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PAS GUIDE Creating a Basic PO. Add 1 to the Action Box and press Enter Main Menu.

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1 PAS GUIDE Creating a Basic PO

2 Add 1 to the Action Box and press Enter Main Menu

3 Add your primary budget. Add Task, Option, Project codes if used. Press Enter. (You will have an opportunity to add additional budgets later if needed) Budget Screen

4 Budget Screen - Example

5 1. Delivery and Contact fields are auto-filled with information from FIN. Type over to change the data. 2. Add delivery address and department contact information if not auto-filled. 3. Add service begin and end dates if applicable. (Ex: Subcontract, maintenance contract, etc.) Not required. General Data Screen Part 1 – Delivery, Contact, & Service Dates

6 1. Attachments field must be marked Yes or No. Invoices are not considered attachments. 2. Flag confirming box if your department is placing the order instead of Purchasing. 3. Suggested Vendors is auto-filled with an X, which will generate the Vendor Screen. General Data Screen Pt. 2 – Attachments, Confirming, & Vendor

7 1. Flag Comments if you wish to add comments to the buyer. 2. Flag Sharing if you have more than 1 budget for this PO. 3. Flag Resale if the items you are purchasing will be resold. General Data Screen Pt. 3– Comments, Sharing & Resale

8 1. The Technical Contact is the person from the department who can provide technical details about this purchase. (not required) 2. If you have a quote that lists freight, add the estimate to the freight box. General Data Screen Pt. 4 – Technical Contact & Freight

9 If you put an X in the comment field on the General Data screen, the Requisition Entry Comments screen appears. This screen allows you to add notes directly related to your purchase, for the buyer. Examples of such notes are that the PO should be tax exempt, a quote number, wire transfer information, M&E etc. Comments for Buyer

10 Comments Screen - Example

11 Enter 7 in the Action Box to search the PAS Vendor Database for your vendor. Vendors – Search & Add

12 Type in the name of your vendor, using CAPS LOCK. (PAS will not recognize lower case on this screen.) Vendor Search Pt. 1

13 Example of typed-in vendor name. Press Enter to search. Vendor Search Pt. 2

14 If your vendor is not displayed on the first page, press Enter to scroll through additional vendors and addresses. Vendor Search Pt. 3 – Search Results Screen

15 To select the vendor, place an X next to the number beside the correct address. Enter 14 in the Action Box. If your vendor cannot be found in the PAS Vendor Database, enter 2 in the Action Box to quit back to the Vendor Screen. Vendor Search Pt. 4 – Select Vendor Address

16 If you found and selected the vendor, the information will be auto-populated. Contact phone information can be added. Press Enter. If you did not find your vendor, enter their name, address, and contact information on this screen. Press Enter. Vendor Screen

17 Example of completed vendor screen. The Action Box is auto-filled with 05. Press Enter to accept. Vendors - Accept

18 1. Enter quantity 2. Enter unit (ex: EA, Lot, Day) 3. Enter unit price 4. Enter object and sub-object code Items Screen Pt. 1

19 1. Add item description. (Include any quote or part numbers) 2. Flag More Items if you have additional items to add 3. If you are buying equipment, answer tax exempt and Grant/Contract questions (as applicable). See Tips & Tricks on the Procurement Svcs website for more help. 4. Press Enter to accept Items Screen Pt. 2

20 Enter 1, 2, or 3 in the Choice box. Press Enter to accept. Sole Source Options

21 Sole Source Options Example

22 Enter the reason why this suggested vendor is a sole source. Press Enter to accept. For more information on what constitutes a sole source, please see the Procurement Services web page at Sole Source Justification

23 Sole Source Justification Example

24 The primary budget is prefilled. Determine how much of the purchase is to be spent with this budget, either by dollar amount or percentage. **Note that any invoice payments will be split between your budgets based on the amounts entered here. PAS will break up each invoice by percentage, even if a dollar amount is entered. Shared Cost Distributions Pt. 1

25 Add additional budgets, including any Task, Option or Project codes, and fill in the amount or percentage fields. Press Enter. Shared Cost Distribution Pt. 2

26 05 will auto-fill in the Action box. Press Enter to accept your entries. Shared Cost Distribution Pt. 3

27 Encumber (06) is auto-filled. Press Enter to encumber. Requisition Recap


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