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Welcome Back To School.

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1 Welcome Back To School

2 Mission Statement The Mission of Alexander Elementary Magnet School is to engage family and community in a partnership with the school, so that our students feel supported and encouraged to realize and strive for academic, social and personal success.

3 PAWS RULES Practice Responsibility Always Do Your Best Work Hard

4 Ms. Freeman’s Classroom
Classroom Rules 1). Listen when your teacher and others are talking. 2). Follow directions correctly and quickly. 3). Raise your hand for permission to speak or leave your seat. 4). Respect others, respect yourself, and respect your school. 5). Be safe. Be honest. Classroom Consequences Positive: Classroom Individual *Popcorn Party *Class Helper *Movie Party *Computer Time *Dance Party *Small Prizes *Center Time *Happy Note Home *Computer Time Negative: *Green Face - I made good choices all day long. *Yellow Face - 5 minutes off recess. *Orange Face -10 minutes off recess and loss of a privilege *Red Face- No recess and office referral made.

5 Dress Code Will be enforced starting Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Pants or Knee Length Shorts, in Khaki or Navy with belt loops and no tags or excessive pockets White, Black or Royal Blue POLO Style shirts - Must be tucked in Black or Brown belt with small, plain silver or gold buckle No Hoodies No flip flops, No Crocs, No heels higher than 2 inches or heelies allowed

6 Dismissal Procedures

7 Early Dismissal To ensure a safe and orderly dismissal, students WILL NOT be dismissed after 3:00.

8 No Office Dismissals Unless a parent is walking or riding public transportation (JTA), students WILL NOT be allowed to dismiss from the office after 3:00pm. Students will need to be dismissed to a vehicle by an Alexander Staff or Faculty member.

9 Pre-K Students and their Siblings
Older siblings of Pre-K students will be dismissed with Pre-K students to be picked-up on Wilkinson Street

10 Bus Riders A parent MUST send a note to the teacher or call the school office if you are changing the way your child normally gets home OR you are changing their regular stop

11 Car Riders Each Car Rider will be assigned a # and issued 3 blue placards. Your child will ONLY be dismissed to the car if you have the # hanging from your rear view mirror. Cars without their # will be asked to pull over until the office can verify that they are allowed to pick up the child.

12 Late Pick ups Students must be picked up before 3:20
After that the Department of Children Services may be called

13 Breakfast The side playground gate is unlocked at 7:35 am. There is to be NO entry at the side doors by the map. Children should not be dropped of before 7:35 am Breakfast is served to students starting at 7:40 am and ends at 8:00 am Cost is $1.00

14 Before & Afterschool Program
Alexander Elementary offers a Before and Afterschool Program. Before School Program begins at 6:30 a.m After School Program ends at 5:30 pm See Mrs. Williamson - Easley for details and fees

15 MicroSociety Alexander is the ONLY Micro school in the state of Tennessee! Students earn their own money, pay taxes, rent and SHOP! Micro concepts and skills are applied throughout the day. Students report to work at 2:20-2:55 daily. Alexandria, TN is the name of our society. This year rather than running a federal type government, we will be operating a local city style government. You are invited to come and tour the MicroSociety at any point and join your student on his/her consumer break day

16 Agendas Contains the Alexander Elementary School Handbook/Rules
Sign and return you’ve read (pg. 24) Replacement cost - $5.00 This where homework assignments and notes to/from the teacher will be written Look for each night

17 We Need Your Help We are “Recycling & Saving” for new playground equipment! Please save and send”Box Top” labels, Campbell Soup labels, aluminum can pop tabs, Tyson Chicken labels and Capri Sun drink pouches

18 If there were an EMERGENCY Could we find YOU?
Please make sure you keep your home, cell and work phone numbers as well as address updated in case of emergency

19 Mrs. Freeman’s Contact Information *Planning Time: 11:00-11:50 *School Office: *Daily Behavior Report

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