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SERVICE & SALES Service Industry in Spain NOTAS:

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1 SERVICE & SALES Service Industry in Spain 28.02.2010 NOTAS:
Team 4 Services & Sales 1

2 Service Industry in Spain
Indicators of service sector activity (IASS) aim to measure the short-term business operating in the services sector in Spain. Through two variables (turnover and employment) reflects the activity of the most important sector of Spanish economy which, according to the National Accounts, representing 50% of GDP and 43% of the employed. The sectors studied in the IASS represent nearly 70% of the value added generated by market services. To obtain the rates every month is being investigated over 13,000 companies, except retail trade, whose data are obtained from the survey index Retail Trade (ICM), which compiles information on 11,000 companies.

Service Industry in Spain Spain Service Sector Contribution Market Service MM COMMERCE El Corte Inglés Mercadona HM TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS Cargo Service Group Iberlogistics Express Telefonica HOTEL INDUSTRY AND TOURISM Grupo Iberostar Barceló Grupo BUSINESS SERVICES Mapfre PWC Non Market Service MM

4 Service Industry in Spain
Greater Gross Added Value from Services (0.56) than from Industry (0,29) Greater Gross Added Value than UE-4 except Germany Investment ratio similar to Industry (50% vs. 47%) Source: Radiografía Sector Servicios, 2006

5 Service Industry in Spain
SECTOR: CONSUMER SERVICES SUBSECTOR COMPANY Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality Codere, S.A. Nh Hoteles, S.A. Sol Melia,S.A. Retail Service Point Solutions,S.A. Media and Advertising Antena 3 de Television, S.A. Transport and Distribution Cia.Logistica de Hidrocarburos Clh,S.A. Iberia, Lineas Aereas de España, S.A. Viajes el Corte Inglés Vueling Airlines, S.A. Highways and parking Abertis Infraestructuras, S.A. Other services Clinica Baviera, S.A. Corporacion Dermoestetica, S.A. Funespaña,S.A. Inverfiatc, S.A. Prosegur S.A., Cia. de Seguridad

Service Industry in Spain SECTOR: FINANCIAL AND REAL ESTATE SERVICES SUBSECTOR COMPANY Banks and Savings Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. Banco de Sabadell, S.A. Banco de Valencia, S.A. Banco Español de Credito,S.A. Banco Guipuzcoano, S.A. Banco Pastor, S.A. Banco Popular Español, S.A. Banco Santander, S.A. Bankinter,S.A. Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo Santander Bancorp Insurance Grupo Catalana de Occidente S.A. Mapfre, S.A. Holding Bradespar,S.A. Cartera Industrial Rea, S.A. Cia.Inversiones Mobiliarias Barcino,S.A. Corporacion Financiera Alba, S.A. Criteria Caixacorp, S.A. Dinamia Capital Privado,S.A. Union Europea de Inversiones, S.A.

Service Industry in Spain SECTOR: FINANCIAL AND REAL ESTATE SERVICES SUBSECTOR COMPANY Holding Ayco Grupo Inmobiliario,S.A. Cia. de Inversiones Cinsa S.A. Española de Viviendas en Alquiler,S.A. Fergo Aisa, S.A. Inbesos, S.A. Inmobiliaria Colonial, S.A. Inmobiliaria del Sur, S.A. Inmolevante, S.A. Martinsa-fadesa, S.A. Metrovacesa S.A. Realia Business, S.A. Renta Corporacion Real Estate, S.A. Reyal Urbis, S.A. Rusticas, S.A. Sotogrande S.A. Testa Inmuebles en Renta,S.A. Urbas Guadahermosa, S.A. Investment services Bolsas y Mercados Españoles, Shmsf, S.A. Renta 4 Servicios de Inversion, S.A.

8 Service Industry in Spain
TECHNOLOGY AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS SUBSECTOR COMPANY Telecommunication and Other Avanzit, S.A. Vodafone Telefonica, S.A. Electronics and Software Amper, S.A. H.P. IBM Accenture Hacer Indra Sistemas, S.A., Serie A Tecnocom,Telecomunicaciones y Energia,S.A.

Service Industry in Spain SECTOR: WHOLESALE SUBSECTOR COMPANY Food Miquel Alimentció Grup Leche Pascual Sociedad de Compras Modernas Abbott Laboratories Caladero SECTOR MOTOR VEHICLES (TRADE) Repair Volkswagen Audi España Hyundai España Distribución Automóviles Robert Boxch España Comercial Mercedes Bnz Gte

10 Service Industry in Spain
Service sector activities have been framed in the following sectors: Commerce (Sales and repair of motor vehicles, motor fuel trade, Wholesale and intermediaries; Retail). Tourism (Hotels, restaurants and bars, travel agencies). Transport (land, sea and air transport of passengers and goods and auxiliary transport activities, post activities). Information Technology and Communication (Telecommunications, Computer and related activities). Business Services (Legal and economic advice, market studies, technical services, publications, recruitment and staffing, surveillance and security services, Industrial cleaning, Other business activities).

11 Service Industry in Spain
TURNOVER The turnover comprises the amounts invoiced by the company for servicing and selling of goods. They are held including taxes on goods and services, excluding output VAT to the customer. The weightings of each sector in the total turnover are: Sectors Weightings in % Commerce 70.5 Tourism 7.3 Transportation 8.7 TIC 4.9 Services 8.6

12 Service Industry in Spain
TURNOVER Turnover in Market Services (2008) MM€   % Sale and repair of vehicles 85.968 7,23 Wholesale trade and trade intermediaries 33,85 Retail trade 20,42 Transport and storage 107 8,96 Accommodation 61.959 5,21 Information and communications 85397 7,18 Arts, recreation and entertainment activities 19 1,58 Professional, scientific and technical activities 84.425 7,10 Administrative and support service activities 69.027 5,81 Real estate activities 23.382 1,97 Repairs and other personal services 8.275 0,70 Total 100

13 Service Industry in Spain

14 Service Industry in Spain
EMPLOYMENT Employment consists of the unpaid employees (proprietors actively engaged in the business) and wage employment, both fixed and temporary. The weightings of each sector in the total personnel employed are: Sectors Weightings in % Commerce 44,3 Tourism 17,3 Transportation 12,5 TIC 3,4 Services 22,5

15 Service Industry in Spain

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