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Vaccine Update 2003 Waking Up To Vaccine Dangers.

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1 Vaccine Update 2003 Waking Up To Vaccine Dangers

2 The Good News: Many People Are Wary of Vaccine Safety June 18, 2003: The government smallpox program to vaccinate 500,000 healthcare workers was halted because only 38,144 civilians were willing to take the risk.

3 Ninety Smart Americans During the monkeypox outbreak in Wisconsin, 90 people were told they were eligible for smallpox vaccinations (which could kill them) to protect them from monkeypox which is related to smallpox but not lethal and only causes rashes, chills, and fever. Not one showed up at the clinic for the shot.

4 Officials Underplay Smallpox Vaccine Dangers Serious adverse reactions should only occur in 1 in 19,000 to 1 in 71,000 people. Jeffrey S. Sartin, MD reported otherwise: The CDC noted 45 serious complications among 33,444 civilians, including 10 cases of myocarditis and 4 heart attacks (two fatal). That is a risk of 1 in 740 far and above any risk we would consider acceptable.

5 Smallpox Myths No. 1 MYTH: Smallpox is highly contagious. FACT: Smallpox has a slow transmission and is not highly contagious. –Joel Kuritsky, MD, director of the National Immunization Program and Early Smallpox Response and Planning at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

6 Smallpox Myths No. 2 MYTH: Smallpox is easily spread by casual contact with an infected person. FACT: The infection is spread by droplet contamination and coughing or sneezing are not generally part of the infection. Smallpox will not spread like wildfire. –Walter A. Orenstein, MD, director of the National Immunization Program at the CDC.

7 Smallpox Myths No. 3 MYTH: The death rate from smallpox is 30%. FACT: Dr. Tom Mack worked with smallpox outbreaks in India during the 70s and stated that even with poor medical care, the case fatality rate in adults was much lower than is generally advertised. More like 10-15%.

8 Smallpox Myths No. 4 MYTH: There is no treatment for smallpox. FACT: Massive oxidative stress treated by modern medical technology could decrease the death rate to 2-3%, says Dr. Peter Havens. The natural treatment of choice is high-dose intravenous vitamin Cif only conventional medicine would recognize its value. –Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

9 Smallpox Myths No. 5 MYTH: The vaccine will keep me from getting the infection. FACT: The worst smallpox disaster occurred in the Philippines after a 10-year compulsory US program of 25 million vaccinations to 10 million residents resulting in 170,000 cases and more than 75,000 deaths from smallpox where only scattered cases existed before.

10 NOT a Myth The smallpox vaccine, vaccinia, is the most dangerous vaccine in existence and the government was forced to admit that heart inflammation was not expected as an adverse reaction. There were 53 possible cases of myocarditis from military vaccinations, all among healthy young men. That was 3.6 times the number that might have developed myocarditis anyway.

11 The Most Dangerous Vaccine Dr. Brian Strom of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and head of an independent vaccine advisory committee urged the government: This is a toxic vaccine. Lets replan the plans to see how many people need to get the vaccine before we continue on with it.

12 The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act Can Force Smallpox Vaccination Smallpox vaccine could prove deadly for the following Americans who should be medically exempt from this shot: –28 million who have eczema –184,000 organ recipients –850,000 diagnosed or undiagnosed HIV or AIDS infected –8.5 million with cancer

13 Forced Smallpox (cont.) Medically exempt: 61 million with cardiovascular disease Untold millions who take immunosuppressive drugs such as cortico-steroids prescribed to adults and children for asthma, emphysema, allergies, MS, Crohns disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

14 Forced Smallpox (cont.) If you are among the 98.5 million Americans who should not receive this vaccine, know that the head of the smallpox eradication program in the 70s said if you were among the first ring of close contact with a smallpox patient, Medical contraindications would not apply. There would be NO exceptions.

15 Forced Vaccination (cont.) Dr. Mike Lane, who headed the CDCs smallpox eradication program, said about contraindications: In India, we vaccinated everyone. We sometimes vaccinated (lepers). Im sure we killed a few people, but we did the best that we could. How does that make 98.5 million at-risk Americans feel?

16 More Bad News Forced vaccinations for children continue to occur. Medical authorities in Scotland refused a mothers request for thimerosol-free DTaP and two children in England were vaccinated with MMR against their mothers wishes in divorce disputes. In April, armed guards stood by in Colorado to enforce a court order to vaccinate an infant with the Hepatitis B shot because of a false positive test on the mother.

17 Really Bad News It was announced last November that older Americans will get greater access to flu and pneumonia shots thanks to new standing orders that allow immediate approval of shots for elderly patients in nursing homes, hospitals, and home health agencies. Medicare and Medicaid approval is automatic. We are now one step closer to forced adult vaccinations.

18 Does This Make Sense? The pneumonia vaccine, which is recommended for all adults over 65 years of age, does not reduce the risk of contracting the disease. –New England Journal of Medicine, May 1, 2003. In a study of 47,365 people, no association was found between pneumococcal vaccination and a reduced risk of pneumonia from any cause.

19 More Reasons to Avoid Vaccines Prevnar, a pneumococcal vaccine recommended for all babies, increases the number of other infections babies get. According to researchers, Prevnar replaces protection from 7 selected strains of pneumococci with infections of 83 others found in babies noses and throats. –The Scientist, May 13, 2003

20 More Reasons to Avoid Vaccines Dr. J. Bart Classen, immunologist and David Carey Classen, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Utah published research showing a causal relationship between several common pediatric vaccines and the development of insulin-dependent diabetes.

21 Alexander Horwin 1996-1998

22 More Reasons to Avoid Vaccines Two-year-old Alexander Horwin died of a brain tumor (medulloblastoma) caused by SV40 (Simian virus 40)-contaminated oral polio vaccine. Alexanders cord blood was tested and was negative for SV40. Both parents were tested for SV40 using polymerase chain reaction testing and no trace of SV40 was found.

23 SV40 Polio Vaccine (cont.) Simian virus 40, which causes brain cancers and is a suspected carcinogen in bone cancers and non-Hodgkins lymphomas, has been in polio vaccines for four decades. The Horwins have filed a lawsuit against American Home Products, producers of the oral polio vaccine Alexander received nine months before his death.

24 A New Target: Teens Pharmaceutical companies are inventing new vaccines against diseases usually transmitted by sex, drug use, foreign travel or living in dormatories. Adolescent vaccines are the next wave, said an Aventis spokesman, all the manufacturers have them in the works.

25 A New Target: Teens Parents will have to take their daughters in to pediatricians when theyre little girls to get them protected against a sexually transmitted disease, said a spokeswoman for an institute that is sponsoring trials of a herpes vaccine. Complication: High schools, unlike kindergartens, are not used to excluding students without shots. (Can you see whats coming next?) –The New York Times, July 1, 2003

26 NYT: Vaccines for Adults Even those who are well informed about health do not seem to know that adults, too, need vaccines. State registries for children could be expanded to allow adults to keep track of their own immunization histories online. –The New York Times, July 9, 2003

27 Aluminum in Vaccines Added as a booster to stimulate immune response, aluminum is also implicated in Alzheimers disease. A meeting on aluminum and vaccines presented evidence that aluminum is behind a mysterious muscle disease (Macrophagic myofasciitis) at the site of vaccination. –Gherardi RK, Lessons from macrophagic myofasciitis: towards definition of a vaccine adjuvant-related syndrome, Rev Neurol (Paris) 2003 Feb.

28 Catch Cancer as Cats Can? Enactment of a mandatory vaccination law in Pennsylvania resulted in an increase of feline fibersarcomas at the site of shots that contain aluminum as an adjuvant. Macrophages surrounding some tumors showed aluminum oxide. The inflammatory and immunological reactions to the vaccines may predispose the cat to cancer. –Hendrick MJ, Cancer Research 1992 Oct 1.

29 Autism Epidemic In the 15 years between 1987 and December 2002, the population of persons with autism served by the California Dept. of Developmental Services increased by 634%. This does not include children under 3 years of age who have not yet entered the DDS system.

30 The Evidence Piles Up Dr. Mark Geier and David Geier published research in the medical journal, International Pediatrics, showing a significant link between the measles, mumps, and rubella shot (MMR) and autism compared to another triple shot given to children.

31 Measles Virus and Autism Dr. Vijendra Singh and Ryan Jensen of Utah State University published a study in Pediatric Neurology showing a significant number of children suffered an abnormal response to the measles component of MMR, triggering autism. Singh, VK, Jensen RL, Pediatric Neurology 28(2003) pp. 292-294

32 Insight Magazine: Vaccines May Fuel Autism Epidemic Vaccines given to newborns contain: –formaldehyde (used in embalming) –thimerosal (nearly 50% mercury) –aluminum phosphate (toxic and carcinogenic) –aluminum salts (corrosive to tissue and neurotoxic) –methanol (toxic) –isopropyl alcohol (toxic) –2-phenoxyethanol (toxic) –live viruses

33 Vaccines May Fuel Autism (cont.) Quoting Dr. Marc Geier: Mercury has been withdrawn from everything, including animal vaccines, yet we keep injecting it into our children. Our data showed that the more mercury children received in their childhood vaccines, the more neurodevelopment disorders there are.

34 Vaccines May Fuel Autism (cont.) If everyone knows about mercury toxicity, and officials have called for its removal (FIVE years ago), why is thimerosal still in vaccines? Dr. Geier concludes: Maybe the mercury isnt being taken out all at once because if the pharmaceutical companies did that, you would see an unbelievable change in the rate of autism and there would be massive lawsuits.

35 Government Doubletalk The National Institutes of Health discussed Mercury Health Hazards saying: For fetuses, infants and children, the primary health effects of mercury are on neurological development. Even low levels of mercury exposure can adversely effect the brain and nervous system. –

36 U.S. Public Health Service: NO HARM There are no data or evidence of any harm caused by the level of exposure that some children may have encountered in following the existing immunization schedule. Infants and children who have received thimerosal- containing vaccines do not need to be tested for mercury exposure. –Joint Statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the United States Public Health Service (USPHS), Sept. 1999.

37 University of Calgary shows how low- level mercury kills neurons

38 And This Word of Resistance.. A news report from Aligarh, India, told how (despite 11 cases of polio) Muslim parents were resisting the polio immunization drive. The child will get sick due to this [the vaccine], said a young mother. Doors were shut tight and children were hustled out of sight. But with polio vials in hand, families were chased and children were force-fed the vaccine over protests from mothers and grandmothers. –e-letter from The National Vaccine Information Center, June 3, 2003.

39 What Will You Do?

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