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L.O. Compose a Tudor Fanfare

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1 L.O. Compose a Tudor Fanfare
BLP: imitation

2 What were fanfares for? Announce the arrival of someone important
Grab people’s attention so they remember to make way and bow down Usually played on brass instruments (so couldn’t use many notes) Usually fairly short.

3 Rhythms from phrases Here comes the king All bow down
How would you write these ones? All bow down He is the greatest What other phrases could you use?

4 How do you clap this rhythm?

5 How do you play this tune?

6 L.O. Compose a Tudor Fanfare
Start and end on G Only use the notes G, B and D The rhythm in each bar should add up to 4 beats It should be 4 bars long

7 Evaluation Did you manage to follow the composition rules?
Do you think it sounds like a fanfare? Did you manage to perform it well? How would you improve your fanfare? What instrument do you think it would sound best on? What have you learned for next time?

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