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Middle School Parent Meeting.  Pre- AP AP College.

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1 Middle School Parent Meeting

2  Pre- AP AP College

3  Courses designed to prepare students for success in AP courses  Courses designed to develop the skills, habits of mind, and concepts needed to succeed in college.

4  Open Enrollment ◦ Guidance from parents, teachers and counselors ◦ Review the indicators of success ◦ Family Discussion

5  Maintain 85% or above in subject area during current and previous academic year  Scored Proficient or Advanced in subject area on Arkansas Augmented Criterion-Reference Assessment  Performed in the top 25% quartile on Arkansas Augmented Norm-Reference Assessment  Self-Motivated, Organized, and Independent with assignments and homework  Committed to the Pre-AP program  Extended academic support beyond the school setting

6  Starts in 6 th Grade ◦ English and Math  Instructed by teachers who are College Board Trained ◦ Spring Board Training for Literacy and Math ◦ College Board Institute Training ◦ Laying the Foundations Training

7 GRADEENGLISHSCIENCEMATH SOCIAL STUDIES FOREIGN LANGUAGE ART COMPUTER SCIENCE 6 TH Pre AP English Level 1 Pre-AP Level 1 Pre-AP Level 1 7 TH Pre AP English Level 2 Pre-AP Science Pre-AP Accelerated Math Pre-AP Level 2 Pre-AP History 8 TH Pre AP English Level 3 Physical Science (Pre-AP) Algebra Pre-AP Level 3 Pre-AP History Spanish I 9 TH Pre AP English Level 4 Pre-AP Biology Geometry Algebra Pre-AP Civics/Econ Spanish I Spanish II French I German I 10 TH Pre-AP English Level 5 AP Biology Algebra II Geometry AP World History Spanish II Spanish III French II German II Chinese I 11 TH AP Language Pre-AP Chemistry Or Physics AB Calculus Algebra IIAP US History Spanish III AP Spanish French III German III Chinese II 12 TH AP Literature AP Chemistry AP Physics BC Calculus or AP Statistics AB CalculusAP Euro History Or AP Psychology or AP Government AP Spanish AP French AP German AP StudioAP Computer Science

8  All Courses are a pathway to college ◦ Common Core Standard  Pre-AP Courses ◦ Have additional course work aligned with College Board Standards ◦ Require more independent learning ◦ Have additional homework

9 

10  K-2- Whole Group Enrichment  3-4- Pinnacle-150 minutes weekly  5-7 Program ◦ Fifth Grade- 225 minutes weekly Seminar ◦ Sixth Grade-450 minutes weekly Language Arts Seminar ◦ Seventh Grade-80 minutes monthly Seminar  8-12 Program- 50 minutes monthly Seminar

11  Updated GT/Pre-AP website in Spring ◦ Conway GT Program ◦ Identification Information ◦ Pre-AP and AP Courses ◦ Parental Support ◦ Standards ◦ College Readiness Information

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