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My Electronic Portfolio

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1 My Electronic Portfolio
Name: Birthday: Name of School Grade

2 Table of Contents All About Me My Goal My Reading My Writing Samples
Special Projects Comments

3 My Special Project Add your text here

4 Comments Add your comments here

5 My Poetry Add your poem here

6 My Writing Sample Add your sample here

7 My Goal My parents, teacher, and I decided that my goal this year will be: This year my goal was: I accomplished my goal by: Next year I will need to:

8 All About Me My favorite movie: My favorite book: I think __________
is so cool. My best friends: What I play at recess: The funniest moment this year: The best time at school this year was: I’m really good at: In my spare time I:

9 My Reading List Add your list here

10 My Book Summary Author: Book: Date: Summary:

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