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( · ). Unit 3 Welcome to the unit A world of connections.

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1 ( · )

2 Unit 3 Welcome to the unit A world of connections

3 Unit 3

4 The Internet connects people all over the world. The Internet has both positive and negative aspects.

5 Talk about the computer. Step 1: lead-in

6 Computer terms Which programme would you like to watch tonight? A program is something that we use to control or operate a computer.

7 The music from the keyboard sounds like music from a real piano. A keyboard is a set of keys on a computer that help you operate the computer. Computer terms

8 I hate to clean windows. Windows is a kind of computer program developed by Microsoft. Memory is a space in the hard drive of a computer to store information. Computer terms Memory is something you may start to lose with age.

9 Julie wants to have a pet mouse. Mouse is what you control with your hand to move the cursor on the computer screen. Computer terms

10 Do you know how people kept in touch with each other in the past? Then how people keep in touch with each other now? What are your experiences using the Internet? Step 2: Brainstorming

11 What is the Internet? The Internet, also called the Net, is a collection of computers connected in a worldwide network.

12 What are the functions of the Internet?

13 Now work in pairs and have a discussion about each of the pictures. Step 3: Sharing information

14 Picture 1 Search for information on a variety of topics.

15 1.What can people do on this website? 2.What do we call this kind of website that provides searching services? 3.How can you find information on the Internet using a search engine? 4.What search engines do you know or often use? Which is your favourite search engine?

16 Picture 2 Shop for the top brands at the best prices all over the world.

17 1.What do you think would be the advantages of buying things online? 2.What do you think would be the disadvantages of online shopping?

18 Picture 3 Keep in touch with family members wherever you are in the world.

19 1.Have you ever tried talking with your parents or friends online? 2.What devices do you need if you want to talk with people online? 3.What are the good points and bad points of online talking?

20 4.Which way of communication do you prefer, talking face to face, talking over the phone, talking online or talking online with a web-camera? Why?

21 Picture 4 What next? The future has no limits.

22 1.Have you tried other online services that are not mentioned here? Which ones? 2.What role do you think the Internet will play in the future? 3.Do you think it is a good idea to live on the Internet completely?

23 1. What do you think the most important benefit of the Internet is? 2. Do you think there are any negative things about the Internet? Step 4: Discussion 3. In what ways will the Internet improve our lives in the future?

24 Using the Internet AdvantagesDisadvantages Step 5: Debate

25 Step 6: Homework 1.Write a passage about advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet. 2.Preview the reading.


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