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Representation In TV Drama Learning Objective: Build notes on characterisation and representation.

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1 Representation In TV Drama Learning Objective: Build notes on characterisation and representation.

2 Lets start with a recap… Common themes in soap opera: - love - conflict - secrets and confidences - sickness and injury - skeletons in the cupboard - plans going wrong Two specific themes for EastEnders are: - family feuds - family loyalty

3 Characterisation Soap Characterisation in soap is vital in retaining audience interest. Why? List three of your favourite soap characters and explain why you like them.

4 Stereotype and Archetypes "It's all about the money,bruv." Archetype: A stock character, which has universal appeal and is frequently copied in literature, television, radio and film. In soap operas these are typical roles that can be seen across the genre such as villain, gossip, tart etc. Stereotype: The representation (positive or negative) of a particular group, place or issue which has been reduced to a simplified, generalised perspective.

5 Stock Types The stock type is the character that appears regularly in a genre. Name a stock type in the following: An action movie A sitcom A gangster movie Name as many stock types as you can from soaps.

6 What are the Stereotypical Qualities of Gender ? MASCULINITY Professional Strong Rational Competitive Independent Aggressive Ruthless Ambitious FEMININITY Domesticated Weak Emotional Passive Sensitive Supportive Maternal

7 Todays Episode Watch ten minutes of Coronation Street and consider the representation of the following demographic factors: Based on age. Based on gender. Based in class. Based on ethnicity. Are any of the demographic factors subverted by any of the characters? Prepare to feedback at the end of the episode…

8 Why is representation important to soap operas? They are watched by millions and can assist in forming opinions about demographics- can reinforce stereotypes.( Juley) However they can subvert negative stereotypes of a demographic.( Dr Truman) They can also help to educate the masses about a minority demographic that the mainstream masses are ignorant of.

9 Representation and Ideology *All media texts present a view of the world which more or less accords with an agenda set by the organisation that is broadcasting the medium. E.g.: Eastenders is a BBC production. Therefore what does Eastenders have to do on a regular basis?

10 How might this research be incorporated into an essay? Consider the following debates question: Soaps are dominated by female characters who guarantee a predominately female audience. Discuss. (read gendered genre in handbook)

11 Where to start… Female characters – who are they and what are they like? Are they in positions of power and could therefore be said to offer a feeling of empowerment to female audiences? Storylines – focus on family life? Dual mode of reception Ien Ang – mixture of realism & fantasy Referential mode of reception – looking at own lives Class differences – C involved; B detached Emphasis on womens skill as communicators and mens weakness in this area. However, Eastenders was created to target male & teenage audience Ratio 60:40; soaps regularly appear in mens top ten viewing figures Heavy gender targeting in weekly magazines, complex relationship between Audience & Institution Strong female characters appeal to gay men ?

12 And dont forget… Soaps appeal to a large & diverse audience and there are different reasons for pleasure Scheduling Educational Escapism Easy viewing Identification & involvement Community Critical enjoyment

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