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Sutherland Shire Libraries Junior & YA Collections ALIA CYS NSW Seminar 13 th November 2008 Presented By Melinda McNaughton.

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1 Sutherland Shire Libraries Junior & YA Collections ALIA CYS NSW Seminar 13 th November 2008 Presented By Melinda McNaughton

2 Collection Management Strategy The Collection Management Strategy is a guide for library staff involved in the management of materials and resources. Written in 2004, should be reviewed within the next 12 months The strategy has considered our 8 libraries. – click on policies

3 Junior Fiction All titles are judged on their individual merits. No titles are excluded because of any particular bias against an author or subject matter. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians, rather than library staff, to make a final decision as to what is suitable reading for their child.

4 Junior Fiction Purchase is based on content and scope for: General statements Pictures Books Junior Easy Readers Yellow Stripes (3/4 class Readers) Junior Fiction and Paperbacks

5 Non Fiction Current, popular material and standard works in broad subject categories. Multiple copies will be purchased in areas of high demand. School libraries are the primary source of curricula material in the community, with the public library collection acting as a secondary source. Subject gaps are actively identified and filled.

6 Non Fiction Collections will be shaped by local demands. Preference is given to books with contents and index pages. Ease of use and clarity of text and illustrations is essential. Preference is given to books written objectively. Where this is not possible, purchases are made to ensure a diversity of opinion. Suggestions for purchase from staff and public are considered.

7 Budget –$110,600 – Junior Non Fiction, Fiction & Reference –$5,000 – Graphic Novels –$11,000 – DVDs –$6,460 – Audio CDs –$10,000 – Overdrive (grant money) These amounts cover both the Childrens and YA collections

8 Stock Current stock size: 103,593 items (includes DVDs, CDs, videos, other languages, Periodicals, books) 34,119 Junior Non Fiction 16,073 Junior Easies 4,465 Junior Easy Readers 6,888 Junior Fiction 11,844 Junior Paperbacks 1,065 YA Non Fiction 2,378 YA Fiction 5,050 YA Paperbacks

9 Stock Annual purchase number: There were 5,112 items received in the 2007/2008 budget Average turnover of stock: Turnover is calculated by dividing circulation by the total lending stock = 5.93

10 Stock - Labelling With an imminent introduction to RFID technology our collection is tagged. All items have a barcode Dewey numbers are located on the spine for JNF Junior Fiction have first 4 letters of the authors surname on the spine PRC items not labelled but located separately

11 Stock - Promotion Our Whats in it for you brochures highlight the collections available. Promote our First Experiences list. Have PRC titles easy to locate on the catalogue as well as an area set aside. Often produce reading lists. Catalogue has New fiction lists produced monthly.

12 Stock - Weeding Criteria for discarding an item Infrequent use. Poor physical condition. The subject matter may now be misleading and/or factually inaccurate. The item is superseded by a new edition or a better source. The subject matter is no longer of current interest. The item is a duplicate copy of a former popular item no longer in high demand. Local Studies materials are not deselected.

13 Stock - Weeding Replacement Some titles in the fiction collections are considered to be standard titles and may be replaced as they deteriorate. Very few non-fiction titles are treated in this way, the majority being replaced by other new titles on the same subject or updated editions. Disposal Disposal of items that are removed from the shelves and donations that do not meet the collection criteria is left to the discretion of library staff. Discarded resources may be : - sold to the public - sent to the paper recycling depot - forwarded to other libraries - given to approved organisations

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