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Understanding Recap Processing ILLiad request EDD Form Uploading from Ariel to ILLiad Restricted locations.

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1 Understanding Recap Processing ILLiad request EDD Form Uploading from Ariel to ILLiad Restricted locations

2 ILLiad Request

3 Remember when sending a request to ReCap you must enter the following information. Item information field: Enter call number and location Other information field: Enter the item barcode (From Voyager) Enter the location (RECAP) Change system ID to OTH Save your changes before submitting the EDD form (Electronic Document Delivery)


5 RECAP – EDD Form Electronic Document Delivery

6 Document Delivery ReCAP Request - EDD Form Enter the TN of the request in the ILLiad transaction number field Select your Ariel receipt location (Ex: Firestone Article Express) Click send http://libweb5/docdata/DocDelivery.htm

7 ILLiad request after submitting EDD Form to ReCAP Copy the following line from the EDD form and paste into the note field of the request form Or type in the note field that the item was requested from Recap Click save in the ILLiad request Print a copy of ILLiad request to track progress and for processing when Ariel arrives at your location Click REQUEST SENT

8 Uploading from Ariel to ILLiad

9 Processing Incoming ReCAP requests on Ariel Machine Open Ariel Save file to Archive under the TN in the file name field (This is incase any uploading problems occur. Please clear out Archive periodically so the hard drive space does not fill up.) NOTE: To find TN in Ariel document highlight incoming file, go to Document on the top menu bar, click view. Write down TN and close screen Close Ariel

10 Open Illiad on the Ariel machine and log in with your assigned Username and password. On the Borrowing Side of Illiad, click on Receives on the top menu bar Next click on Electronic Delivery Processing from the menu Than click Process Electronic Delivery Files This will upload all files from Ariel to ILLiad RECAP material will automatically match the TN with the incoming document and drop into the Review or Print queue in ILLiad Click “Deliver” if in the Review queue and “Print/Check in” if in the Print queue and processing is complete

11 Restricted Locations held at Recap

12 Restricted locations held in RECAP Examples of Restricted Locations: RECAP: Marquand Lib. use only RECAP: Mendel Music Library use only RECAP: Geoscience Lib. use only Requests submitted to Article Express for a copy of material held at Recap under a restricted location can only be requested by the locations listed as the restriction. Fill in the following fields in the ILLiad request: Other Information field: Barcode in the Record # field Location RECAP in the Lending string field Item Information field: Call number and Location It is extremely important to add a note in the note field, letting the branch library know why the item is being routed to their queue. (Ex. Recap will not supply because of the restricted location stop code. Please request item from Recap for AE request) Route the ILLiad request to the Branch library queue for further processing. Branch staff will have to request the physical volume to be sent from RECAP. If an EDD form is submitted for a restricted location the RECAP system will send an automatic rejection.

13 Requesting Recap material from Main Catalog

14 Locate material in main catalog Click the Recap button to request the material to be sent to your location

15 Make note in the ILLiad request that the book/volume is being sent from Recap Print and hold a copy of the request for processing when book/volume arrives at your location. When book/volume arrives at your location, scan and save file to Elecdel on the Lib-illiad server. Notify patron through ILLiad on the document delivery side that the file is available for viewing. Log into Recap to request the material to be sent to your location

16 Microfilm held at Recap

17 Restrictions for Microfilms held at ReCap When a Microfilm held at ReCap is needed for an Article Express request you should route the request to Firestone Article Express queue. Enter the Call number and Location information into the ILLiad request before routing to Firestone AE. It is important to put a note in the note field that Firestone Article Express will need to request the Microfilm to be sent over from ReCap because of the restricted location. When Microfilm arrives in Firestone, the staff of Microforms will notify Firestone Article Express that the item is available and we will process and finish the request.

18 Thank you for attending this session. If you have any comments or suggestions for future sessions please let me know. Korin Glospie 258-9153

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