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Transfer Articulation 411 Anna Burchett, Office of the Registrar Beth Yarbrough, College of Science and Mathematics.

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1 Transfer Articulation 411 Anna Burchett, Office of the Registrar Beth Yarbrough, College of Science and Mathematics

2 Tools for Articulation Success Understanding pending credits and the transfer workflow process SHATATR Transfer Evaluation System (TES) The Office of the Registrar (OTR) and Transfer Credit at

3 The Beginning of a Process Transfer student applies to Auburn University Must submit transcripts to Admissions and Processing Transfer courses are entered into Banner. If a course is already in SHATATR, the equivalent automatically comes over. If the course is not in SHATATR, the course is given a PEND 0000 equivalent Student is notified by Admissions of Acceptance status If Accepted, must pay Deposit. Technically not AU student until Deposit is paid Payment of deposit triggers Transfer Workflow process for any PEND 0000 credits on the student’s record.

4 What is a Pending Credit? A pending credit is a temporary AU equivalent for a transfer course that has not been evaluated yet for Auburn credit. Different Types of Pending Credit: – PEND 0000 – Brand new – just entered into Banner from student record – PEND 1111 – Course is navigating through the transfer workflow process – PEND 8888, 9999 – Older courses (i.e. prior to 200110); must be manually updated on the student’s record

5 The Steps of Workflow Add SHATATR Add Course Description Route to department for evaluation Course evaluation – Core = OTR – All other courses go to specific department Approval by Provost Office Update SHATATR Update student(s)

6 To check and see if a course has been articulated and is already in the system, follow the steps below: 1.Access Banner form SHATATR 2.Enter the Institution number 3.If you do not know the Institution number, select the drop down arrow SHATATR Select Drop down arrow

7 4. Select Source Background Form (SOISBGI) 5. Tab to the Name field 6. Type the college name you are searching for. This form is case sensitive so it is recommended to search on part of the name using the percent sign. Select

8 7. Press F8 to execute the query. You may get more than one college to choose from. 8. Select the appropriate College by double clicking in the “Code” field. Double Click

9 9. Result: The Institution number is automatically populated.

10 11. Next Block

11 12. Filter for the course you are looking for by pressing F7. Tab to the subject field and enter the subject you are looking for, then tab to the course field and enter the course number you are searching for. 13. Execute the query by pressing F8.

12 14. The result is the Auburn Equivalent Course. Result

13 15. If there is no course equivalent, no course will appear in the Course equivalent section and you will get the message below: No course equivalent If no articulation exists

14 PEND 0000 Check SHATATR Email OTR at Transfer Credit name & ID to update Articulated? Yes No HOLD TIGHT. Course has not entered Workflow yet. PEND 1111Check SHATATR Articulated? Yes No Email OTR at Transfer Credit name & ID to update HOLD TIGHT. Course is in process at dept. or Provost. Contact OTR at Transfer Credit & ask to send reminder. It’s been one month. * Unofficial TIP * If the course is not articulated, and it is an emergency, send the student directly to dept. for an answer. Having a syllabus helps tremendously. Pending Credit Flow Chart

15 WHAT IS AN EVAL HOLD? It’s used when the transfer course will work in some cases, but not others. That student has a HOLD on the EVALuation until we confirm the conditions are met. Typical Cases: multiple courses at transfer school equal single course at Auburn (science lecture/lab) performance courses special topics or research Microbiology from a 2 year school (acceptable in NURS only) EVAL HOLD is at least GEEL with one exception: Microbiology from 2 yr. schools is acceptable only in Nursing. It is NOCR (No Credit) in any other college. EVAL HOLD & Transient Forms. Any course listed as EVAL HOLD will have to be done as a paper transient form. The automated transient form cannot handle EVAL HOLDs. The comments section will help advisors see how the course should be articulated or any conditions of transfer.

16 Example of an EVAL HOLD AU Equivalent Comment

17 EVAL HOLD Check SHATATR Comments? If student meets conditions of comments, email OTR at Transfer Credit name & ID to update YOUR student only Email OTR at Transfer Credit to update comments Yes No EVAL HOLD Flow Chart

18 What about challenging an Auburn course equivalent? Student must provide the course description AND a copy of their course syllabus for the class in question E-mail both to OTR at Transfer Credit Sent to the department for re-evaluation Possible outcomes: – Credit may be changed/given on an individual basis – Course may be changed in SHATATR – Course may remain the same in SHATATR

19 What about international transfer credit? Student is responsible for initiating evaluation process - WES or Lisano Advisor receives copy of WES or Lisano report; determines Auburn credit; sends to Admissions via e-mail or campus mail Admissions office enters the transfer credit allowance from WES or Lisano report; sends to Office of the Registrar OTR enters Auburn equivalents determined by advisors

20 What is the Transfer Evaluation System (TES)? TES provides many useful tools for articulation help: – Course descriptions – Access to complete college catalog – Institution profile Accreditation status Calendar system (semester vs. quarter) FICE code for SHATATR – Link to school’s website – Transcript key

21 1.Log on to the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) at 2.Click on Search option and then Course Finder

22 3.Enter the name of the institution the student attended. 4.Select institution from search results by clicking on the arrow beside it.

23 5.Several ways to view course descriptions: a.Select the course description data set from the drop down list b.Enter the course prefix and number directly in the Course Search c.View the entire PDF Catalog d.Access the school’s website A A B B C C D D

24 6. From this screen you can also access the institution profile (A), the school’s website (B) or the transcript key (C) by clicking on the corresponding icon. A A B B C C

25 7.The institution profile provides institution type (A), calendar system (B), FICE code (C), and accreditation status (D). A A B B C C D D

26 8. The transcript key offers information about the grading legend and course types. This key can also be helpful if you need to know when a school transferred from quarter to semester hours.

27 E-MAIL OTR at Transfer Credit WHEN: 1.You get an articulation directly from a department that needs to be added to SHATATR 2.You find a mistake in SHATATR (or what looks like a mistake) 3.A student would like to challenge the Auburn equivalent given for a transfer course 4.An EVAL HOLD needs to be manually updated for a student 5.You have the Auburn equivalents for international transfer credits for a student 6.You have a question about an enrolled student’s articulation ** Kristin Maas handles eligibility for transfer athletes. Articulation is not involved in that process, and can’t help until they are enrolled.

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