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Newest approach for Successful Travel Marketing and.

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1 Newest approach for Successful Travel Marketing and

2 Overview of Ensemble Travel TM Formerly known as GIANTS Ensemble Travel is an international organization of more than 1,400 travel agencies in the U.S. and Canada. Ensemble has 15% of the market in Canada - the largest travel organization north of the border The Ensemble Travel membership serves a wide variety of leisure travel clients - retail agencies, online companies, and home agent organizations

3 Overview of Ensemble Travel TM International scope = U.S. and Canada strengths Large organization = economies of scale "Personal organization" for members Only true, national member-owned organization NOT-for-Profit status of Ensemble benefits members We work for our members, not for our bottom line !

4 Overview of Ensemble Travel TM Key benefits: Flexible, proven marketing programs with great value Technology solutions includes web sites for members and members' clients Great preferred supplier partners that truly help you sell Training, networking, education Members have a say in their future !

5 Summary: Product Development Rich family of exclusive products for ATC agents Exclusive cruise programs: up to 1000 special cruises at any point in time Hosted cruises: 350+/year Special amenities included Amenity cruises: 500+/year Special cruise programs: 100+/year (i.e.: RCI, Celebrity) Group dates on HAL, Princess, Seabourn, Windstar: 300+/year Sales, last-minute exclusives, etc.

6 Summary: Product Development Use these for pre- and post-stays for cruises or tours... Ensemble Hotel & Resort Collection 200+ worldwide deluxe properties - with exclusive amenities for your clients Private Label Villas & Vacation Homes Hundreds of choices 25 Ensemble On Location Specialists - & growing! Destination specialists

7 Major Benefits of Membership Best value Marketing program available from any consortium "Virtuoso" quality mailings available to you At a fraction of the cost Up to 15 + mailings during each year all for potentially as little as $3.00 per client for the entire year Database Intelligence helps ensure your clients get appropriate mailings Don't know much about your client? Would you like to know what appeals most to your client? Cohorts applies "purchasing behavior" comparisons to your clients

8 Major Benefits of Membership Training WebEx: 30+ per year (key suppliers and important Ensemble programs) ATC conference calls Ensemble training materials on your ATC agent's site Ensemble Frontline Forums (Regionals) in Q1 - west, mid-west, and east Ensemble Front Line Agent Trainings Tentative: 20-30 city-wide training in December on 2006 products & programs for front line agents Annual International Conference in Anaheim this October

9 Major Benefits of Membership Technology New user-friendly, content-rich extranet site (for ATC agents) that has details about all Ensemble programs Rich content site with 1000+ offers is available for your own E-suites site provided by ATC

10 Preferred CRUISE Suppliers Celebrity Cruises Clipper Cruise Line Crystal Cruises Cunard Line Disney Cruise Line Holland America Line Norwegian Cruise Line Oceania Cruises Orient Cruise Line Princess Cruises Radisson Seven Seas Royal Caribbean Intl Seabourn Cruise Line SeaDream Yacht Club Silversea Cruises Star Clippers Uniworld Viking River Cruises Windstar

11 Preferred LAND Suppliers Abercrombie & Kent African Travel American Orient Express Brewster Classic Custom Vacations Club Med General Tours/TBI Tours Globus/Cosmos GOGO Worldwide Vacations Intrav/Clipper Lines Pacific Delight Qantas Vacations Rail Europe Group (Avanti, DER, Rail Europe) Runaway Tours Sports Empire Swain Tauck World Discovery Travel Bound

12 Back by Popular Demand Printed Preferred Supplier Guide Has Suppliers-At-A- Glance info All supplier info is on our Ensemble extranet site (which is linked onto ATC's site) Or purchase these books through ATC at ~ $4.50

13 The Ensemble Travel Cruise Program A Critical Component of YOUR Leisure Travel Sales

14 Overview What is the Ensemble cruise program Core components How to include it in your marketing strategy How to book it

15 Ensemble Travel Cruise Program Comprehensive program of cruise departures Negotiated at Ensemble Travel headquarters Contracted at Ensemble Travel headquarters Open to all marketing member agencies with no upfront deposit required All include added-value benefit(s) for your clients

16 Cruise Product Mix Includes a mix of: Luxury cruises Premium cruises Mass-market cruises Worldwide itineraries/destinations

17 Cruise Program Destination Mix Europe 27% Caribbean 17% Alaska 15% South Pacific 10% Panama Canal 7% Asia 5% River Cruises 5% South America 3% Mexico 3% Other 7%

18 Question: During the year -- approximately how many Ensemble Travel value-added cruises are available for you to sell? 1. 2000 2. 400 3. 50 4. 900

19 Answer: The Ensemble Travel Cruise Program provides exclusive selling opportunities on more than 900 sailings throughout the year, with competitive pricing & added value for both independent & group clients. The key to your success is to make it the foundation of your marketing plan and to use it as Your Selling Advantage!

20 Cruise Program Core Components Ensemble Hosted Cruises Ensemble Amenity Cruises Ensemble Special Price/Commission Programs Opportunistic Promotional Cruises

21 LUXURY Hosted Cruises Amenity Cruises Special Cruise Program Group Rates Earn TC # of 2005 Exclusive Departures Crystal76 Cunard30 RSSC141 Seabourn31 Silversea49 Windstar40 PREMIUM Celebrity 100+ HALW94 Princess 193 MASS MARKET RCI 100+ Cruise Program Partners

22 Client Benefits of Hosted Cruises Services of Ensemble Travel onboard Host Host represents each individual Ensemble Travel agent with clients onboard These are Ensemble Travel agency owners All sign non-solicitation waiver Welcome letter personalized on behalf of booking agent, delivered to guest cabin Personal phone call introduction from host Invitation to private cocktail party

23 Client Benefits of Hosted Cruises (cont.) Complimentary ENSEMBLE Experience shore event Custom-designed shore excursion presented as a gift from you Emphasis on up-close personal & cultural encounters Takes place in one port during the cruise Private-labeled with a value of $75 - $350 per person Handled through well-respected independent tour operators

24 Hosted Cruise Client Testimonials Crystal Symphony, Jul 7, 2002, St. Petersburg Yusupov Palace Gala Evening "The dinner/concert at the Palace was fantastic. It far exceeded my expectations. Every part of the evening was outstanding. Don't change it." "Fabulous! One of the best events I've ever been to while on vacation!" Queen Elizabeth 2, Feb 14, 2004, Melbourne A Day on a Private Homestead "How do you describe a perfect day? The experience proved fascinating. The hospitality...was so spectacular, it can never pass from our memories. I feel we really visited Australia in a way few tourists do."

25 Client Benefits of Amenity Cruises Added-value amenity on every departure Shipboard credits Pre-paid gratuities Spa credits Gift items

26 Hosted & Amenity Cruise Program Benefits for You Amenities positioned as gifts from you Utilize lead time for promoting & selling Use amenities as tools to close the sale for one booking or multiple bookings Convince friends to join your clients! You can earn your own tour conductor without setting up your own group Group rate pricing with some cruise lines

27 Ensemble Travel Special Cruise Programs Holland America exclusive products in 2005 7 Rotterdam Panama Canal cruises in Q1 & 2 All featured: Group pricing (35-40% or more off) 17% commission at booking 1 for 12 tour conductor $50 per person shipboard credit

28 Ensemble Travel Special Cruise Programs Holland America NEW exclusive products in 2005 12 Volendam & 10 Veendam Alaska cruises 12 Volendam Alaska cruise-tours (tour # 3) 6 Rotterdam & 5 Westerdam Europe cruises 5 Zaandam fall Panama Canal cruises All feature Group pricing 16% commission at booking 1 for 10/12 tour conductor Complimentary bottle of wine Must be booked with applicable group number

29 Ensemble Travel Special Cruise Programs RCI & Celebrity EZN program in 2005 RCI: ~ 40 sailings (plus 14 in 2006) Celebrity: ~ 40 sailings (plus 5 in 2006) All feature Locked in group pricing, no upfront deposit Valid to 60 days prior Opportunity to earn individual tour conductors Must be booked with EZN code

30 Ensemble Travel Special Cruise Programs RCI 2-category upgrade program in 2005 25-50 sailings in each quarter of 2005 Must book 2 quarters previous to sail date Upgrade assigned within same accommodation type Based on availability No code necessary 1st quarter dates (06) to be announced with an July 1 - September 30 booking window

31 Opportunistic Promotional Cruises Limited-time offers with booking windows Usually rate/offer driven featuring strong savings message & call to action Often timed around direct mail catalog, campaigns or target mailings All cruise partners participate throughout the year Examples Oceania Caribbean mailing with Tiffany gift certificate as added-value amenity SeaDream catalog offers with shipboard credits RCI consumer e-mail with special gift

32 Ensemble Travel Cruise Program Your Responsibilities Familiarize yourself with all programs Extranet Located on Cruise details display Cruise calendar display

33 Question? For another Starbucks $10 card... Name the 4 types of cruise programs that are included in the Ensemble Travel Cruise Program

34 We'll "spill the beans" here... The CORRECT answer is: Ensemble Hosted Cruises Ensemble Amenity Cruises Ensemble Special Price/Commission Programs Opportunistic Promotional Cruises

35 Ensemble Travel Extranet Cruise Search & Cruise Calendar

36 Find this on Be sure to sign up for your Ensemble user name and password... through ATC

37 Updated Offer Details Page (1 of 2) - Consumer View

38 Updated Offer Details Page (2 of 2) - Agent View

39 New Cruise Calendar

40 Ensemble Travel Cruise Program Your Responsibilities Tell your clients about benefits they will receive & tell them why! ATC is a member of a strong organization of professional agencies with the buying power to offer the best programs Follow booking instructions You must enroll your clients for the complimentary Ensemble Experience & let them know about it You must submit the appropriate redemption forms for designated gift items You must book against the correct booking codes

41 Using & Marketing the Cruise Programs Understand the value proposition & how to present it to clients Use the cruise search as your first point of Position amenities for maximum recognition & loyalty Our gift to you Provided with our compliments to thank you for your business...... "and to tell your friends"

42 Using & Marketing the Cruise Programs Participate in an Ensemble Travel marketing plan & maintain a healthy database Opportunity for inclusion in target mailings, often with a time-sensitive added benefit Opportunity for prospecting for new customers

43 Using & Marketing the Cruise Programs Steer your small affinity groups toward hosted cruises Wont need to set up own group space May even earn tour conductor Steer singles toward hosted cruises Can play up comfort level & camaraderie Understand the value proposition. Make sure your clients are aware of the amenities they receive by booking with you.

44 Booking 2005 Hosted & Amenity Cruises SupplierCrystal Cruises Type of RateRetail Offers Hosted CruisesYes, World Cruise, plus 40 designated cruises Booking Code?Yes, G304 must be used to identify you as eligible for Ensemble Experience & pre-paid gratuities Forms?Yes, required for Ensemble Experience sign-up Amenity CruisesYes, all non-value collection cruises Booking Code?Yes, G303 must be used to identify you as eligible for pre- paid gratuities Forms?No, pre-paid gratuities automatically applied to booking Hold own Group Space & get Ensemble amenities? No, cannot receive Ensemble Travel amenities for bookings in your own separate group Earn TC?ONLY for bookings in Ensemble Travel group G303, G304 Combine w/Promos?Some, when designated by supplier (never with special fare codes GHAK, GHCB & GHMX) Earn Higher Commission?No, standard commissions apply for 2005 NotesForms must be submitted to Ensemble Travel HDQ in order for your clients to be included in the Ensemble Experience

45 Ensemble Travel Cruise Program in a Nutshell The Ensemble Travel Cruise Program was created to provide you with Exclusive Selling Opportunities that will set you apart from your competition in the eyes of your clients... And will keep them coming back to you.

46 ENSEMBLE TM On Location Your In-Destination Specialists

47 Why do we have these suppliers? Ensemble On Location specialists gives you an opportunity to: Differentiate yourself from the competition by packaging an enriched vacation experience Positions you as an "expert" who can provide specialized experiences not easily found via other channels Create exceptional vacation experiences for clients to create loyalty & retention Puts focus on the value of experience vs. price Earn additional $$ on every booking you can

48 &.. The best part.. The experts do all the work You look like a hero Net rates or commission rates - your choice

49 Destinations to Date North America Alaska Canada New York Africa & Asia Africa India Israel Thailand Cambodia Viet Nam Burma Worldwide Fishing International International Port Services Caribbean & Mexico St. Lucia Jamaica Mexico Europe The UK Ireland France Benelux Italy Spain & Portugal Greece Russia

50 Alaska Unusual Alaska & Pacific Northwest specialists Flying safaris into Alaska's back country Fly fishing trips Fishing lodges (two in Hotel Collection!) Yacht charters Inns & homes on San Juan Islands Private cruise ship excursions Entrée Canada Customized land vacations across Canada Can do rail, activities, ski, golf, wilderness vacations Will make dining & spa reservations Private sight seeing trips Discover New York with Kitt Garrett 150 private ways to explore New York, transfers, hotel reservations, dinner cruises, helicopter tours in a single itinerary packaged for your clients Plus children & spouse packages: art, culture, theater, history, shopping What do they offer?

51 St. Lucia - Barefoot Holidays Weddings & honeymoons Turtle watching, casino trips, scuba & snorkeling, sunset cruises Excursions to Barbados or Antigua Destination management & incentive groups Jamaica- Glamour Tours Weddings - marriage license, church Event tickets - fishing tournaments, music, golf, dance Excursions - waterfalls, rum distilleries, snorkeling History - great house & plantation tours Airport meet & greet; private transportation What do they offer? Mexico - Expomarketing Airport meet & greet; transfers with bilingual drivers, Sightseeing tours & excursions Incentives & meetings

52 UK - Noteworthy Events Highly custom-designed programs & excursions FIT & small groups; corporate or incentive groups Spouse tours, art tours, castle visits, golf Access to exclusive venues & events Elegant Ireland Access to homes & gardens not open to the general public Castle rentals Incentive, corporate events Garden, art, golf (including tee time reservations at world-renowned courses) or other special interest groups. Paris & French Riviera - First Limousine Chauffeur driven services with bilingual driver/guides ITB Amsterdam Destination management services for tailor-made arrangements in Holland, Belgium & Luxembourg. What do they offer?

53 Sophisticated Italy Customized FIT itinerary planning Private car services: Italian peninsula & Sicily Shore excursions Excursions & activities: cooking classes, art & architecture, shopping, food/wine, Carnivale in Venice, the Palio in Siena, the Monza Grand Prix Made for Spain Highly-personalized service for sophisticated for FITs Excursions & tours: shopping, architecture, food/wine, walking, biking Spanish & Flamenco lessons Shore excursions Access to Spanish people Special email address: ensemble@madeforspain Spain & Portugal - Valesa Cultural Services Access to unusual venues, private art collections Special interest & educational tours: art, wine, architecture, gardens Excursions: Balearic Islands, UNESCO sites Shore excursions What do they offer?

54 Greece A La Carte Transfers; private tours Tour series groups & special interested tours Incentive groups Russia - Esperance Travel Agency Luxurious transportation Private shore excursions Special interest tours, private entrances to palaces & museums South Africa - Travel Beyond Wilderness safaris, game lodges & camps in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia & South Africa Will tailor services for any budget India - Zutshi Travel Services Tailor-made itineraries throughout India Excursions to Sri Lanka, Agra & Taj Mahal, Jaipur, etc. What do they offer?

55 Asia Desk Customized FITs for SE Asia Emphasis on cultural experiences Thailand, Burma, Viet Nam Cambodia, Laos, Bali Fishing International World-wide fishing experts All-inclusive tours International Port Services World-wide luggage pick up & delivery service to hotels or cruise lines What do they offer? NEW !

56 The 2005 ENSEMBLE Hotel & Resort Collection With Benefits Just for You!

57 Overview Worldwide collection of over 200 4- & 5-star properties Value-added benefits for your clients....from you! Competitive hotel rates Perfect for: Pre/Post cruise stays Booking properties not offered by our wholesalers Weekend getaways Special occasions Extensions to business trips

58 Benefits that are FREE to your clients The Ensemble Exclusive: Featuring amenities such as: Daily breakfast Afternoon tea Spa or resort credits As available: Upgraded room at check-in Early check-in Late check-out Our collective strength benefits you. The more you support our preferred hotel relationships, the more we are able to negotiate better amenities on your behalf

59 & most importantly...

60 Tips for booking hotels Hotels may be contacted by phone or email View hotel info on their websites Use alternate booking instructions (phone/fax) from the Ensemble extranet web site page Be sure to identify yourself as an Ensemble Travel member agent when making a reservation! This will ensure that your client receives the appropriate ENSEMBLE Exclusive

61 The Directory All of these properties are online on the Ensemble Travel agents website You have the opportunity to purchase copies at $3.50 each, plus shipping & handling, for your own distribution to clients

62 The Future Increased usage of this program with each & every hotel must be shown: To retain support of the participating hotels To grow the number of hotels To improve & upgrade the exclusive amenities


64 Why a Villa & Vacation Home Product? Provide a central, worldwide resource for this lucrative product Creative lucrative options designed to strengthen agent/client relationships

65 Ensemble Exclusives A 100-minute prepaid international telephone card Valued at $50 Very useful in a villa with restricted phone line "Concierge" service available with every booking: Personalized meet & greet Premium car rentals & limousine service Private villa chef Arrival provisioning Nanny service Golf tee times Dinner reservations at top restaurants Custom excursions & more

66 How to find the Villa information Villa tab: Member-only Extranet This link is also on Ensemble Travel consumer merchandising site Your agency's Client Site (provided as part of ATC's E-suites

67 How to make a booking Call any of the villa reservation specialists at the dedicated Ensemble Travel toll free line: 888-305-1152 The line is answered "Ensemble Villas & Vacation Homes You are really reaching Villas of Distinction, a company owned by Creative Leisure Always identify yourself as an Ensemble Travel member A 3% handling fee is added if a credit card is used. We suggest you include this in a client service fee For agency checks there is no charge

68 Commissions Villas: For the majority of the villas: 12% commission Can vary upward depending on the exact villa Other services Air Component (tour operator fares) 12% Published Fares (UA & Alaska Airlines) 10% Published Fares (other airlines) up to 5% Hawaii Pre-Booked Activities 10% Car Rental 12%

69 Question? What are the 2 Ensemble Exclusives that are available with every ENSEMBLE Villas & Vacation Homes booking ?

70 "Spill the Beans" answer Did you win a trip to Starbucks? Your answer should be: A 100-minute prepaid international telephone card "Concierge" service available with every booking

71 The Ensemble Travel Web Sites

72 3 key web tools for ATC agents Agents Extranet Client Sites Passport Online E-Marketing Tool

73 Extranet Central source for Ensemble Travel information


75 Find this on Be sure to sign up for your Ensemble user name and password... through ATC

76 Extranet's Latest Updates New Features Improved Agent Detail Displays New Cruise Calendar Updated Offer Displays Includes Excursion Descriptions Online Customer Enrollment - Excursions Hotel Search improved Improved Organization of Agent News

77 Extranet Tour Homepage This Week's News Time sensitive promotions & announcements Vacation Search Cruise & Land Vacations Search by: »Offer ID# » Supplier » Ship » Embarkation Date » Destination »& Special Interest

78 Extranet Tour (cont.) Rewards & Incentives Extra commissions, client discounts, & fam trips Ensemble Central Corporate News, Events & Sales Aids (logos) Corporate Staff Directories Sales & Marketing Special Ensemble & Supplier Campaigns

79 Extranet Tour (cont.) Vacation Offers Cruise Vacations Quick Cruise Search »Ability to Search for Cruise Vacations »Vacation Details & Booking Instructions Cruise Calendar Search Land Vacations Quick Land Search

80 On Location Specialists "On Location" at vacation destinations who can see to your clients special or unique requests Hotels Amenity driven program consisting of 4 & 5 star properties Hotel Search & detailed booking instructions Extranet Tour (cont.)

81 Villas Resorts & vacation homes for those who prefer something other than a traditional hotel Ensemble extras include "Exclusive Concierge" services & an exclusive gift Suppliers Online version of Supplier Guidebook Time sensitive supplier specials Supplier quick reference guide

82 New Cruise Calendar

83 Find this on Be sure to sign up for your Ensemble user name and password... through ATC

84 Ensemble Hosted Web Sites for ATC agents Tools for marketing to your customers Provided by ATC for your own E-suite site

85 Ensemble Hosted Web Sites for ATC agents Your clients will be able to link directly to the ATC-branded Ensemble website via this link on your E-suites site

86 Addressing Your Needs... Generates Sales Leads Generates a Consumer Web Presence 24/7 Selling Tool Customize look to your identity with ATC Channel to Promote your Agency Events Generates Additional Sales Volume Client Sites:

87 Agency Benefits Professional Site for Ensemble Travel Members Client Access to Ensemble Exclusive Offers Generates New Leads Offer Content Provided by Ensemble Travel Ensemble Offers maintained by Ensemble's dedicated staff. Allows Agencies to Web Market their own Custom Offers Saves you time & effort Use as main site or link

88 New Features for "Client Sites" Improved Offer Displays Ship & Supplier Search for Offers Deck Plans for Cruise Ships

89 E-Marketing An additional tool for directing more traffic to your E-suites Site

90 Passport Online Thousands of leisure travel offers that supplement the Ensemble Exclusive offerings: VacationPORT - consumer view VacationPORT - agent view Quick Search Marketing Tools Create a new email Previous Emails/Emails in Progress Email Library Your Offer Clipboard Email Activity Summary

91 Create your own E-Marketing Emails Find this on the Ensemble extranet which you can enter off of the link on the ATC extranet site (

92 Tips to Sell By The 2005 Ensemble Travel Marketing Program

93 2005 Ensemble Member Marketing Plan Comprehensive plan for cruise & tour Includes direct marketing & e-marketing tactics for major programs Lifestyle coding via database segmentation The potential for e-mail address collection Target mailings to qualified clients

94 Goal # 1 for Marketing Give you the richness of PROGRAMS and flexibility you need to reach all types of clients in a year's time "Make it easy for me!"... Wait till you see what you can mail out to your clients!

95 Goal # 2 Increase the effectiveness & reach of marketing mail pieces: Make the phones ring! Ensemble will do its part, and you need to follow through!

96 Goal # 3 Bring you new potential clients Why? Because if you're not growing, you're shrinking !... there is no such thing as "staying the same."

97 Savvy agents who understand marketing and who use the program offered by Ensemble Travel... have achieved response lifts from 20% to 300%

98 Ensemble Vacations Catalog 2005: Sept 2006: January, May, & September Goals: Increase sales Keeps your agency top-of-mind with your clients Gives you a tool - at a very low cost - that reinforces your agency's image as one of the best Exclusives set you apart from the competition

99 Provide Themed Campaigns For instance, "Sun on Sale" Comes out in October 2005 Increase late Q4 and Q1 bookings for next year Direct mail piece and/or Email

100 Themed Direct Mailers February/March Increase sales for Spring/Summer Direct mail piece You can purchase copies of these for clients at $1.25 each (minimum of 50) Email tie-ins

101 Continue the Success Stories ~ 36 solo supplier mailings

102 Upscale Luxury Newsletter May: Land/Cruise Oct: Luxury Cruising Versions for target COHORTS Vacation Influencer for Upscale Clients: #1: Family & Friends #2: Editorial

103 ENSEMBLE Hotel & Resort Collection Exclusive client benefits/amenities at 225 hotels worldwide But copies for your top clients

104 Weekly Emails Sent for your Customization Ensemble sends out themed emails that you can send to clients every two weeks All major programs & campaigns have a coordinating email Ensemble sends this email to you directly - then you can easily customize it from your agency and send it out

105 Goal # 4: "Spot On" Targeting of Your Clients Targeting the right message to the right person increases the likelihood of a sale People love to be recognized Treat your customers like individuals One-to-one marketing Market to your clients by affinity group Like-minded individuals like to travel Build customer loyalty "My travel agent knows who I am!!" Make sure that you provide an accurate profile of each client you put in your mailing database

106 TIPS for Marketing - your own mailings You may send marketing mailings to your clients through ATC for $1.00 a name (not customized for you, but with America's Travel Companies on it). Send in names to ATC before July 13th for this fall... Or if you want it customized with your agency name & address... You may send out your own customized mailings in 2006. You will work directly with Ensemble and will need to fill out an application. The cost is $225 (the database maintenance fee good for 12 months) plus $3.00 per client name you provide to Ensemble. There is a minimum of 100 names needed in your database at this same $3 per year Your total cost for 2006 with 100 names and your own personalization will be $525 - more names, add $3 per name

107 Is this a GOOD Deal ? You are being offered an excellent price, thanks to ATC! If you were a small ARC- approved agency member of Ensemble, you would be required to provide a minimum of 500 names per year. This would require spending a minimum of $2,625 per year! Is this a great value ? Definitely! We haven't found anyone yet who can create even one 16+ page 4-color mailing and mail it for as little as $3.00 per client (at this number of copies)!

108 More TIPS for Marketing Follow these next points for the various types of mailing pieces that Ensemble provides to build up your sales...

109 Ensemble Vacations Catalog 2005 ENSEMBLE Vacations Jan / May / Sept Jan: Family Section May: Holiday Vacations May & Sept: Sweepstakes - snail mail to email TIPS 1. Catalog can be customized to individual agent with only 100 names 2. Choose 3 clients a day to call, look them up in your db and suggest vacations that are of particular interest to them 3. Send postcards out in advance -- you should be receiving shortly...

110 Rating the Results September 27, 2004: My clients received their brochures on Friday, September 24. My first caller wanted to book two trips – an A&K to Egypt & a Viking Cruise in China for a family of 4!... Todays call was for the QM2 – we booked it for February! Judy White Wilton Travel

111 36 Target Mailings TIPS: 1. Make sure you know what has been sent & who received it. 2. Follow up with a phone call to key clients that receive this mailing.

112 Target Mailing: Sun On Sale Campaign Direct Mail Flyers E-Flyers Postcards Posters Press Release Sales Guide TIPS: 1.Start collecting a list of potential clients for this piece now! 50 samples will be in your kit. 2.Follow mailer with a postcard one week later. 3.Order the whole Sun- on-Sale kit for just $99 and use it to follow up with clients like you never have before!

113 Target Mailing: Luxury Piece New Format in May & October 2005 More Editorial, Personalized "Newsletter" TIPS: 1. Order extra copies for key clients & for your own mailings 2. Advertise this piece on your website 3. Use individual articles on your website 4. You may order copies of this to distribute to your clients at $2.00 each (minimum 50) May & October

114 ENSEMBLE Hotel & Resort Collection TIPS: When to use For pre- or post-trip For business trip extension For drive or getaway weekend With FF tickets TIPS: How to use: 1. Order extra copies for key clients or to mail 2. Advertise on your website 3. Use as a thank you for client returning from a trip 4. Cross sell leisure to corporate clients ALWAYS: Identify yourself as an Ensemble Travel member agent!!!! Always request the amenity Follow up reservation with an email or call to the contact

115 36 Target Mailings TIPS: 1. For next year, consider doing your own customized mailings! 2. You will work directly with us 3. pay a $225 database fee and have a minimum of 100 names - at $3.00

116 In Summary 1. Keep what works, but make it work harder 2. Profile customers to create more targeted direct marketing 3. Grow email database For those who prefer as a channel To prospect new clients 4. Take advantage of your new consortium to increase your credibility as an expert travel professional 5. Be involved in your future! 6. Come to Ensemble's Conference!

117 for becoming a member of Ensemble Travel... We look forward to working with you in the rest of 2005 and beyond !

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