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Yr 7 Research Assignment

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1 Yr 7 Research Assignment
My pet animal

2 The task Your task as a keen scientist it to research a native Australian animal that you would want to keep as a pet. After deciding what animal you want to raise, you must begin to gather information about that animal so that your animal can be kept at home or in the science lab. Before you go out ant and get your animal you need to do some research so that when you get your animal it is well looked after. For more information go onto the task page… Task page

3 TASK PAGE You will need to research each of these categories in order for you to pass the RSPCA guidelines. For more information on what you have to do click the link at the bottom of the page. Background information Feeding Breeding Housing your animal Legal issues Predators What do I have to do?

4 What do I have to do? You need to research all the aspects of your animal listed on the task page, and then create a PowerPoint presentation that summarises all of the information you have gathered. The best presentation will be used to construct a lab enclosure (provided your animal can fit in the lab). You must write notes in you science theory books. DO NOT copy and paste any information. The notes that you write in your science books are to be used for your PowerPoint presentation.

5 Background information
Q) What is the name of your animal and where is it usually found in Australia. Q) What is its habitat? Is it underwater, on land, in a river, in a pond? Q) What special characteristics make this animal unique? Q) What makes you interested in this animal? Back to task page

6 Feeding Q) What does your animal eat?
Q) Where are you going to get the food to feed your animal? Q) How often does your animal eat? Back to task page

7 Breeding Q) Do you plan to breed your animal?
Q) Under what conditions does your animal like to breed? Q) How many babies does your animal usually have? Q) How are the babies born? (eg eggs, live birth) Back to task page

8 Housing your animal Where are you going to keep your animal?
What type of environment does your animal usually live in? How are you going to create an environment that is as natural as possible? Back to task page

9 Legal issues Is it legal to own the animal that you have chosen?
Do you need a licence to house your animal? If so, where can you get one from? Back to task page

10 Predators Q) Is there anything that is likely to eat your animal?
Q) How could you protect your animal from getting eaten? Q) What are its natural predators? Back to task page

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