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TV-guide Europe Channel

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1 TV-guide Europe Channel
Felicia Hompus (NL) Danique van de Sanden (NL) Elina Jämsä (FIN) Sara Svahn (FIN) TV-guide Europe Channel

2 The main idea Our subject in the international workshop is television. This subject that we were given made us discuss about the usefulness of a channel that is accesable to every country in Europe! We concluded that a channel like that would be very instructive and amusing at the same time. To let you have an idea of what such a program might content, we made a list of programs that together could be a day program of the Europe Channel!

3 Daily program wednesday
06:00 News and weather 08:00 Jimmy's travels 08:30 Lulu 09:00 The cities 12:00 News and weather 13:00 Lulu 13:30 Jimmy's travels 14:00 European Wiz kids 15:00 Cultural cooking 18:00 News and Weather 19:00 Eddie and his european Girls 20:30 Europeans got talent 23:30 Night life

4 06.00, 12.00 & 18.00: European news and weather
Three times a day, there is the latest news from Europe and the rest of the world. The weather from Europe will also be shown.

5 08.00 & 13.30: Jimmy's travels It is an animation program for children which will animate them and teach something about all the cultures in different countries. Jimmy is going to travel trough all the countries in Europe with his tour bus ''Thomas''. He will get to know different cultures and in every country he'll meet a friend. When he travels to the next country he'll take his friend with him in his tour bus.

6 08.30 & 13.00: Lulu A cute animal will teach the children little words in different languages. In every country, the whole program will be in their language and they will get learned different words from other countries like English, French and German.

7 09.00: The cities Documentaries about different European cities. In every episode there is presentations about two European cities. It tells about attractions, restaurants, traditions and history. Meaning of the program is to introduce cities so that if you travel there you know something about it already.

8 14.00: European Wiz Kids Wiz kids is a program where children from different countries compete in a quiz with questions about Europe. There are 8 players, and they are always from different countries out of Europe. Every time there is one winner, who receives a big price which is a computer. At the end of the season there will be a final with all the winners from the whole season. That winner will get a scholarship so he or she has the opportunity to study abroad.

9 15.00: Cultural cooking Program about traditional food of different European countries. There is one person who shows how to do the foods and the recipes are on the internet, so that everyone can go to check those.

10 19.00: Eddie and his european girls
In this program a guy is looking for a wife, but not just a normal woman but a cultural woman. So the man will be locked up in a big mansion with 15 girls, who are from different countries in Europe. In every show the guy will date some girls and get to know their personalities and cultures. At the end of each show the guy will send one woman home. So in the end there will be one woman left who gets the man!

11 20.30: Europeans got talent Its a talent show where people can show their talent. First there are auditions and later on there will be a live show with 20 performers who where the best. There are 3 judges who decide if they are going to the next round. The TV-show will be broadcasted live every week. Every week will leave one performer. At the end where are 3 performers left and they are in the final. The winner is the most talented person in Europe.

12 23.30: Night life In European's night life program, every episode you will follow a celebrity from Europe in to the night life of their favourite city. They show you the ins and outs of that city. This program isn't only very fun to watch, but also very useful to make your decision for your next vacation or city trip, which will make the city also more likely for tourists.

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