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A Beezley Films Production. Created by BBF/RHC/Beezley Films – Contact:

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1 A Beezley Films Production. Created by BBF/RHC/Beezley Films – Contact:

2 Series Overview Although breakdancing has been around for thirty years, this aint your daddys old school back spins… Sport Breakers is an eye-popping, all-ages, acrobatic-action series which pits the most extreme breakdancers against each other to be judged and probably eliminated by the masters. Only one will prevail to give America its first breakdancing star. The Competitors: Sixteen extreme breakdancers (chosen by the panel judges) who specialize in air moves, extreme gymnastics and various martial arts forms will battle it out. The ultimate champion walks away with cash, endorsements, and just as Extreme Skateboarding gave us Tony Hawk, Sport Breakers gives you________! And makes broadcast history in the process. The Host: A permanent host will introduce the show, dancers, rotating DJs and judges. The Judges: A permanent panel of three, opinionated judges with a professional dance background and one rotating celebrity judge will provide running commentary as moves are being performed, then evaluate the dancers with a universal system of judging. The Format: Opens with themed mind-blowing choreographed dance routine. The host introduces the show, competitors Judges (with the rotating celebrity judge), and guest DJ. Brief interviews are conducted with the two dancers preparing to battle. THE BATTLE BEGINS. We get the judges critiques and instant replays but not the results. We interview the second two, THE SECOND BATTLE BEGINS. We have a HERO MOMENT or a GLOBAL BREAK REPORT. The RESULTS/ELIMINATIONS (2 eliminations per eps.) We bump out with the move of the day and the NEXT ON. (Eight 1-hour episodes-see episodic breakdown for more info) Created by BBF/RHC/Beezley Films – Contact:

3 Additional Show Segments Entrance and Exit interviews: Before and after each battle, the host will conduct with the competitors so viewers can experience their adrenalin, defeat and victory. We will also get a front row seat for the building drama and beefs that take place before, during, and after the competitions. Instant Replays: Shows viewer some of the death defying moves in slow motion. Hero moment (sponsored): This is a brief segment (every other week) about a top-notch Break dancer who has overcome his/her disabilities OR someone who has greatly benefited The breakdancing community. Global Break Report (sponsored): This replaces the hero moment every other week. We focus on international breakdancing (e.g. Currently in America, breakdance battles happen entirely on the underground scene, but in other countries like Korea the dance is on the verge of becoming a national sport; breakdancers in Saudi Arabia, etc. ) Move of the Day: One historic Bboy/Bgirl will discuss the move of the day (TBA) and explain The origins of that move. WARNING: Breakdancing has already transcended into the very definition of a stadium action sport and this historical evolution must be televised. Created by BBF/RHC/Beezley Films – Contact:

4 Based in Los Angeles, California, Beezley Films is one of the most successful Producers of reality and documentary television. Under the direction of award winning filmmaker, Rayce R. Denton, they are recognized for their Emmy winning television programs and series that have propelled Edmonds Entertainment and BET TV into the mainstream of reality television. Beezley Films shooting style captures life and action as it happens. It will be the video pulse of Sport Breakers. Created by BBF/RHC/Beezley Films – Contact: Curtis Hedges - Bboy Battle Federation Creator Shervin Ali Ghassemzadeh - RHC Entertainment Creator Dustin Winebrenner - Corner of the Sky Entertainment Producer Zachary Hedges - Actualize Media Associate Producer Beezley Films Chris Cole – Beezley Films Supervising Producer

5 Created by BBF/RHC/Beezley Films – Contact: A New York Style Subway Battle Arena A New York Style Subway Battle Arena (Stage Design) (Stage Design) (The I.B.S.S.) (The I.B.S.S.) International Bboy Score System International Bboy Score System The Judges Diagram. The Judges Diagram. Bracket Chart with Episodic Breakdown Bracket Chart with Episodic Breakdown

6 Created by BBF/RHC/Beezley Films – Contact: Bboy, The Game Platform: Playstation 2 and PSP Release Date: May 2008 M-TV Films Present, How She Moves Release Date: January 25 th, 2008 Currently In Theaters Nationwide. Featured Films Step Up 2, The Streets Release Date: February 14 th, 2008 Currently In Theaters Nationwide. Interactive Games Commercials / Print VISA Debit Card Commercial 2008 Wrigleys Chewing Gum Commercial 2008 In Touch Magazine, January 21, 2008 18 Year Old Japanese Breakdancer Breaks Headspin World Record – 101 Rotations

7 Top 10 Regularly Scheduled TV Shows of 2007% of Homes in US (Ratings) 1.American Idol (Wednesday)17.3 2.American Idol (Tuesday)16.8 3.Dancing With The Stars (Monday)13.2 4.Dancing With The Stars Results (Tuesday)12.2 5.NBC Sunday Night Football10.2 (Source: Nielsen Media Research) Market: Baby Boomers (10%), Generation X (40%), Generation Y (20%), Generation Y Trendsetters (30%). Primary Target: 13 - 35 Secondary Target: 35 – 50 Ratio: Male (65%) – Female (35%). Buying Habits: Video Games, Energy Drinks, Hip-Hop Apparel, After Market Car Accessories, Films, Hip Hop Music, Shoes. Created by BBF/RHC/Beezley Films – Contact:

8 Internet: can be the go to source for all Show Content and tied to online voting of favorite dancers and other Wireless: Sport Breakers content can be made available on all platforms in the form of Mobisodes including unseen footage, outtakes, open dance circles and other cool footage. Broadband: Networks website can feature Sport Breakers content across multiple broadband outlets. Community: (our online partner) will be able to design message boards and blogs for viewers/fans to talk about, vote for favorite dancers, share learning tips on new moves, watch free video streams of dancers all over the world. Direct Marketing: One-to-one relationship opportunities with national viewers through on-line chats/blogs, and the Networks online site.

9 Created by BBF/RHC/Beezley Films – Contact: Hyper National - Modern-day hyper-athletic breakdancing appeals to viewers of all ages, regions, and backgrounds. Sponsor friendly - Soft/Energy Drinks, Sporting Apparel, Wireless Brands Builds a loyal audience – viewers follow the outcome of every episode and build identity relationships with the dancers respective of their region. Sport Breakers video libraries and DVDs of all 8 episodes. Merchandising and Licensing opportunities - Clothing, Equipment, Video Games, Tutorial Videos, Cross Merchandising (Wheaties Boxes) and Strategic Alliances. Sport Breakers introduces the sensation and spectacle of breakdancing that's fun for the whole family.

10 Program 8 (Eight) 1-Hour episodes consisting of 43;33 minutes of content per episode. Total minutes of content by 8 episodes: 346;64 Series Budget Cost per episode - $312,000 Total budget for series program – $2,496,000 Created by BBF/RHC/Beezley Films – Contact:

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