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Get Around To It! Time Management for Organizations.

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1 Get Around To It! Time Management for Organizations

2 Why not start now? Intro


4 Why not, indeed? At the heart of time management is an important shift in focus: Concentrate on results, not on being busy -

5 Whats out there? Most address individual TM… Organizations rely on managers to prioritize task and get them done So, improving TM is about improving leadership! Yes, but… Literature Review

6 Whats out there? TM is not about managing time, Its about managing People, tasks, and events: Sounds like project management Literature Review

7 The Process TM improvement involves: –Understand Values (why) –Set Goals (what) –Break goals into Tasks (how) –Prioritize Tasks (when) –Develop plan to execute tasks (who) –Provide incentives for completion (why) Literature Review

8 Can I Buy It? Multi-million dollar industry –Tools: Dayrunners, PDAs, Outlook –Personal Coaches –Web tools –Seminars –Books Literature Review

9 Products Examples

10 Products Examples

11 Products Examples

12 Products Examples

13 Products Examples

14 Products Examples

15 Products Examples

16 Demo Tool Fill it out Check the Chart Click for Fixes Tool


18 Demo Tool

19 Conclusion Good intentions are wonderful, but… Follow-through gets things done Dont wait to get a round tuit Take little bites Reward yourself and Reward your team! Conclusion

20 Get A Round Tuit Time Management for Organizations


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