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Module 11 Population Unit 1 It s the biggest city in China.

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1 Module 11 Population Unit 1 It s the biggest city in China.

2 Warming-up: Discuss the pictures

3 What s happening to our city? heavy traffic noise smoke pollution crowd

4 Warming-up : Describe the picture. crowd ; increase, noise population traffic transport space pollution smoke ;

5 Act.6: Complete the sentences. 1.Ten percent of the ___________lived in the country. 2.The factory has produced a lot of _________so it should be closed. 3. When we got to the party, there was quite a(n) ___________of people there already. 4. At that time of night, there was no ___________ in the street. 5. That big table takes up too much ____________ in my small kitchen. 6. If every family have more than one child, the population will ______________quickly. population pollution crowd traffic space increase

6 Useful expressions the population of …… too many/ much … … enough space an increasing population along with … … transport problems. … percent of … ( ) …. come up,

7 Practice:. 7,000 28,000 135,000 thousand ( ),,,. million ( ),,,. billion ( ).,. seven thousand twenty-eight thousand one hundred and thirty-five thousand

8 7,000,000 4,500,000 79,000,000 350,000,000 140,930,000 seven million four million, five hundred thousand seventy-nine million, three hundred and fifty million one hundred and forty million, nine hundred and thirty thousand

9 1,000,000,000 5,600,000,000 21,000,000,000 33,750,000,000 one billion five billion, six hundred million twenty billion thirty-three billion, seven hundred and fifty million

10 Act.7: Say out the numbers. 150,000 one hundred and fifty thousand 5,600,00 five million, six hundred thousand 500,000 five hundred thousand 2,100,000 two million, one hundred thousand

11 82,550,000 200,030,040 eighty-two million, five hundred and fifty thousand two hundred million, thirty thousand and forty

12 Ex: listen and say out the numbers 8,000 24,000 150,000 4,000,000 5,200,000 330,400,000 100,860,000 725,900,015

13 Act.1: listening practice. 1.Why was Betty s shopping trip unsuccessful ? A. Too many people B. Too noisy C. Too much pollution. 2. What s the population of Beijing ? A. About 11,000,000. B. About 13,000,000. C. About 15,000,000. 3. What s the population of Chongqing ? A. About 27,000,000. B. About 31,000,000. C. About 36,000,000.

14 Act.4: Listen and complete the table. People in the world Babies born every minute Babies born every year Population of China Population of the world 259 136,130,400 1 billion, 3 hundred million 6 billion, 5 hundred million

15 Language points 1.a population of … the population of … Maoming is a city with a population of over 400,000. Maoming has a population of over 400,000. The population of Maoming is over 400,000. There are over 400,000 people in Maoming. Eg: a.The population of Shanghai is 12,000,000. b.Shanghai has a population of 12,000,000 c.Shanghai is a big city with a population of 12,000,000..

16 What s the population of ….. …. ? Eg: The population of the village is about 15,000. ------What s the population of the village ? ------How many people are there in the village ? a.What s the population of China ? b.What s the population of Guangdong ? c.What s the population of the world ? d.What s the population of Shenzhen ? e.What s the population of the USA ?

17 big/large, small a. Australia has a small population. The population of Australia is small. b. The population of Chongqing is bigger than that of Beijing. ----Chongqing has more people than Beijing. c. The population of Hainan is smaller than that of Sichuan. ----Hainan has fewer people than Sichuan. d. The population of China is bigger than that of India. e. The population of Huazhou is smaller than that of Gaozhou.

18 f. China has the largest population in the world. ---The population of China is the largest in the world. ----China has the most people in the world. g.. The population of Tibet is the smallest in China. ---Tibet has the smallest population in China. ---Tibet has the fewest people in China. h. The population of Sichuan is the largest in China. i. The population of this country is the smallest.

19 2. crowd n. a crowd of …. … Eg: a. He passed in a crowd hard.. b. A crowd of children are playing over there. c. There are a crowd of sheep on the hill. d. A crowd of ducks are swimming in the lake. crowded adj. a crowded city a crowded train a crowed bus a crowded traffic

20 3. space ----room, ( ) a. These books take up too much space in my room. b. There is only standing space in the crowded bus. c. There isn t enough space to store it in the fridge. 4. every, ….----- how often a. The Olympics is held _______________. b. We have an exam __________________. c. There is a bus to the station ________________. d. My parents go to hometown ________________. every four years every three weeks every 20 minutes every two months

21 5. increase n./ v., increasing adj. Eg: a. The increase in population in Europe is very slow. b. The population in Europe increases slowly. c. The GDP of China is increasing very fast. d. The environmental problem are increasing. f. The income of farmers has increased recently.

22 6. percent, … percent of … …. 1.60% 2.25% 3.10% 4.75% 5. 6.80% a.China has 20 percent of the world s population. b.48 percent of the students are girls in my class. c.75 percent of the earth is covered by water. sixty percent of the students twenty-five percent of the land ten percent of junk food seventy-five percent of the old people fifty percent of the teachers eighty percent of China s population


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