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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Wendy Benjamin Carrie Berry Alex Harmon Amy Heil Hannah Lee.

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1 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Wendy Benjamin Carrie Berry Alex Harmon Amy Heil Hannah Lee

2 Demographics Blackwell Elementary enrollment for 2011 is 722. The school employs 61 fulltime teachers, with the student /teacher ratio 12:1, with 37 homerooms. The student population breaks down to 116 prekindergarten, 118 kindergarten, 110 -1 st grade, 114 -2 nd grade, 138- 3 rd grade, 117- 4 th grade, and 125 -5 th grade students. The school has a diverse population, with 57% white, Black 22%, Hispanic, 12%, Asian 8%, and 1% other. 32 students receiver free lunch and 61 receive reduced lunch. Student Ethnicity White57% Black18% Hispanic15% Asian9% American Indian <1%

3 Case Study Cooper McFalls Cooper is 10 year old white male. Cooper is a fifth grader in Mrs. Halls class at Blackwell Elementary in the Cobb County School district. Cooper lives in a non-traditional family with his Mother, five year old sister, Grandmother, and Grandfather. Coopers parents divorced when he was two years old. The father does not pay child support and is not involved in Coopers life. Coopers grandparents have helped raise him since he was two years old. Cooper stays in the After School Program everyday until his mother, Mary, gets off work. The ASP program has been a great way for him to release excess energy because he gets to play kickball with his friends, according to his mother. Cooper is required to complete his homework in ASP. His mother said she doesnt have time to help with his homework and Grandmother doesnt understand how to do it.

4 Case Study TIER I Cooper has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and panic attacks. Cooper takes medication daily for ADHD and panic attacks. Last year Coopers teacher held a Tier 1 Response-to- Intervention because he was struggling in several of his classes and with his peers. At the Tier 1 meeting, Mrs. Hall spoke with Cooper's mother, Ms. McFalls, about her educational and social behavioral concerns regarding Cooper. Mrs. Hall and Ms. McFalls decided they would focus on Cooper's social skills and homework. As a result of the intervention, Mrs. Hall said Cooper showed some improvement socially, although he continued to struggle educationally, especially in reading comprehension. TIER II Mrs. Hall requested a Tier II meeting with the school's assistance team to indentify Coopers ongoing problems and to plan an intervention. At the Tier II meeting, Cooper was placed in small group instruction for reading and has improved in oral reading. He has excellent pronunciation. However, he continues to have poor reading comprehension and struggles with inference because of his lack of focus. Overall, Cooper struggles to keep up with his peers. He rarely finishes his work and gives up easily. He rushes through his daily work and homework or does it wrong because he didnt listen to the instructions. Teachers and classroom paraprofessionals often have to prompt Cooper to stay on task. He also struggles with organization. As part of his Tier II accommodations, all instruction is written or modeled for him to follow.

5 Case Study TIER III Although Cooper has shown improvements, Mrs. Hall is frustrated because he continues to rush through his work and doesnt follow instructions. As a result, his grades are below national standards. Mrs. Hall would like to call a meeting with Coopers educators for a Tier III SST- driven learning intervention. In addition to Tier 1 and 2, targeted TIER III students participate in learning that is different by including: * Intensive, formalized problem solving to indentify individual student needs. * Targeted research based interventions tailored to individual needs. * Frequent progress monitoring and analysis of student response to intervention(s).

6 Stakeholders Cooper McFalls- student Mary McFalls- parent Coopers Grandparents Ms. Hall Other Educators that work with Cooper




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