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University of Texas ASL TOP American Sign Language Tutoring Orientation Presentation.

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1 University of Texas ASL TOP American Sign Language Tutoring Orientation Presentation

2 Welcome Aboard! :) Austin and America Deaf communities joins me in thanking you for taking up American Sign Language classes. We appreciate your interest and effort to communicate with about 33 million Americans with hearing loss.

3 French, Spanish or ASL? American Sign Language is just another language like French, Spanish, or German. ASL is unique - Visual Centric Language. According to USAToday: ASL is 4th most studied language in American universities.USAToday

4 David DS Simmons Gallaudet University - Class of 1997 Majored in MultiMedia Design Originated from South Africa - Produced first South African Sign Language Dictionary 2nd generation Deaf Tutored ASL since 2008 Tutored Graphic Design 1994-1997 Who is the tutor?

5 Benefits of ASL Tutoring Increases GPA. Additional 30 points. Increases the comprehension of the new language. Additional exposure on this visual language. Undivided attention at 1on1 or group of 5 tutoring. ASL expressive assignment reviews.

6 Benefit Maximus There are some adjustments necessarily applied to maximize your tutoring experience. No Voice Allowed No Texting/Phoning Arrive Prepared Unfortunately some student abused this in the past and it distracts others in the group. Anyone who ignores this, will be requested to leave the tutoring session without the orange card. If you need call or text please leave the group until you complete the call/text.

7 Additional 30 points Optional ASL Tutoring Service (extra 50 points). A minimum of 6 hours of attending UT ASL Tutoring Services provided by the ASL program will add 30 bonus points to the overall total grade possible points. Other tutor services provided by different programs such as Athletic Department are not counted. There will be no earned points if you do not reach up to the minimum of 6 hours.

8 Location & Hours Calhoun 5th floor – Between the elevator and stair exit to the mall area Monday through Thursday 8:00AM – 1:30PM 1on1 tutoring = 30 minutes Group of 5 tutoring = 55 minutes

9 Online Tutoring Reservations Go online to reserve your tutoring slots - 1on1 tutoring = 30 minutes. Group of 5 tutoring = 55 minutes. Miss your tutoring without canceling nor notification - 3 strike policy will begin. Limit 1 slot per week [3 strike policy enforced for excessive bookings per week]

10 Click on the Orange Ribbon

11 Tutoring Schedule Available on Tuesday Oct 2 nd at 6PM onwards

12 Online reservation 101 Online reservation 101

13 3 strike policy Unfortunately we have to use 3 strike policy. Why? In the past; some students made online reservations for tutoring and DID NOT SHOW UP :( This is unfair to others who NEED the tutoring. After your 3rd strike; you will not be allowed to make online reservations. But instead you will have to show up and stand-by for available slot. 3 strike policy applies for no-shows and excessive online reservations.

14 ASL Tutoring Card Collect minimum 3 combined hours to qualify for additional 50 points towards your grade.

15 ASL Lunch Experimental period through first 3 weeks Purpose: Utilize your ASL skills in a social settings Where: Outside SUB near Bank of America ATMs. If the weather is inconvenient, go toThe Showroom Inside the building, between the Starbucks and Quiznos. 5 students per ASL Lunch – Reserve onine. 1 ASL Lunch per student per semester

16 Q&A Any questions are welcomed... Email DS for further information

17 Thank you! Wish you all the best of luck for this semester. And thank you for learning ASL...

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