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Food Packaging D-9.02 Food Packaging.

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1 Food Packaging D-9.02 Food Packaging

2 What is food packaging? Enclosing food to protect food from tampering or contamination from physical, chemical, or biological sources. D-9.02 Food Packaging

3 Six Functions of Packaging
Barrier between food and contaminants. Protects food from impact during shipping and storage. Acts as a dispenser Protects food from moisture, gas, odors, and light Identifies the contents Serves as a cooking and storage container. D-9.02 Food Packaging

4 Food Packaging Materials
Metals (steel, tin, and aluminum) -- canned foods Glass -- beverages, pickles, condiments Paper (usually coated with wax, plastics, or aluminum foil) -- cartons of milk, crackers Plastics -- milk jugs, beverages, deli salads Packaging films (cellophane, edible films, and coatings) -- candy bars, hot dog casings, chips Laminates (layering materials into one product) -- drink boxes D-9.02 Food Packaging

5 Packaging Types Food package Food Aseptic packaging Liquid whole eggs
Bags Potato chips Boxes Box of cereal Cans Can of soup Cartons Carton of eggs Flexible packaging Bagged salad Wrappers Used to cover a package. D-9.02 Food Packaging

6 Reduced oxygen packaging
Some packaging methods involve changing the environment that surrounds food to increase the shelf life. Reduced oxygen packaging (ROP) provides an atmosphere that has little or no oxygen in the environment surround the food.   Three types of ROP are: Controlled atmosphere packaging Modified atmosphere packaging Vacuum packaging D-9.02 Food Packaging

7 Controlled Atmosphere Packaging
Controls the movement of gases inside the package. Used with: fresh-cut salads. D-9.02 Food Packaging

8 Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Flush the food container with a gas, CO2 or N2., before the container is sealed Use with: potato chips and other snack foods fresh pasta D-9.02 Food Packaging

9 Vacuum Packaging Remove all air, including oxygen, from inside the packaging environment. Used with: Country ham slices, deli meats, bacon D-9.02 Food Packaging

10 Determination of what type of package to use
The type of packaging material used with a specific food product depends on: the function the package must perform the protection needed conditions of shipping and storage chemical composition of the food D-9.02 Food Packaging

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