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New Clerk Academy Tallahassee, Florida.

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1 New Clerk Academy Tallahassee, Florida

2 Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller
Role of the Clerk in the Courts OFFICE ORGANIZATION Hon. Paula S. O’Neil, Ph.D. Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller

3 Objectives Organizational Structure and Design Considerations
Importance of Division of Labor Elements of Organizational Structure Review Examples of Organizational Charts from various Clerks’ Offices Points to Consider

4 Division of Labor Subdivision of work into separate jobs assigned to different people Potentially increases work efficiency Necessary as company grows and work becomes more complex ©W.L. Gore & Associates

5 Forms of Work Coordination
Informal communication Sharing information High media-richness Important in teams Formal hierarchy Direct supervision Common in larger firms Problems -- costly, slow, less popular with young staff Standardization Formal instructions Clear goals/outputs Training/skills

6 Elements of Organizational Structure
Department- alization Span of Control Organizational Structure Elements Formalization Centralization

7 Span of Control Number of people directly reporting to the next level
Assumes coordination through direct supervision Wider span of control possible: with other coordinating methods employees perform similar tasks employee skills are standardized tasks are routine Moving to flatter structures

8 Centralization and Decentralization
Formal decision making authority is held by a few people, usually at the top Centralization Decision making authority is dispersed throughout the organization Decentralization

9 Formalization Causes Problems
As firms get older, larger, and more regulated Necessary for Clerks due to quantity of statutes, rules, ordinances, administrative orders, etc. Problems Reduces organizational flexibility Work rules can undermine productivity Employee alienation, powerlessness Rules become focus of attention

10 Mechanistic vs. Organic Structures
Narrow span of control High formalization High centralization Organic Wide span of control Little formalization Decentralized decisions

11 Effects of Departmentalization
Establishes work teams and supervision structure Creates common resources, measures of performance, etc Coordination through informal communication

12 Features of Simple Structures
Minimal hierarchy -- staff reports directly to owner Roles are fairly loosely defined for flexibility Informal communication for coordination Centralized structure -- owner makes most decisions ©T.Bradner/Alaska Journal of Commerce

13 Functional Organizational Structure
Organizes employees around specific knowledge or other resources (marketing, production) Clerk Finance Courts Records

14 Evaluating Functional Structures
Benefits Supports professional identity and career paths Permits greater specialization Easier supervision --similar issues Creates an economy of scale --common pool of talent Limitations More emphasis on subunit than organizational goals Higher dysfunctional conflict Poorer coordination -- requires more controls

15 Divisional Structure (Example 1)
Organizes employees around outputs, clients, or geographic areas Clerk Customer Service Docketing/ Filing Talent Management

16 Divisional Structure (Example 2)
Organizes employees around outputs, clients, or geographic areas Clerk North Courthouse Central Courthouse South Courthouse

17 Evaluating Divisional Structures
Benefits Building block structure -- accommodates growth Better coordination in diverse markets Limitations Duplication, inefficient use of resources Specializations are dispersed, creating silos of knowledge

18 Matrix Structure (Project-based)
Employees ( )are temporarily assigned to a specific project team and have a permanent functional unit Clerk Information Technology Criminal Courts Civil Courts Project A Manager Project B Manager Project C Manager

19 Evaluating Matrix Structures
Benefits Uses resources and expertise effectively Improves communication,flexibility, innovation Focuses specialists on clients and products Allows interaction within specialty across groups Limitations More coordination required within group Two bosses dilutes accountability More conflict, organizational politics, and stress

20 Team-Based Structure Features
Self-directed work teams Teams organized around work processes Very flat span of control Very little formalization Usually found within divisionalized structure AAP Image/Dave Hunt

21 Network Organizational Structure
Information Technology (Wesley Chapel) Call Center (New Port Richey) Main Office (County Seat) Customer Services (Various Cities) Finance (Dade City) Human Resources (Land O’Lakes)

22 Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller

23 Lake County Clerk of Court

24 Pinellas County Clerk of Circuit Court

25 Alachua County Clerk of Court


27 Citrus County Clerk of Court

28 Key Points to Take Away There is no right or wrong way to organize your office. What works today may not be the best structure a year from now. A mixed organizational structure may be used. Projects may require temporary adjustments to the organizational structure.

29 References Lake County Clerk’s Office Organizational Chart, Not Dated, Retrieved 2012 from McShane, Steven L. & Von Glinow, Mary A Organizational Behavior, 3rd Ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller, Not Dated, Retrieved from Pinellas County Clerk of Circuit Court, Not Dated, Retrieved from

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