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Young Authors Contest Guidelines for 2012-2013 (Your school name goes here)

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1 Young Authors Contest Guidelines for 2012-2013 (Your school name goes here)

2 Who is this contest for? Maryland students in grades 2 through 8. Authors of short stories or poems. Students who want to showcase their writing!

3 How does the contest work? Write an original short story or poem. Be sure to type it in Times Roman or Comic Sans 12 point font. Fill out the cover sheet form. Turn it in by ___________.

4 What can I enter? An original short story that is a minimum of 2 paragraphs, but NO longer then 3 typed pages. A single poem, which may be any style or length.

5 Who can help me? You must be the author! You cant resubmit a story from last year. Adults may help you edit, but the ideas must be yours. You cant submit an entry with a friend.

6 Other Rules? No graphics on your submission. Poems or short stories of a violent nature will be deemed inappropriate and will not be judged! Dont type your name on your work, just fill out the contest form.

7 How will I know if I win? Teachers will judge each grades entries and the school winners will be announced. 1 poem and 1 short story will be selected from each grade to compete at the Howard County level competition on January 14th. On January 15th, Howard County winners from each grade will be announced.

8 How will I know if I win? In February state winners will be notified by letter. In March, winners will attend the SoMIRAC reception at Hunt Valley. In the spring, winners will attend a reception at the Howard County Board of Education!

9 Has anyone from Howard County ever won? YES! Each year we have had state winners! You can be the next!

10 How can I win? Write a story that reflects your creativity and uses appropriate language and story structure OR… Write a poem that is compact, creative, and has appropriate use of language and imagery. YES, you can submit a story & a poem.

11 What will I win? You will receive a certificate and have your name announced for submitting an entry. Winners at the state level receive gift certificates and attend dinners. You win the respect of your teachers & peers for showcasing your talents!

12 What are you waiting for? Show your parents the Contest Guidelines. Write and type up your original poem/or short story. Have a peer or an adult edit your work. Fill out the cover sheet/entry form. TURN IT IN BY ________________!

13 Best of Luck to all! Happy writing! May your pencil unlock your unique voice for the world to hear!

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