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UT Southwestern Anesthesia Education Websites

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1 UT Southwestern Anesthesia Education Websites
Presented By: Shahla Escobar MD, Enrique Escobar MD, & James D. Griffin MD

2 Introduction to the Various Websites
UTSW Topic of the Day / Featured Teaching Case of the Week & *Mobile* Wordpress Design and Theme UTSW Anesthesia Education Website Joomla Powered Design and Theme UTSW TITAN – Texas iPod Touch Anesthesia Network Education Site Custom iPod Touch / iPhone Web Based Application Username: utsw Password: anesthesia

3 UTSW Topic of the Day / Featured Case
Advantages over Current Topic of the Day / Featured Case Website (Secured) Allows users ease of exploring multiple topics of the day / featured cases without having to click on many forum posts. Also allows to click on specific calendar dates. Topics are separated into categories. Topics I for Interns and CA-1s. Topics 2 for CA-2s and CA-3s. Featured Teaching Cases are their own category. Each post carries post tags assigned by the writer which can aid in the search of topics. Users can set up RSS (Really Simple Syndication) with their clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird) so that the topics of the day/featured case of the week automatically goes to their inbox. Built in Functionality to have Twitter Text Message Residents the Topic of the Day to their smartphones. Users can befriend UTSW Anesthesia on Myspace and Facebook and follow topic of the day through these sites. Post writers can schedule to release posts automatically.



6 Future Considerations:
Addition of media to Topic of the Day Posts Possibilities include high resolution photos, videos, streaming videos such as YouTube, Audio Files, etc. Switch over from “old” topic of the day website to “new” one. Tracking of users is currently enabled with Google Analytics and inherent programs within Wordpress. Does not apply to users who use RSS.

7 UTSW Anesthesia Education Website
Displays last two Topic of the Day posts on the right hand side menu on homepage. Currently contains links to the guidelines of the various specialties of Anesthesia. Displays Latest Posts and Most Commonly Used Posts on Homepage Access to specific content can be restricted via username/password Content is organized and easily accessible. Able to utilize polls to request user feedback. Tracking is provided by Google Analytics.

8 UTSW Anesthesia Education Website
Future Considerations Potential to host any type of content – Journal Articles, Audio, Video, High Resolution Photos. Faculty to provide Grand Round lectures, Parkland Lecture Series, Specialty lectures to host online. Great for residents who wanted to attend lecture but were at other sites. Large Files that are difficult to send over can be hosted online. Instead of handing residents a huge amount of papers to read when they start a specialty rotation – “go green” and tell them to look it up on the website. UTSW Content is specifically marked with UTSW symbol.

9 UTSW TITAN iPod Anesthesia Education Site
Allows quick and convenient access to educational information from any clinical site (i.e. Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit, Pain Clinic, etc). Entire multimedia lessons including high contrast images, high resolution videos, audio, PowerPoint®, Word®, Excel® and Portable Document Format (PDF) documents are accessible. Residents are able to log their cases on the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) website, view specific departmental policies, and access the Operating Room, Call, and Lecture schedules.





14 UTSW TITAN iPod Anesthesia Education Site
Future Considerations Could have Lecture Series, Grand Rounds, and Vapor Camp posted on Apple’s iTunes store as a PodCast. Develop content specifically formatted for the iPhone / iPod Touch. Same considerations for UTSW Anesthesia Education website otherwise.

15 Closing Remarks Websites are one of the faces to the outside world.
More future applicants will browse the website for “information” prior to interviewing here. Common question from interviewers – How is the education at UTSW? Facebook and Twitter technology examples. Costs $0 Costs Future Abstract Presentations at the ASA 2010.

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