEF letter No. J-17011/8/95-1A .III Dated 19th Jan 2000. CRZ - I CRZ - II CRZ -III Existing Roads shown as CZMP Roads Proposed Roads on Land (Not Passing Trough CRZ) shown as proposed CZMP Roads N

19 Extent of CRZ in Mumbai The approximate areas of CRZ
CRZ – I sq. kms CRZ - II sq. kms CRZ - III sq. kms.

20 Thank You

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