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Tutorial Orientation Student Support Services TRiO Fall 2013.

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1 Tutorial Orientation Student Support Services TRiO Fall 2013

2 Welcome to Tutoring/Study Groups The fall is always an exciting time and I am very pleased to welcome you to a new fall semester. This can be the beginning to a very successful year for you in TRiO. There have been some changes that will be very helpful in your tutorial and study group needs. I will discuss those in the pages ahead. I hope that you are ready for a most exciting journey and I hope that you will call on me if I can be of help to you in your tutoring and study group needs.

3 As you read the Agreement  Be sure to make a note if there is something that needs further explanation  Follow-up with a visit to the Tutor Coordinator to clarify any questions that you may have and be sure to submit your questionnaire at the end of the workshop.

4 SSS Tutorial Agreement  Student tutorials will be scheduled according to available days and times, student needs, and tutor credentials. The Tutor Coordinator (TC) makes this schedule.  Any and all changes necessary for the established schedules (increase or decrease in service, changes in date or time, changes in tutor or subject) will be discussed and confirmed with the TC or the director in her absence.  All tutorial sessions are mandatory and are to be met on time and held on campus only.  If you receive tutoring outside of TRiO, you must let the TC know as soon as possible. This will include Smarthinking, JCC Tutoring Center, the Academic Skills Center, private tutoring or the Writing Studio. The TC will need to track this information so that we do not have duplication of services.

5  Cancellations should be made as soon as possible. Three (3) cancellations will result in suspension from the entire tutoring schedule. i.e. Renee is being tutored for ACC149 and MAT070 by 2 different tutors and cancelled once for ACC and twice for MAT. Renee will be suspended from both schedules. Students who do not call the Tutor Coordinator or their tutor prior to their session will be considered a No Show. Two (2) No Shows will result in suspension from the tutoring schedule until you can discuss this with the TC. Your tutor will refer you to the TC to discuss your “No Shows”.  The Reinstatement Process will be explained and a copy will be provided for you.  Tutors are assigned to help students learn subjects better and to be mentors for students. They are NOT to do student’s homework or other work for them.  I will provide my tutor with a syllabus, schedule of exams and assignments.  I will do my homework as best I can prior to the tutorial session and be prepared with questions for my tutor so he/she can assist me.  I will not compromise my tutorial by asking for help in a different subject tutored by a different tutor. Ex. If I am in a MAT070 tutorial, I will not ask for help in OST136 unless I am being tutored for both courses by the same tutor. If this is the case the tutor would document the amount of time spent with each course.

6 I  I will contact my tutor and Tutor Coordinator by phone or in person if I cannot attend my scheduled session.  Only 3 cancellations of sessions will be allowed due to “No Work” during the semester unless prior approval with the TC.  If you drop a class or will no longer need a tutor, please be considerate and let the Counselor and the TC know as soon as possible.  Study Groups will be scheduled by the TC according to the availability form you submitted to her. You will meet with the TC to discuss the guidelines for the Study Group. Your Study Group will meet in C1078 and an attendance form will be signed by each member of the Study Group at each session.  We have a Grade Tracker form that will assist you in keeping up with your grades and your GPA. Your tutor will introduce you to this form at your first tutorial session. Your tutor will share this information with the TC and the Counselor so that we might better assist you during the tutorial process.

7 Reinstatement Process  In order to be reinstated to the SSS tutorial schedule, you must agree to: Submit a letter to the Tutor Coordinator explaining your absences and why you should be reinstated.  Participate in a conference with the TC.  The TC will decide at the time of the conference whether you are eligible for reinstatement. You will be notified as soon as possible about the out-come. Usually you will know during the conference with the TC. We would like to get you back in the tutorial as soon as possible.  There are two types of absences, an excused absence and an unexcused absence. An excused absence is one in which you contact the TC and the tutor in advance of your absence. An unexcused is a “No Show” or an absence in which you did not contact the TC or the tutor of your absence.  Students that are suspended from the tutoring schedule will only be reinstated once per semester due to either “No Shows” or cancellations. In order to receive additional tutorial services, students must complete the reinstatement process.

8 Final Note!  A copy of the Tutorial Agreement is posted in each tutorial lab.  Remember you will need to complete the simple questionnaire at the end of this workshop. You need to sign the top and bottom of the Tutorial Agreement which is on the back of the Request for Tutorial (green form) that your instructor will sign. At the top of the agreement, please provide your Student ID#.  If you are being tutored for an online class, please let me know and I will email a copy of the tutorial request form and ask the instructor to complete it. I will let you know when that form is sent back to me.  If you have questions or concern, please stop by to see me or call (919) 209-2031. ** Thank you and I hope to see you soon! You can reach me at 919- 209-2031 or my office number is C1079. I am generally available from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Brenda Peedin, Tutor Coordinator

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