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Unit5 First Aid.

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1 Unit5 First Aid

2 bandage an ambulance first-aid-kit

3 … … bleed choke fall ill Accident poison wound sprain ankle
Brainstorming What words can you think of when you talk about accidents and first aid? bleed choke fall ill bite electric shock Accident burn/ catch fire poison … … wound sprain ankle

4 What is first aid? help , fall ill , injured , quickly _______ is the first kind of ____ given to someone who suddenly ______ or gets ______ before a doctor can be found. Often the illness or injury is not serious, but there are other times when giving first aid ______ will save one’s life. First aid help falls ill injured quickly

5 Discuss in groups about the following pictures
a snake bite bleeding a sprained ankle choking a broken arm a bloody nose

6 a snake bite A snake has bitten him on the leg. Lay the person down and keep him still. Do not wash the venom(毒液) off the skin. Apply pressure to the bitten part with your hands. Do not move him until the doctor comes.

7 She has cut her arm with some broken glass and is bleeding badly.
Put a bandage on the wound and apply pressure to reduce the bleeding

8 He has badly sprained his ankle.
a sprained ankle Get him to sit down and then put some ice on his ankle to reduce the swelling. Get him to put his foot up on a chair and bandage his ankle up firmly.

9 She is choking on a piece of food.
Bend her forward and give her four quick, hard slaps between the shoulder blades (肩胛)with hand.

10 She has broken her arm. a broken arm Do not move the broken bone if possible. Keep the arm still using a bandage. Call for help immediately.

11 His nose is bleeding. (He has a bloody nose.) a bloody nose Sit down and bend forward slightly. Squeeze his nose just below the bridge (鼻梁) until the bleeding stops.

12 Pre-reading What has happened? What sort of injuries the child will have? What kind of first aid would you perform?

13 Place burns under gently running water for about 10 minutes.

14 Take clothing off the burned area unless it is stuck to the burn.
Take off other clothing and jewellery near burns. take off

15 Place cool, clean, wet cloths on burns until the pain is not so bad.

16 If the injuries are second degree or third degree burns, get the victim to the doctor or hospital at once. send

17 Fast reading 1. What do they tell you about the passage?
the purpose of skin , causes, types, characteristics of burns and first aid treatment for burns.

18 2. In which order are these topics covered in the text
2. In which order are these topics covered in the text? Number them from 1 to 5. ____ the three types of burns ____ what to do if someone gets burned ____ the purpose of skin ____ the symptoms of burns ____ how we get burns 3 5 1 4 2

19 Careful reading Read the passage carefully and finish the tasks for every part.

20 Part 1. The purpose of skin:
Protect you against , and ; 2) Keep you or ; 3) Prevent you from ; 4) Give you diseases poisons the sun’s harmful rays warm cool losing water sense of touch

21 Part 2 Causes of burns You can get burnt by : hot liquids steam fire
____________________________ hot liquids steam fire radiation the sun electricity and chemicals

22 Part 3 Types of burns which _______ are burned.
There are _______ types of burns depending on which _______ are burned. _______________ affect only the _____ layer and should feel better within _______________. ________________ affect both the _____ and the _______ layer. These burns are _______ and take ______________ to heal. ________________ affect all ______ layers and any ______ and ______ under the skin. They are very _______ injuries and the victim must get to a ________ at once. three layers top First degree burns a day or two Second degree burns top second serious a few weeks Third degree burns three tissue organs severe hospital

23 Part 4 Characteristics of burns
first degree burn A Extremely painful second degree burn B Mildly swollen C Tissue under them often can be seen. third degree burn

24 Part 5 First treatment First degree Burns Second degree burns
Third degree burns 1. Get the victim to the doctor or hospital 2. Keep cloths cool by putting them back in the cold water; squeezing them out and placing them on the burned area over and over again for about an hour until the pain is not so bad. 3. Place cool, clean, wet clothes on them until the pain is not so bad.

25 Language points

26 1. aid (=help) 1. offer/do/perform/conduct/carry out first aid 2. come to one’s aid with the aid of sb. in aid of be a great aid to 3. hearing aid teaching aids 4. aid sb. 为了帮助… 对…有很大的帮助 助听器 教学用具 to do… in doing… with/in sth.

27 2. fall ill fall+ adj. ill sick asleep silent fell ill His wife suddenly _______ ________ last week. She has _______ ________ for a week. been ill fallen

28 3. injury (n.) injury to sth. do sb. an injury
injury to one’s reputation/pride/fame. an injure to the head hurt injure wound 肉体,精神上的伤害(一般用语),疼痛 意外或事故而受伤 指外伤(刀、枪、剑伤)

29 wounded He got _________ in the fighting. He was badly _______ in a car accident. Her words ________ me deeply. I _____ my back when I fell. My feet _______ . injured hurt hurt hurt

30 4. get burned /burnt get hurt get paid get lost get separated get drowned get caught in get changed get dressed get damaged get killed get married get injured

31 5. for a moment (=for a short time) 片刻
for the moment (=for now) 暂时;目前 not for a moment 决不; 从来没有 in a moment (=very soon) 不久,一会儿 at the moment (=at the present time; then). 此刻,就在那时 the moment (=as soon as) 一…(就…) One moment (=Wait a moment)! 等一下!

32 6. over and over again “多次” over and over again and again once and again many times many a time time after time “有时” from time to time now and then now and again sometimes at times on occasion

33 7. in place 在适当的位置上,准备就绪 out of place 位置不当,不得体 in place of
in one’s place take one’s place take the place of sb. take place 发生,进行 代替,替换(介词短语) 代替,替换(动词短语)

34 1.Why should you put cold water on a burn?
Questions 1.Why should you put cold water on a burn? 2.Why doesn’t a third degree burn hurt? 3.Why do you think clothes and jewellery near burns should be removed? 4.If someone has a third degree burn, why might you see tissue? 34

35 1. Why should you put cold water on a burn?
2. Why doesn’t a third degree burn hurt? Because the cold water stop the burning process, stop the pain and reduces the swelling. Because in a third degree burn the nerves are damaged. If there are no nerves, there is no pain. 35

36 Because this may break any blisters and the wound may get infected.
3. Why do you think clothes and jewellery near burns should be removed? 4. If someone has a third degree burn, why might you see tissue? Because this may break any blisters and the wound may get infected. Because these affect all three layers of the skin and any tissue and organs under the skin. 36

37 30.The classroom is big enough , but we’ll have to move if we have more students. A.for the moment  B.on the moment a moment   D.for a moment

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