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Unit 6 It's raining.

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1 Unit 6 It's raining

2 How’s the weather ? It’s sunny. sun sun-- sunny

3 How’s the weather? It’s cloudy. clouds cloud---cloudy

4 How’s the weather? It’s windy. wind----windy.

5 What’s the weather like?
It’s rainy. rain rain----rainy

6 What’s the weather like?
It’s snowy. snow----snowy

7 What’s the weather like?
It’s foggy. fog fog----foggy

8 What’s the weather like?
It’s stormy (雷阵雨) storm---stormy

9 cloud---cloudy wind----windy. rain----rainy snow----snowy
 Let’s read. sun-- sunny cloud---cloudy wind----windy. rain----rainy snow----snowy fog----foggy storm---stormy 雷阵雨

10 1a! Match the words with the pictures.
1.raining___ 2. windy____ 3. cloudy___ 4. sunny____ 5. snowing___ a e d b c

11 A map of the world Beijing Moscow Boston Toronto Shanghai

12 1b Listen and write these cities in the boxes
How is the weather in ….? Toronto Beijing Moscow Toronto Boston Shanghai Boston Moscow Shanghai

13 上海 南宁 沈阳 拉萨 南京 乌鲁木齐 成都 香港 长春 台北 A: How is the weather in …..?
Pair-work: make a dialogue with your partner. A: How is the weather in …..? B: It’s ….. A: what is the weather like in ….? B: It’s … 上海 南宁 沈阳 拉萨 南京 乌鲁木齐 成都 香港 长春 台北

14 Explanation 1. 询问天气情况 How is the weather? = What is the weather like ?

15 回答天气: it -----可用来指代天气. (天气) 在刮风. 今天很冷. It is windy. It’s cold today.

16 Let's play a guessing game

17 take photos -- taking photos
What are they doing? take photos -- taking photos

18 Is he…? What is he doing? He's taking a shower.

19 Is it …? It is cooking . His father is a cook.
cook v.烹调,煮. n.厨师 cooker 炊具 他父亲是一名厨师。 His father is a cook.

20 What’s she doing ?

21 She’s flying a kite .

22 What are they doing? Lucy Scott They are talking on the phone.

23 2a Listen and number the pictures.
3 4 1

24 2bListening What are they doing? playing basketball watching TV
Name Activities Uncle Joe Jeff Mary Aunt Sarah playing basketball playing computer games watching TV cooking

25 Scott: Hello, Lucy. This is Scott. Happy New Year!
Lucy: Happy New Year, Scott! Scott: Is Uncle Joe there? Lucy: No, he isn’t. He’s outside. Scott: Oh, What’s he doing? Lucy: He’s playing basketball Scott: Is Aunt Sarah there? Lucy: Yes, she is, but she is busy right now. Scott: What’s she doing ? Lucy: She is cooking. Scott: How about Mary? What’s she doing? Lucy: Nothing much. She’s only watching TV. I can get her. Scott: Thanks. And can I say “Hi” to Jeff, too? Lucy: Sure. He’s playing computer games.

26 How’s it going with Peter?
Explanation How’s it going?(后接with sb/sth) 彼特最近怎么样? 你最近学习怎么样? …最近怎么样/最近好不好/事情进展如何? How’s it going with Peter? How’s it going with your study? 回答:Not bad / Great/ Pretty good/ Terrible.

27 3a.How’s it going? 最近怎么样啊? Not bad. Great. Terrible. Pretty good.

28 电话用语: 找……接电话好吗? Hello! May I speak to…? This is … speaking.
Sorry, he is out. / sorry, he isn’t in. 2. Who is that? This is …. Please hold on. There is a call for you. 3. Is that … (speaking)? Yes, this is …. Sorry, this is …. 我就是。 对不起,他不在家。 你是谁? 我是……。 请稍等。 有你的电话。 你是……吗? 是的,我是……。 对不起,我是……。

29 Come on, show yourself! A: Hello.
B: Hi. This is …. Can I speak to …, please? A: She’s …. Please hold on. B: Thank you. A: …, there is a call for you. C: Thank you. B: …, this is… A:…

30 Exercises I am reading English now.(一般疑问句)
We are doing our homework now. (提问) Tom is writing an to his friend. (否定句) She’s having dinner with her family. (提问) He’s reading in the library now. (提问) Are you reading English now? What are you doing now? Tom isn’t writing an to his friend. Who is having dinner with her family? Where is he reading now?

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