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ECE555 Lecture 3 Nam Sung Kim University of Wisconsin – Madison

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1 ECE555 Lecture 3 Nam Sung Kim University of Wisconsin – Madison
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering

2 Implementation Strategy for digital ICs

3 Impact of Implementation Choices
Domain-specific processor (e.g. DSP) 10-100 Embedded microprocessor Energy Efficiency (in MOPS/mW) 1-10 Hardwired custom Configurable/Parameterizable 0.1-1 Somewhat flexible Fully flexible Flexibility (or application scope) None

4 Implementation Choices
Custom Standard Cells Compiled Cells Ma cro Cells Cell-based Pre-diffused (Gate Arrays) Pre-wired (FPGA's) Array-based Semicustom Digital Circuit Implementation Approaches

5 The Custom Approach Intel 4004 Courtesy Intel

6 Transition to Automation and Regular Structures
Intel 4004 (‘71) Intel 8080 Intel 8085 Intel 8286 Intel 8486 Courtesy Intel

7 Cell-based Design (or standard cells)
Routing channel requirements are reduced by presence of more interconnect layers

8 Standard Cell — Example

9 Standard Cell – The New Generation
Cell-structure hidden under interconnect layers

10 Standard Cell - Example
3-input NAND cell (from ST Microelectronics): C = Load capacitance T = input rise/fall time

11 Automatic Cell Generations
Initial transistor geometries Placed transistors Routed cell Compacted cell Finished cell

12 A Historical Perspective: the PLA
x 1 2 AND plane Product terms OR f

13 Inverting format (NOR-NOR) more effective
Two-Level Logic Every logic function can be expressed in sum-of-products format (AND-OR) minterm Inverting format (NOR-NOR) more effective

14 PLA Schematics (Logic-level)

15 PLA Schematic (Transistor-level)

16 PLA Layout – Exploiting Regularity

17 Breathing Some New Life in PLAs
River PLAs A cascade of multiple-output PLAs. Adjacent PLAs are connected via river routing. No placement and routing needed and output buffers and the input buffers of the next stage are shared. Courtesy B. Brayton

18 Generated by hard-macro module generator
Macro Modules 25632 (or 8192 bit) SRAM Generated by hard-macro module generator

19 “Soft” MacroModules

20 “Intellectual Property”
A Protocol Processor for Wireless

21 Semicustom Design Flow
HDL Logic Synthesis Floorplanning Placement Routing Tape-out Circuit Extraction Pre-Layout Simulation Post-Layout Simulation Structural Physical Behavioral Design Capture Design Iteration

22 The “Design Closure” Problem
Iterative Removal of Timing Violations (white lines)

23 Integrating Synthesis w/ Physical Design
RTL (Timing) Constraints Physical Synthesis Macromodules Fixed netlists Netlist with Place-and-Route Info Place-and-Route Optimization Artwork

24 Late-Binding Implementation
Pre-diffused (Gate Arrays) Pre-wired (FPGA's) Array-based

25 Gate Array — Sea-of-gates
Uncommited Cell Committed Cell (4-input NOR)

26 Sea-of-gate Primitive Cells
Using oxide-isolation Using gate-isolation

27 Sea-of-gates Random Logic Memory Subsystem LSI Logic LEA300K
(0.6 mm CMOS) Courtesy LSI Logic

28 The return of gate arrays?
Via programmable gate array (VPGA) Via-programmable cross-point metal-5 metal-6 programmable via Exploits regularity of interconnect [Pileggi02]

29 Prewired Arrays Classification of prewired arrays (or field- programmable devices): Based on Programming Technique Fuse-based (program-once) Non-volatile EPROM based RAM based Programmable Logic Style Array-Based Look-up Table Programmable Interconnect Style Channel-routing Mesh networks

30 Open by default, closed by applying current pulse
Fuse-Based FPGA antifuse polysilicon ONO dielectric n + antifuse diffusion 2 l Open by default, closed by applying current pulse

31 Array-Based Programmable Logic
5 4 O 3 2 1 Programmable OR array O I 3 2 1 Fixed AND array Programmable OR array I 5 4 O 3 2 1 Fixed OR array Programmable AND array Programmable AND array O O O 3 2 1 O 3 O 2 O 1 PLA PROM PAL Indicates programmable connection Indicates fixed connection

32 Programming a PROM f 1 X 2 NA : programmed node

33 i inputs, j minterms/macrocell, k macrocells
More Complex PAL i inputs, j minterms/macrocell, k macrocells From Smith97

34 Programmable Logic Block
2-input mux Configuration A B S F= X 1 Y XY A F B 1 S

35 Logic Cell of Actel Fuse-Based FPGA

36 Look-up Table Based Logic Cell

37 Array-Based Programmable Wiring
Interconnect Point Programmed interconnection Input/output pin Cell Horizontal tracks Vertical tracks

38 Mesh-based Interconnect Network
Switch Box Connect Box Interconnect Point

39 Transistor Implementation of Mesh

40 RAM-based FPGA Xilinx XC4000ex Courtesy Xilinx

41 Design at a Crossroad: System-on-a-Chip
Embedded applications where cost, performance, and energy are the real issues! DSP and control intensive Mixed-mode Combines programmable and application-specific modules Software plays crucial role RAM 500 k Gates FPGA + 1 Gbit DRAM Preprocessing Spectral Multi- Imager system +2 Gbit DRAM Recog- nition mC Analog 64 SIMD Processor Image Conditioning Array + SRAM 100 GOPS

42 Backup

43 Logic Transistor per Chip
Productivity Logic Transistor per Chip (M) 10,000,000 10,000 1,000 100 10 1 0.1 0.01 0.001 100,000,000 0.01 0.1 1 10 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 Logic Tr./Chip 1,000,000 10,000,000 Tr./Staff Month. 100,000 1,000,000 Complexity 58%/Yr. compounded 10,000 (K) Trans./Staff - Mo. Productivity 100,000 Complexity growth rate 1,000 10,000 x x 100 1,000 x x 21%/Yr. compound x x x Productivity growth rate x 10 100 1 10 2003 1981 1983 1985 1987 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2005 2007 2009 Source: Sematech Complexity outpaces design productivity


45 A System-on-a-Chip: Example
Courtesy: Philips

46 Design Methodology Design process traverses iteratively between three abstractions: behavior, structure, and geometry More and more automation for each of these steps

47 PLA Layout – Exploiting Regularity
V DD GND f And-Plane Or-Plane

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