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2006.4 1. The bell is ringing now. ( ) 2. People suggest that the conference be put off. ( ) There goes the bell. ( ) It is suggested that the conference.

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2 2006.4


4 1. The bell is ringing now. ( ) 2. People suggest that the conference be put off. ( ) There goes the bell. ( ) It is suggested that the conference be put off. ( )

5 3. 4. He is so kind that he can help me. ( ) He is so kind as to help me. ( ) She walked out of the room and many students followed her. ( ) Followed by many students, she…. ( ) Once it is seen, it can never be forgotten. ( ) Once seen, it can …. ( )

6 5. v-ing When he arrives please give me an e-mail. ( ) If the weather permits, I ll come tomorrow. ( ) On his arriving/ arrival, please give…. ( ) Weather permitting, I ll come tomorrow. ( ) Now our school has three teachers. They teach 48 pupils. ( ) Now our School has three teachers, teaching 48 pupils. ( )

7 It disappointed everybody that he didn t turn up. ( ) I happened to have met him. ( ) 6. The fact that he didnt turn up disappointed everybody. ( ) It happened that I had met him. ( ) To his surprise, the little girl knows so many things. ( ) What surprised him is that the girl…. ( )

8 7. I won t believe what he says. ( ) If you come back before six o clock, you can go out. ( ) The meal was very nice. We all enjoyed it very much. ( ) No matter what he says, I wont believe. ( ) You can go out on condition that you come back before…. ( ) The meal was so nice that we all…. ( )

9 8. The girl is spoken highly of. Her composition was well written. ( ) The girl whose composition was well written was spoken highly of. ( ) I studied Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry and computer at school. ( ) The subjects I studied at school included Chinese, maths, English…. ( )

10 9. The ship didn t sink because there were the efforts of the captain. ( ) I wasn t invited to the party, so I didn t attend it. ( ) If I had been invited to the party, I would have attended it. ( ) But for the efforts of the captain, the ship would have sunk. ( )

11 10. Regular radio broadcasts began in 1920. ( ) It was not until 1920 that regular radio…. ( ) Weak as I am, I ll make the effort. ( ) Though I m weak, I will make the effort. ( ) How glad we were to see the crops and...! ( ) We were glad to see the crops and vegetables growing very well. ( )

12 11. If you go through the gate, you ll find the entrance to Bear Country. ( ) Go through the gate, and youll find…. ( ) I got up late this morning, otherwise I could have caught the early bus. ( ) I got up late this morning. I didn t catch the early bus. ( ) The more he spoke, the more excited he felt. ( ) When he spoke, he felt more and more excited. ( )

13 As a result, the plan was a failure. ( ) She went to Austria in order to study music. ( ) Because the weather was good, our journey was comfortable. ( ) The plan turned out to be a failure. ( ) She went to Austria for the purpose of studying music. ( ) Thanks to the good weather, our journey…. ( )

14 At the news of her death, he went…. ( ) She has trouble in pronouncing the word. ( ) Whose turn is it to be on duty today? ( ) When he heard she had died, he went pale with sorrow. ( ) She can t correctly pronounce the word. ( ) Who will be on duty today? ( )

15 She doesn t like sports. She cares nothing for sports. We had to go home. What we had to do was go home.

16 1. 1) The building like a match box. 2) He told me that all my classmates sitting in the classroom. 1) A worker of the farm lead us to the field. 2) All the students like books that was written by Lu Xun. 2.

17 3. 4. 1) When he came back, he found that his wife has gone to bed. 2) What are you doing this time yesterday? 1) She enjoys study English. 2) If anyone against the plan, please let me know.

18 5. 6. 1) In my surprise, he has got the first prize. 2) He came here to attend the meeting by a new car. 3) Dont read under the sun. 1) We elected Li Hua the monitor of the Class Five. 2) Once upon a time, there was an one-eyed lion. 3) The history is actually a very interesting subject.

19 7. 8. 1) It is rare to see such a nice weather in Beijing. 2) There is always traffic jam. 1) Where are you come from? 2) When I arrived Hong Kong, my mother was there waiting for me. 3) He didnt notice the teacher to come into the classroom. 4) The accident was happened in 1999.

20 9. 1) The actor in this movie is very beautiful. 2) I and My parents were working in the fields at that time. 3) The reason is because he does not know what to do next.

21 1. and both…and, as well as, together with, neither…nor, also, not only…but also, either…or, as well. 2. but, yet, however, nevertheless ( ), in spite of, although, otherwise, while, after all.

22 3. 4. on the contrary, instead of, on one hand…on the other hand, just like, unlike, in the same way, at the same time so, for, therefore, as a result (of), because, owing to, due to, thanks to, on account ( ) of.

23 5. 6. shortly afterwards, first, second…, then, next, finally, for one thing, for another, in the end, eventually (, ) besides, furthermore ( ), whats more, in addition, moreover ( ), worse still, to make matters worse, indeed, certainly, surely, above all

24 7. 8. namely ( ), actually, such as, for example, for instance, that is to say, in other words, and so on, to tell you the truth, according to this in short, in brief, in a word, in general, as you know, as far as I know, on the whole, in conclusion, at last, finally

25 : Attention, please. May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make. Dont forget the time and the address. Im sure you will have a lot of fun. Thats all, thank you.

26 : Welcome to … Now let me tell you something about … Im going to give you a detailed description of… Let me show you around… Im sure youll have a good trip. Thats all, thank you.

27 : Im glad to hear from you. Im writing to tell you something about… How are you getting along with your…? I really dont know how to thank you for… Please give my best regards to... Remember me to your parents. Im looking forward to hearng from you soon. Best wishes.


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