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IEEE ah Requirements Discussion

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1 IEEE 802.11ah Requirements Discussion
Month Year doc.: IEEE /0xxxr0 April 2011 IEEE ah Requirements Discussion Date: Authors: David Halasz, OakTree Wireless David Halasz, OakTree Wireless

2 April 2011 Abstract This submission is intended as a follow up to submission 11-11/527 on requirements for IEEE ah. In particular, this submission follows up on the number of associations per AP and making range quantifiable. David Halasz, OakTree Wireless

3 Range discussion PAR calls out range
April 2011 Range discussion PAR calls out range In section 5.2 of r13 Issue : This is vague and should relate to link budget. Suggestion Agree on conditions and then use appropriate channel model to indicate range, conditions and link budget. David Halasz, OakTree Wireless

4 April 2011 Range discussion Range : distance based on separate discussion (1 or 2 km) AP antenna height = 30 feet Client antenna height = 2 feet Dense urban environment[2] MIMO 1x1 Transmit power = ? Receiver sensitivity = ? David Halasz, OakTree Wireless

5 Number of associations
April 2011 Number of associations In Specification Development process 11-11/239r2, “…The Task Group shall adopt, through a 75% approval in the Taskgroup, a Functional Requirements document that must be met by the proposed specification, including System Level Performance Targets and Simulation Scenarios for those Targets…” Since number of associations will have an impact on the system design it should be reflected in the functional requirements document. Suggestion Include 6000 associations per AP or indicate beyond 2007. David Halasz, OakTree Wireless

6 References 11-10-0001-13-0wng-900mhz-par-and-5c
April 2011 References wng-900mhz-par-and-5c ah-potential-compromise-of ah-use-case-document ah-proposed-selection-procedure.docx David Halasz, OakTree Wireless

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