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Web Tools for NGSS.

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1 Web Tools for NGSS

2 What is new?

3 Web Tools for NGSS Agenda
Reading the NGSS NGSS Resources Unit Templates Engineering Practices Crosscutting Concepts Assessments

4 Reading the NGSS

5 Reading the NGSS

6 Reading the NGSS

7 NGSS Resources

8 Unit Templates

9 Example Dissection

10 Example Dissection

11 Science & Engineering Practices
Asking questions & defining problems Developing & using models Planning and carrying out investigations Analyzing and interpreting data Using mathematics and computational thinking Constructing explorations and designing solutions Engaging in argument from evidence Obtaining, evaluating and communicating information

12 Engineering Websites Gooru Learning eGFI Magazine Discover Engineering
Study Jams Science games & quizzes

13 Crosscutting Concepts
Patterns Cause and Effect: Mechanism and Explanation Scale, proportion and quality Systems and system models Energy and matter: Flows, cycles and conservation Structure and function Stability and change

14 Useful Websites Tech Tools Cheat Sheet
Tech Tools Focused on Learning Goals BJHS Media Center’s Web 2.0 List Chrome Webstore/Education

15 Assessments New Assessments Websites Skill Performance
Computer Simulations (University of Colorado Phet Program) NAEP Interactive Computer and Hands-on Tasks ACT Aspire Critical Thinking Skill Performance

16 Science is Rock and Roll

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