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Community Engagement Future-Ready Community Partnerships.

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1 Community Engagement Future-Ready Community Partnerships

2 Key Strengths – Technology – Academic Improvements – STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) – Community Partnerships – Global Learning Center

3 Future-Ready Community Partnerships Technology Smart Boards Wireless Systems One-to-One Plans i3D Project Distance Learning

4 Future-Ready Community Partnerships Academic Improvements AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) – Academic support program in grades 6-12 that prepares students for college eligibility and success – Teaches study and organizational skills – Provides students with visits to colleges, universities, and community colleges – Bases on hard work and individual responsibility Results – Approximately 200 students enrolled in AVID at the 6-12 grade levels – Last year 96 additional eighth graders took Algebra I, 88 achieved Levels 3 or 4 on the EOC – Higher Grades and fewer disciplinary issues

5 Future-Ready Community Partnerships Academic Improvements Responsiveness to Instruction (RTI) Individualized instruction for elementary students Based upon timely reading and math assessments collected on palm pilots Enrichment and interventions provided based upon data Students receive instruction at appropriate level in a more timely manner Results All elementary schools implemented in 2008 Curriculum coaches support teachers with research based strategies Ensures individualized instruction Supported academic gains in 2009 Achievement Results

6 6 ABC Results % of Schools Making Growth School Year 2008-09

7 7 AYP Results % of Schools Meeting AYP

8 SAT Average (excluding writing) 8 Indicates Improvement Average SAT Score

9 9 Cohort Graduation Rate % of Students Graduating Indicates Improvement

10 10 Dropout Rate % of Dropouts Grades 9-12 Indicates Improvement

11 Future-Ready Community Partnerships STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Promotes a rigorous curriculum for students in emerging professional fields Teaches critical thinking skills necessary for post-secondary success Places Lee County at the forefront of the emerging STEM field Provides our graduates with a competitive advantage Results Initiated pilot program at East Lee in 2008 (All 6 th graders took STEM last year) Expanded to all students at East Lee in 2009 Expanded program to SanLee and West Lee for 2009 Program will expand to Southern Lee in Winter 2010 Set the foundation for the partnership with Paxton-Patterson

12 Future-Ready Community Partnerships Future Ready Community Partnerships Lee Early College Construction of a “Green” home in partnership with CCCC Confucius classroom with CCCC E-Lee Academy Results A Pre-K-14 approach Education as economic development Innovative and cutting edge student opportunities

13 Future-Ready Community Partnerships Global Learning Center Paxton-Patterson’s only Global Learning Center Leverages Lee County as a state and national leader in STEM education Provides Lee County students with unique equipment, labs, and education Results Yearly, 200 educators from around the country will visit Lee County Community economic impact of $500,000 Provides foundation for future expansion of STEM and community economic development

14 Future-Ready Community Partnerships So What? How can we work together to build a Future-Ready Community?

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