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2013 Transition Networks Technology Forum. Agenda Conference Goals Overview of TN Transition Networks Growth Transition Networks Product Portfolio Product.

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1 2013 Transition Networks Technology Forum

2 Agenda Conference Goals Overview of TN Transition Networks Growth Transition Networks Product Portfolio Product Roadmap Customer Commitment

3 Conference Goals Learn Feedback Network Relax Fun Change image based on conference location/topic Manila, Philippines – March 13 & 14

4 About The TN Technology Forum Designed for smaller, more intimate engagement with customers in order to: Gain better understanding customer needs Get direct feedback from customers Build stronger partnerships Designed to bring the value of technology, training and networking together for our customers.

5 Transition Networks Overview Stable Company Founded – 1987 Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN Public company (NASDAQ: JCS) 35% Revenue growth 2010-2011 Growth mode Diverse global customer base Worldwide experience in selling to different markets Active members in MEF, IEEE, ITU & IETF Global support and operations Carrier Ethernet leader 2007 – 1 st NIDs (EFM-802.3ah) Offered (6) NID Product Families Today EFM/CFM/Y.1731 World-wide over 100,000 NIDs Deployed

6 Transition Engineering Founded 1987 Renamed to Transition Networks 1995 Transition Networks Purchased by CSI Inc. 1998 MILAN Acquisition 2002 Record sales year for Transition Networks 2010 CSI Purchased LANart & Merged with Transition 1999 Lifetime Warranty Introduced 1999 Transition Networks & MILAN merge to form one company with two industry leading brands. 2005 Opened office in Shanghai, China 2007 Released ION platform 2010 Patapsco Acquisition by Transition Networks 2011 EMEA Warehouse and Repair Facility Opens 2011 Patapsco Founded 1988 Company History Non blocking TDM switch with Imux 1993 Backup products launched 1995 IMUX product launched 1990 Circuit emulation products 2005 ISDN circuit emulation 2007 Liberator products launched 2001

7 Customer List Dell Computers Disney Dow Jones DuPont Exxon Federal Express Ford Motor Company Fuji Films Honeywell Hutchinson Global Crossing (Hong Kong) IBM Corporation John Deere Lowes McDonnell Douglas MPC Computers NASA NBC NCR NEC NGA Electro Ljubljana Telecom Slovenija Zimbabwe Telecom Pretoria Transit 3M Microsoft Corporation ADC Telecommunications American Crystal Sugar Company American Honda Motor Co. American Power Conversion Anheuser-Busch Companies Arctic Cat Avaya Bailey Controls Company Bell Atlantic Boeing Boise Cascade BP Amco Charles Schwab Chevron China Telecom Cisco Systems Compaq Coors CVS Drug Stores Chrysler Marks & Spencer Homebase Cullinan Diamond Mine T – Com Bayerischer rundfunk Swedish Navy Nynex Purdue University Systems Siemens Singtel Smith Barney Target Corp. Telecom New Zealand Telmex The Equitable Time Warner Comm. U.S. Air Force U.S. Army U.S. Navy U.S. Postal Service Unisys Univ. of Minnesota Univ. of Oklahoma Univ. of Wisconsin UpJohn UPS Western Digital New York Telephone Nortel Networks NTT – Japan Madrid City Council South African Ports Bulgaria Telecom BMW Munich Airport Stockholm Airport Oslo Airport Prague Airport Bratislava Airport Mercedes Benz Serbia Electrical Industry Hungarian Telecom Croatia Telecom British Telecom Dutch Railways Spanish Railways UK Foreign Office UK Prime Ministers Office Croatian Army UK Ministry of Defence NATO GTS Telecom Romania Czech Railways Prague Metro Volvo Belgrade City (Gazela Bridge) Danish Telecom Ericsson AB Skanska AB Electrolux AB Institute of High Energy Physics (Moscow)

8 Transition Networks Worldwide Liphook, UK Wiesbaden Prague Tokyo Shanghai Sao Paolo, Brasil Minneapolis BostonD.C. Florida Sunnyvale, California Texas Georgia Los Angeles, California Seattle Singapore

9 Transition Networks Manufacturing Locations TN Headquarters Minneapolis Milwaukee, WI St. Peter, MN Taiwan Shenzhen London, UK

10 Transition Networks Growth Key groups expanded R&D; (USA, UK, China) emphasis on software Test, Verification, Interoperability (USA, China) Global Tech Support Global Sales Engineering Process Improvement Customer escalation system Development Verification Testing (DVT) New ERP Globalization New Warehouse Started selling in additional currencies Better localization

11 Latest Developments Transition Networks acquired Patapsco Communications in 2011 Immediate access to CES, TDM Multiplexing/aggregation and ISDN Switching technologies Expansion of services in Europe, Middle East and Africa New R&D Centre New Logistics Centre New partners and relationships

12 TN Product Portfolio Media Conversion Switching Carrier Grade Ethernet & Fiber Access TDM over IP (CES) & T1 Multiplexing Industrial Ethernet Network Interface Cards SFPs Power-over-Ethernet Software Management CWDM

13 S3280-TST Base product S3280 plus Wire speed loopback Port EVC VLAN F/W upgrade for 2544 traffic generator S3280 MEF CE 2.0 Certified E-LINE EPL EVPL E-LAN EP-LAN EVP-LAN E-ACCESS ACCESS EPL ACCESS EVPL Carrier Ethernet Roadmap S3280-S Base S3280 plus SyncE 1588 & SyncE PPS timing S4140 S3280-TST features & functions 4 10G SFP+ ports SyncE & 1588v2 PPS timing S4224 24 Dual speed SFP ports & 4 SFP+ ports SyncE & 1588V2 Hot swappable pwr AC or DC S3280-S-TST Base S3280-S plus RFC 2544 test generation Q2Q4Q3 2012 Q1 2013 S4212 12 Dual speed SFP ports & 2 SFP+ ports SyncE & 1588v2 Hot swappable pwr AC or DC S3280 Family Enhancements Static IP Routing Additional MIB support CES Family Enhancements Y.1564 test generation on products with RFC 2544 test generation HQoS

14 TDM/ISDN 1 Year Roadmap TDMoIP Enhancements Web,CLI & SNMP across models Entry Level small port count models ISDN Products Refresh TBD on products and models TDMoIP (PB-OAM-TDM-x) 4/8 & 12 port 1RU model SNMP/CLI/WEB 4 100/1000 SFP ports 4 10/100/1000 RJ45 ports AC or DC PSU Link OAM Service OAM SyncE & 1588 TDMoIP DS3/E3 version of PacketBand Ethernet over TDM 4 t1/E1 ports MEF Certifications on TDMoIP Q2Q4Q3 2012 Q1 2013 TDMoIP (PB-TDM-4-ET) 4 port 1RU model SNMP/CLI/WEB 2 100/1000 SFP ports AC or DC PSU POE Option Extended operating temperature

15 Misc Telco Products 1 Year Roadmap Server Based EMS Drag & Drop server based EMS Initially supports: S3280 Family S4212 S4140 S4224 Indura CWDM Refresh Different size options More add/drops Etc. Q2Q4Q3 2012 Q1 2013 Server Based EMS Enhancements: Topology views Service provisioning Performance statistics Server Based EMS Enhancements: Zero touch device programming – auto provisioning Passive DWDM 40 ch product Purely passive module Doesnt require power for thermal stability -5C to 65C operating temperature 1 RU DWDM Mux/Demux in single chassis

16 Customer Commitment Our Customer Commitment Statement: Our Mission Statement has always governed the way we conduct our business. First and foremost it is you our customers who are our primary concern. Statement has always governed the way we conduct our business. Our Commitment to you: We are not looking to be another vendor, we would like to be your partner. It is through your successes that we will be successful. We take special care to listen to your requirements and if your needs are not something that we have developed, we will look to see if we have the competency to develop it for you. We build products with you in mind. Our goal is to make your job easier. Creating and managing our relationship is company-wide task from our CEO down. How you can help us?: We are always looking for better ways to serve you. With you feedback we can ensure that we are providing you with the best service possible. There are a number of ways that you can give us feedback: Quarterly Business Reviews Customer Satisfaction Surveys User Conferences Social Media

17 662 Twitter Follows 362 Facebook Likes 489 Linkedin Followers 527 Blog Subscribers

18 Event Marketing Tradeshows Road Shows Partner Customer Events Partner Training Events User Conferences

19 Trade Shows 130+ global vertically oriented trade shows EMEA Booth 10x20 Booth 20x40 Booth

20 Trainings Webinars are offered in two formats for your convenience: TN Now LIVE Webinars Webinars last approximately 50 minutes. If you are a member of BICSI, you are eligible to earn BICSI CEC credits for attending these trainings. Offered weekly Self-Paced Trainings On-Demand webinars, ready and available for viewing whenever you are. Webinars from Transition Networks provide relevant, standards-based information on all facets of the Telecommunications industry, with topics ranging from Networking Basics to Managing the Customer Demarcation.

21 Website Changes Problem: Transition Networks website had outgrown the infrastructure on which it was built. Products are difficult to find deep within the site, various audience segments arent sufficiently catered to, content is not optimized for search engine discovery and even small updates to the site require expensive third-party engagement Goal: Our main goal for the current site was to simplify and improve navigation while also making sure that all content on is up-to-date. We reviewed and Checked Site Links: As part of building a better user experience. Then we worked to change our current server for speeding up download time. Next Steps: Implement Band New Customer Focused TN Website in 2013

22 My TN Access My TN Access is a complimentary tool developed by Transition to help give our registered users full access to our premiere product documentation and information. Gaining entry to My TN Access will help provide you with useful information through all phases of product ownership; planning, purchasing, deployment/installing and support. Registering for an account is free and will unlock product installation manuals, software upgrades and various support files related to specific products. My TN Access is easy to register and easy to use, the process and site is entirely dedicated to you. By becoming a MY TN Access registered user: You will get a more personalized experience for registering products Software/Firmware updates Have access to all of our training tools, videos, content and downloads Technical documentation and information about support assistance Receive email alerts of new products according to personal interest


24 Thank You

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