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Ellen Seguin Jackson Public Schools Sharp Park Academy Math Goal Mid-Year Report 2009-2010.

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2 Ellen Seguin Jackson Public Schools Sharp Park Academy Math Goal Mid-Year Report 2009-2010

3 Math Goal 2009-10 We the complete staff at Sharp Park Academy will improve student skill sets in identifying, describing, comparing common attributes and classifying geometrical shapes in all grades preschool through 4 th. We will use the geometric strands in CCC to assess that 90% of K-2 students reach mastery. All 3 rd and 4 th grade students will obtain a score of 77% (as found in the summary report) or higher on the geometry strands as given in Fall of 2009 MEAP math assessment. Additionally all preschool through 4 th grade will use pre and post tests so that 90% of students score an 80% or better on assessments administered 3 times during the 2009-2010 school year.

4 Objective from Math Goal Teachers in preschool through fourth grade will create pre and post test based on GLCEs, specifically incorporating geometry strands.

5 Evidence of Action Preschool Geometry Data

6 Kindergarten Geometry Data

7 First Grade Geometry Data

8 Second Grade Geometry Data

9 Third Grade Geometry Data

10 Fourth Grade Geometry Data

11 Is It Working? Expected Level of Implementation Based on the S.I.P.? All 11 teachers have participated in developing the pre and post test for their Geometry strands. We had 100% participation. We agreed to use the assessment three times a year and we are at 66% completion. The average amount of time would be 1 to 2 lessons each trimester. Students progress based on the S.I.P. goal? Results at each grade level reflect positive growth leading me to conclude that the students are committed to the geometry goal. 90% of Kindergartner's have mastered the AB/ABB/ABC pattern 49% of 1 st gr. Scored 80% or above, 25% of the students moved from 0%-50% to 51%-79% 47% of 2 nd gr. scored 80% and above, 25% moved from level 1-2 10% of students moved from a level 1-2 this strand has not been taught is grade 3 yet. 70% of 4 th gr. is scoring 80% or higher on assessments. 35% of students moved from the 51%-79% range. Our result have been implemented and we have seen positive growth in all grade levels preschool through fourth grade. Yes, its working!

12 Whats Next? Specific Action Steps from our S.I.P. that still need to occur to implement our math objective are…...We will be looking at the MEAP data from 2011 to see if our school improvement objective has improved student achievement in the geometry strand and revise the goal as needed.

13 Whats Next? Additional Action Steps that still need to be added to our S.I.P. and occur so that EACH objective is implemented to ensure success ? Teachers need to document observation times in their lesson plans of students working on their GLCEs in the geometry strands.

14 Whats Next? What revisions or expansions may need to occur to meet the objectives? If students have not obtained a score of 80% after the second round of re-teaching and re-testing we will need to scaffold the concept finding the holes in their learning and administer the assessment in smaller pieces.

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