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Fingerprint Scanner for registering Student attendance

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1 Fingerprint Scanner for registering Student attendance
<Name of the student> <Name of Supervisor> <Date>

2 Introduction Project Name Scope of Work Role Project Manager
Fingerprint Scanner for registering Student attendance Scope of Work Design Scanner using FingerPrint technology Implement Scanner using Java language Register student attendance Role Project Manager Scope of work includes the base activities of the project i.e. what all will be catered in the project. In this project, we will be implementing FingerPrint technology for registering students using Java language. My role is of a Project Manager.

3 Background & Literature review
FingerPrint technology Difficult to crack. Cannot be guessed Cannot be forgotten Cannot be misplaced Java Object Oriented language Features - rich Compatible Background includes the base on which the project is made and what all technologies will be used and why. FingerPrint technology has advantages as mentioned. Java language is used because of object-oriented features of java language.

4 Aims & Objectives Aim - "The project aims at implementing a service for registering student attendance using Java and FingerPrint technology”. Objectives - To meet critical issue of registering attendance To automate the registration process To learn intricacies of project management (Gantt chart etc.) To gain skills in Information Technology field (Java) The aim of the project is to come up with a service which will register the student using FingerPrint technology and Java language. Objectives are to cater critical needs of registration and automating this process.

5 Tools and Techniques Modelling tools Project management tools
Microsoft Visio Project management tools Microsoft Project 2010 Programming tools Eclipse IDE Programming language Java We will using mentioned tools in various aspects of project: For modelling related tasks, MS Visio will be used. For managing management related tasks, MSProject will be used. Eclipse IDE is the best tool for programming and debugging purposes. Java Programming language has already been mentioned.

6 Project boundaries & Risks
Assumptions Skilled resources will be recruited. Only Licensed softwares will be used. Proof of concept will need to be approved. Maintenance will not be handled. Availability of minimum resources to start the project. Risks Fluctuation in market can lead to increase in software fees. Non-skilled resources can delay the project. Non-availability of resources in FingerPrint technology. We are assuming that skilled labors are available before the project will start. For being ISO ( International Organization for Standardization)company, licensed software's will be used. Before carrying out full development cycle, a POC will be required to be delivered to the client. We will not be providing the maintenance of the project. For risks, time and cost can elevate if there is any fluctuation in the market and non-availability of skilled resources in respective fields. Risk mitigation process involves keeping aside capital for any over-run issue in future.

7 Conclusion Goals attain within defined time and cost.
Holistic view of IT and project management. As it is been observed the whole project will give holistic view of IT and tools and techniques of management of project. The project will teach us how to keep track of time and cost of the project.

8 References & Bibliography

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