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Welcome to our Open Evening

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1 Welcome to our Open Evening
for new Year 3 parents Welcome!

2 By the end of this short presentation you will know…
What the school is like Who Mr Gilmour is Who the other adults are What the day is like How we say “well done” How we tell children off? How much homework there is What our uniform is Term time absence How you as parents can help How you find out what’s going on What do to do if you’re not happy What will happen next By the end of this short presentation you will know…

3 What is Isambard Brunel Junior School like?
“Satisfactory” Ofsted in June 2012: Majority of teaching good; some outstanding Progress is improving and is sometimes good Attainment is broadly average overall Creative curriculum Lots of educational visits Friendly, approachable, hard-working staff Converting to Multi-Academy Trust with Newbridge and Stamshaw Junior Schools in October What is Isambard Brunel Junior School like?

4 Who is Mr. Gilmour? September 1994 Norwood Primary School, Eastleigh
April Paulsgrove Primary School September 2002 Westfield Junior School (Deputy Headteacher) September 2006 Isambard Junior School (Headteacher) Josiah: Year 5 at Newbridge Robin: Year 2 at Manor Infant Arthur: nearly 2 years old Sarah: ex-teacher; full time mum; NCT antenatal teacher Who is Mr. Gilmour?

5 Anne Cope – inclusion manager Sara Paine - deputy headteacher
Deb Welling – inclusion base manager Mandy Chandler – PPA cover Pat Smith, Kerry Abdul, Kim Ellis office team Who are the other adults?

6 Jo Simmonds (Zoe Bill – maternity leave) Teachers
Hatti Paine Jo Simmonds (Zoe Bill – maternity leave) Teachers Rose Fleming, Jenny Cope, Lewis Millington teaching assistants (2 classes of around 28) Who are the Year 3 staff?

7 8:35am Gates open 8:45am School opens 8:55am Lessons start –"late“ after now 10:45am Break (15 minutes) 12pm Lunch (45 minutes) 2pm-ish Fruit and water 3:10pm End of day 3:20pm All children should have left by now! What is the day like?

8 Punctuality and Attendance Trophies Courtesy Cup House Point Cup
“Star of the Week” Daily Certificates House Points Golden Dustpan “Hats” Golden Time Punctuality and Attendance Trophies Courtesy Cup House Point Cup Lunchtime Raffle tickets and High Tea How do you say “well done”?

9 Ask, tell, warn using traffic light system Loss of Golden Time
Loss of break or lunch time Internal exclusion for half or whole day After school detentions (same day) including Saturday morning External Exclusion How do you tell children off?

10 Reading, reading, reading, reading, reading Typical week
Piece of English and Maths on Tuesday for Friday Spellings on Monday Ongoing Project work Are reviewing this! Homework club after school How much homework will they get?

11 Dark blue jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt White polo shirt
Black or grey trousers or skirt Black shoes OR black or white trainers Black or grey shorts or blue Gingham dresses can be worn in hot weather No jewellery please and avoid “holiday haircuts” during term time please! Suppliers are Hargreaves or Tesco What is our school uniform?

12 2006 regulations changing from September:
“headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances” Exceptional circumstances include: Family bereavement of close relative, unavoidable work commitments such as Naval work, sporting or music competitions, religious observance Exceptional circumstances do not include: surprise holidays, cheap holidays, birthday parties, weddings in foreign countries, family gatherings abroad Term time absence

13 Sign Home School Agreement to show you support our policies
Attend Celebration Assembly if your child is “Star of the Week” Parents’ Evening every term Volunteer to help in class or on trips Remind them about homework and PE kits Label everything Ask what they learned not what they did! How can I help?

14 Termly curriculum newsletters
Monthly newsletters Termly curriculum newsletters Letters about events Texting Plasma screens Website How will I find out what is going on?

15 Talk to teacher (mornings not best time!)
Talk to another senior member of staff Talk to me Repeat above until happy Formal complaints to Chair of Governing Body Can then appeal to DCSF (City Council will not deal with complaints) What do I do if I’m not happy?

16 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoons Year 2 come over to work here
Thursday afternoon Year 2 spend the day here Term starts Tuesday 4 September 8:45am! What happens next?

17 What are you worried about and what can we do to help?
When my first child was about to start school, the one thing that reduced my wife to tears was the worry about who would help him take his yogurt pot lid off for his lunch because she always did that herself. What are you worried about and what can we do to help? What have I forgotten to tell you about?

18 stack chairs in piles of
Thank you for coming! Please could you help stack chairs in piles of 10 at the back! Thank you!

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