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Downtown Access Improvements Plan Town of Hillsborough 2014.

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1 Downtown Access Improvements Plan Town of Hillsborough 2014

2 Previous Planning Efforts Downtown Streetscapes Plan (1998) Churton Street Corridor Strategic Plan (2006) Community Connectivity Plan (2009) Downtown Parking Plan (2010) Downtown Access Improvements Study (2012)

3 Goals Address sidewalk safety issues Promote traffic circulation Reduce vehicle-pedestrian conflicts Advance handicap accessibility Improve parking conditions Create loading zones Enhance pedestrian environment Increase street trees and landscaping Upgrade existing infrastructure

4 DRAFT DAIP Plans- Concept Overview

5 High Visibility Crosswalks Close Driveway Patterned Crosswalks Continuous Through-Lane Dedicated Bus Stop DRAFT DAIP Plans-Tryon St. Intersection

6 Stamped Asphalt Crosswalks Widened Sidewalks Relocated Dumpster Improved Traffic Circulation Entrance Only Screening Area Mid Block Crosswalk Street Trees DRAFT DAIP Plans-King St. Intersection

7 Sidewalk Extension Bus Stop Patterned Crosswalk Mid Block Crosswalk Street Trees Dedicated Loading Zones DRAFT DAIP Plans-Margaret Ln. Intersection Access to River Park

8 Loss of On Street Parking: -12 (-21) Loss of Off Street Parking: -7 Gain of Widened Sidewalk: +310 LF Gain of ADA Compliant Parking: +3 Gain of Trees: +10-12 Gain of Loading Zones: +2 -6 -5 (-2) -7 (-5) Rendered DRAFT DAIP plans-Parking Changes

9 Summary: Planned Improvements Stamped Asphalt/High Visibility Crosswalks Widened Sidewalks Sidewalk Extensions/Connections ADA Compliant Ramps and Parking Traffic Lane Reconfigurations Dedicated Bus Stops Dedicated Loading Zones Driveways Closures Parking Lot Rearrangement Street Trees and Landscape Screening

10 Project Status: FUNDING: NCDOT has committed $250,000 toward the project. Other funding is still being identified by the Town. CONSTRUCTION: Schedule is dependent on funding. Some work could progress this summer but is dependent on coordination with various stakeholders. PROCESS: Public Comment, ROW and Easements, Traffic Management Plan and Bid Document Development, Final Plan Review and Approval

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