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Event: French Revolution Time: 1789 – 1799 Course: The poor of the cities and the peasants in the country rose up against the king and the nobles. Result:

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3 Event: French Revolution Time: 1789 – 1799 Course: The poor of the cities and the peasants in the country rose up against the king and the nobles. Result: Down with the tyranny of the king! Effect: widespread, both inside and outside of France, and the Revolution ranks as one of the most important events in the history of Europe. French Revolution Beginning: Down with the Bastille on July 14, 1789.

4 Down with the Bastille

5 It was the best of Times. It was the worst of Times. Lesson 86 By Gu Jibin, May 26, 2003

6 Charles DickensHis works The Pickwick Papers Oliver Twist The Old Curiosity Shop. David Copperfield Hard Times A Tale of Two Cities Great Expectations Bleak House. One of the greatest novelist in English literature.

7 About the story A Tale of Two Cities tells us of a tale of action of adventure ( ) that happened in London and Paris at the time of French Revolution. So the cities in the title referred to London and Paris. The story dealt with the fate of a small group of characters( ) who were drawn ( ) into the events of the Revolution. One of the main characters was Dr. Manette, a French doctor. After having been in prison for 18 years, he was set free.

8 Then he settled ( ) in London with his beautiful daughter Lucie. She fell in love with Charles Darnay, a noble heir ( ) of the bad Evremonde family of French. Then she got married to him. Several years later, when Darnay returned to Paris, he was caught by the revolutionaries. At this time there was another young man named Sydney Carton, who was very much like Darnay, loved Lucie so much that he was ready to be sentenced to death instead of Darnay.

9 Dr Manette 1) of Lucie Manette. 2) His died when Lucie was a baby. 3) He a peasant boy and a girl, both of whom. 4) He knew that they had been badly, so he was put in prison to his silence. 5) He spent many years in the in Paris, where he used to. 6) While in prison he became, and his hair turned _______ 7) He returned to and got gradually and stronger. 8) He couldnt live in _____ unless his door was ______ Father wife attended died treated keep Bastille make shoes mentally disturbed white. Englandbetter peacelocked.

10 Careful reading Read Paragraph 1 to answer: 1. When and where did this story happen? 2. Who was Monsieur Defarge? 3. Who was Dr Manettes daughter? 4. Whats the relation between Monsieur Defarge and Dr Manette? 5. What news did Lucie Manette hear? In a poor district in Paris in 1775. A wine shop owner in the district. An English woman named Lucie Manette. Monsieur Dafarge had been a servant to Dr Manette. She heard that her father, Dr Manette was alive and was living in Paris.

11 Read paragraphs 2- 4 to answer: 6. What happened to Lucie when she was a baby? 7.Where had Dr Manette been kept a prisoner? 8. How was Dr Manette when he was set free? 9. For what reason had he been sent to prison? Her mother had died. Her father had disappeared a short time before her mothers death. She had been brought to England as a baby, and her mothers money had been put in a bank in London for her education. In the Bastille, Pariss most important prison. He had been mentally disturbed by his long years alone in prison and his hair had turned white. For no good reason.

12 Read paragraph 5 to answer: 10.What happened to Lucie after her father returned to England? 11. Whom did Lucie marry? 12. What did Sydney promise to do for her? Two men fell in love with Lucie. One was Charles Darnay and the other, Sydney Carton. Lucie married Charles. He promised to do anything he could for her to make sure of her happiness.

13 Read paragraph 6 to answer: 13. Why had Charles Darnay left France to live in England? 14. What kind of person was Marquis St. Evremonde? 15. How many persons are mentioned in this story? Who are they? Because he hated the cruel deeds of the French nobles and the way they treated the peasants. He was Charless uncle, a cruel man. Six Dr Manette ( Lucie Monette (. Monsieur Defarge Marquis St. Evremonde ( Charles Darnay (. Sydney Carton (.

14 Dr Manette Mr Defarge Lucie Manette St Evermonde Mrs Defarge brothers Sydney Carton Charles Darnay the boy and his sister

15 Watch the video and tell the story Part 4. Page 57.

16 Practice Suppose you were Dr Manette, tell your story to public. When I was walking by the River Seine one night in December 1757, two noblemen forced me into their carriage and took me to a lonely house to attend a young peasant and … Story telling Part 4, Page 57. The correct order: 10-6-11-8-5-9-7-2-4-3-1

17 Homework 1.Ex. 2 in the Wb on P119. 2.Read through Lesson 87.

18 Lucie Manette Daughter of Dr Manette. Her mother died when she was a baby. She was brought up in England.

19 Charles Darnay Nephew of the cruel Marquis St Evremonde. He left France and came to live in England because he hated the way of life of the French nobles.

20 Sydney Carton A single man, a lawyer. He looks very like Charles Darnay. He fell in love with Lucie Manette.

21 Monsieur Defarge A revolutionary living in Paris and has a wine shop in Paris. Madame Defarge Sister of the peasant boy and girl killed by the St. Evremonde brothers.

22 Marquis St. Everomonde Treated a peasant boy and his sister very badly. His brother wounded the young peasant in a fight. They had Dr Manette put in prison so that he should not talk in public about the matter.

23 Lesson 87: Watch the video of the second part of the story and answer the questions What did the peasants and the poor people in cities do in the revolution? Why? Why did Charles Darnay return to Paris from London? What happened to him on his arrival in Paris? For what was Charles sentenced to death? What did Sydney Carton do while Charles was in prison? How did Sydney save Charles? Why did he do so?

24 They took up their guns and knives and began to kill rich nobles. In the country the revolutionaries set fire to the nobles castles and burnt them to the ground, because they had lived such a hard life for so long. He tried to rescue a former servant of the family. He was recognized and thrown into prison. For the wrongs his family had done to the boy and his sister He arrived in Paris, then went to a chemists and bought some special medicine. He persuaded Charles to change clothes with him, used the medicine to send Charles to sleep. In this way he took the place of his friend Charles.Because he loved Lucie and wanted her to be happy.

25 In 1789,____________started in France,the poor _________ their guns and knives to kill the rich________. Later, Darney found a letter from France __________ to him. On reading it, he returned to ______ a servant of his family.However, he was recognized as a noble and ______ into prison. Unfortunately, he was sentenced to ______ because he was the nephew of the cruel Marquis who had ______________ to the peasant boy and his sister many years before. Because of his love to Lucie, Carton __________ a way to rescue Darney.He had his head. With his arrangement, they left Paris safe. revolution took up nobles addressed rescue thrown death done wrong thought of cut off

26 Dr Manette Mr Defarge Lucie Manatte St Evermonde Mrs Defarge brothers Sydney CartonCharles Darnay boy and his sister

27 Sentence appreciation It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known. Write a few lines of your understanding of the above.

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